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NetGear D7000 Nighthawk AC1900 Wi-Fi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router $67.45 + Shipping / Free Pickup @ The Good Guys eBay


Thanks to pricehipster

Modem is an oldie but a goodie at this price.

Original P5OFF 5% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    I love shopping at the God Guys….

    • Oh 😀😀

    • And I love shopping at the Goo Guys

    • I have ordered but received a call from Goodguys saying that it's a pricing error so they have canceled. they didn't honour the sale. I wasted my time.

      • I got an email saying its been despatched today.

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    Don't bother with d7000 either V1 or V2. Both are prone to running hot and constant disconnection. RMA mined and got a d7800 as a replacement after annoying the sheit out of the customer rep.

    Check whirlpool forums for the owner thread.

    • Yep had tooooo many drop out with it and had to change

      • +1

        That's an expensive doorstop you have there

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      I still use this. It works well as a router but the modem is really bad.

      • I would only use the router too. You don't need to reboot it and it doesn't drop out or anything?

        • It works fine. I get drop out once in few months but that's probably not due to a bad router.

      • +1

        When mine played up it wasn't just the modem that had issues, the Ethernet and WiFi also jammed up.

        Don't assume that as just a router it will be fine….

    • +6

      My V1 is still running rock solid for more than 2 years, guess it's the luck of the draw.

      • The v1 might be the better model (Broadcom CPU vs Intel for the v2).

    • Yes I'm still waiting to have my 3rd one replaced. Piece of $hit. I'm using a tp link vr600v now, which also has dropouts, but not as bad as the Netgear. Netgear tech support is hopeless. I wish I bought a D-Link.

    • No problem with the modem on adsl 2+ for nearly 3 year. Drop out once every few months

  • Also on eBay (can combine with the 5% off coupon and discounted eBay gift cards).

    • 10% off with PRIZE is spending >$120

    • Edited link to ebay now.

      • Cheers

  • This seems way too low to not be a price error but good luck guys.

    • Doesn't seem to be, I just pick up my click and collect order from the store.

  • I agree with all the comments about this so far. Just Don't do it to yourself.

  • Thanks. Upgraded from the awful D6200.

    • Are you sure it was an upgrade?

      • It isn't? Just need the router side.

      • Is the D6300 any better?

      • Mine (6200) still going strong. Never has any drop out issues.

  • Ive got the shite [email protected] 5355… surely this'll be an upgrade?

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    Can I use this to replace the router that came with Optus NBN?

  • I've tried two times , everything went smooth until I hit pay now , and error happened.

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    Had one of these for years. Great u it here. Hasn’t been restarted for months.

  • I've got the D7000v2 and it was freezing up at least once a week until the latest update. Hasn't frozen so far but who knows how long that will last.

    Do a Google search and you'll see that issues are Wie spread with this modem router. I wouldn't buy one again that is for sure.

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    I am not sure about the complaints above but speaking of my experience, I have had no trouble with this in last 2 years on NBN (FTTB / FTTN) connection in Perth. Thanks for the post as I needed one as a backup and this is way cheaper than what I paid for the first one.

    • +2

      wouldnt it be better having a backup from a different brand? that way if there any issues affecting a particular model, you could test using a different make.

  • +2

    Don't get this router! I'm on my third replacement.
    Piece of shit!

  • +4

    Would have been nice if it was the R7000 on sale….

    • +1

      Yeah! I have been using the R7000 from the last 4 years on an optus cable connection and its been rock solid.

  • The problem seems to be either with the modem or router chipset. Works 'okay' if its just used as a router and you're on NBN( does'nt require modem).

    ADSL seems to be different story all together.

  • Thanks op matched at officeworks plus 5% off.

  • +1

    Been using a d7000 for over 3 years. A few drop outs but I assumed that was my provider going down. Other than that no complaints.

  • +2

    I used to use this, like others in the comments say, stay away.

  • +1

    Thanks op! I have been using this model on ADSL2+ for the past couple of years and now I've bought another one for my new place. I've always kept the firmware updated and haven't had any issues (touch wood). New place is getting FTTC, so means I'll only be using the router function anyway.

  • It says NBN ready?

    • Been using it with nbn

    • VDSL, so yes.

  • I've not really had any issues with mine - but that varies a bit with what people are saying here. I'm looking to recommend my SO a router that can be NBN modem as well any suggestions?

