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Unlimited NBN50 for $59.88/M for 6 Months (Save $15), No Contract, $0 Setup Fee, BYO Modem @ Click Broadband


Click Broadband is here with AMAZING NEW YEAR OFFERS - $0 setup fee, Unlimited Data, No Lock-in Contract PLUS $15 OFF for the first six months on our NBN25 & NBN50 plans! Also, refer your friends after you've joined and get $50 credit for EACH successful friend referred!

NBN12 — $48.88 per month for 1st 6 months, $58.88/m thereafter
NBN25 — $52.88 per month for 1st 6 months, $67.88/m thereafter
NBN50 — $59.88 per month for 1st 6 months, $74.88/m thereafter
NBN100 — $78.88 per month for 1st 6 months, $88.88/m thereafter

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Visit our website at Click Broadband or call us on 1300 254 255 for more info and full Ts and Cs. Alternatively, leave your contact details here and one of our staff will call you back during your nominated time.

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  • How does speed/slowdown compare to industry-leading Aussie Broadband that are not much more?

    • +2 votes


      Am currently with Aussie paying $60 a month for 50/20 unlimited, but that deal ends this month (will go up to $80 a month from Feb).

      Are Click up to scratch, and if not, is there anyone else to consider for $60 to $70 a month for 50/20 unlimited that compares to Aussie quality?

      • I've been with Exetel since November 18 on their 50/20 and have been getting speeds of 44mbps/17mpbs pretty much consistently throughout the day. Cost is $60 p/m but I had to pay a $300 upfront/$25p.m. for 12 months new connection charge (might have something to do with my HFC connection but this is an NBN charge which gets passed onto the telco to charge me).

  • yeah, 6 months on title please.

    • I was just about to sign up, before realising their trickery.
      Not all that great if you average it out over two years.

  • Ooh, I thought it was a requirement to advertise average peak time speeds. The big boys copped big fines for not doing that.

  • Australian telcos are some of the worst in the world - there are no standards applied anymore - they all false advertise, they all lie - its so shit its no wonder oz is a joke at high tech industries - investing here happens only when massive tax breaks get supplied…

    • The private sector is a (profanity) joke.

      Privatising Telstra was a disaster for Australia including it's citizens and it's economic progress.

      • Really? You must be young and never had the pleasurable experience of Telstra service before privatisation. And then it was Telecom or nuthin’. You had no choice.

        At least our local exchange had an operator. Lovely old dear. Knew everyone’s business on the party line we had until about 1985. Interestingly, when we initially got the microwave STD service, a lot of our neighbours kept using the party line anyway. We all knew who was being called, and could listen in.

        • Yep, Telecom was a joke.

          Speaking as a child of the 70s.

        • Yep. In the 70's I was told I'd have to wait 2 years for a phone line. And you had to book weeks in advance to call overseas at Christmas. It was just fields all around here then …

  • Heading is misleading - 6 months only at the reduced rate!
    Also what are the average peak speeds?

  • Neg to highlight my poor experience. Speeds were well well well below averages on other ISPs. I didn’t expect the full 50 but it was lucky to break 20.

    Cancelling also a nightmare… they said it’s done, bill cane, they said to ignore it… reminder notice has just arrived haha.

    • good luck - you're gonna need it

    • I find some just waste your time forever. TIO straight away. And enjoy the perfect customer service. Don't tolerate crap from useless ISPs.

      • tio is crap worse than the fos - if it was working even remotely as intended things wouldn't be as shit as they are.

        the libs love em - increased their funding for looking the other way - well what do you expect from bunch of sleazy backstabbing etc etc

  • Hey guys I'm already (finally jesus lord) to pre order my NBN. I would like something with at