  • +2

    Stay away guys. Worked for the first few weeks only. I've got the version 2

  • No drop outs with mine at all, nbn fttn.

  • Absolutely woeful modem/router, replaced mine with a tp link after it just kept having issue after issue

  • This modem is sh1thouse.

    I didn't get any disconnections but it's soOoo picky with the USB ports. Tried 4 different hard drives and as soon as you plug it in, the router freezes!

    Heaps of posts on Netgear forum but no fixed =\

    I had ver 2 with most updated firmware.

  • I Have V1 (broadcom) running solid on NBN 100 FTTN, I get 96Mb/s download and 36Mb/s upload consistently on wireless and wired.

    Seems to need a re boot after about 1-2 months of 24/7 run time but I can live with that.

    Last D-link modem router (DVA2800) dropped out every 1-2 hours which was returned so this nighthawk works for me.

  • v2, FTTN, Exetel. Regular drop outs. I did get 10-20% greater throughput from it after coming from the $10 Netcomm nf4v the ISP provided, but the Netcomm never dropped out like this POS. Log files on the D7000 are absolutely useless too. ISP haven't approved this modem for use (and say likelihood of dropouts) - but waiting a week to get a replacement approved modem from the ISP was not on.

  • why all the hate, the latest firmware update fixed all the wireless issues I had…

  • +1

    Received an order cancellation notice due to pricing error from my chosen click and collect store. Any one else have their orders cancelled?

    • I have ordered but received a call from Goodguys saying that it's a pricing error so they have canceled. they didn't honour the sale. I wasted my time.

      • Got an email saying its been despatched from morayfield qld.

    • +1

      Unlucky i picked up my click and collect order yesterday in case this happened.

  • Received email notification of pricing error. Ow well got 2 x $20 credit from them for some reason. Lets see if they refund me twice also :p
    Grats to the ones who got it pricematched at OW on time.

  • I have received email but could able to collect from store. May also able to use credit received via email.

  • I got the cancelled email, but no refund? Considering they took the money they need to honour it dont they?

    • How weird, few hours later I got 3 emails, with my invoice/receipt, and telling me it's on it way.. now which do I beleive the first email saying it's a price error, or the later saying its shipped… I'm.assuming the later as have had no refund.

    • No. Ever heard of a price error?

      Refunds aren't usually instant.

      • I have heard of price errors. If you place an order, and they dont take your money, it's understandable that they can announce price error and cancel your order. However in the instances where they have already taken your money, issued you an invoice and receipt, then I'm not so sure…

  • I got a cancellation email in the morning. After that, I got order invoice and a text which says that is ready to pickup.
    However, when I was in store, I couldn't pickup it. Terrible experience

  • I buy from ebay store , but instead of the modem router , the Good guy sent me a nutri bullet…….., more trouble.

  • 72 hours since cancellation notice, refund yet to be issued. Not very ethical!

  • Got my router today 🙂

    • Sweet.. hope you enjoy it.

    • Via parcel or click collect ?

      • Via post. Its was shipped from morayfields qld store.

    • Keep your receipt.
      Good luck with it, I had nothing but issues with mine.
      they've replaced it twice.
      Netgear's customer support is atrocious, there is forum after forum on issues about this router.
      Have a look at Netgears community part of their website.
      I had constant issues associating to devices on the 2.4ghz band.
      I got it replaced, then I had mac address errors
      Got it replaced, now I get random dropouts. will never buy a netgear again.

      • Just using it as a back up router. Been running fine for the last 4 days. My asus rt-ac68u router the wan port is dead after a storm and might try and send it off for warranty.

  • I bought one on the 26 December and the estimate delivery is for 2nd of Jan. I contacted them but still no feedback and it doesn't show as "shipped" on ebay as yet.. WTF

  • Ordered, Invoiced and paypal charged 26/12, Cancellation email and cancelled invoice with negative amount on 27/12.

    Ebay transaction not cancelled and no refund yet.

  • +1

    Got a refund and received 6 identical emails from paypal about the refund within a 30 minute period.

  • For those that missed out, Dell has reduced theirs by 27% down to $566.45.

    • +3

      I did see this… but my brain couldn’t comprehend and i ended up spending the weekend in a fetal position.

      Edit. Calling in sick… you can find me back in the corner.


      • +1

        Their entire range is a bloody rort!

        Lol @ the negger that took my comment seriously too 😂

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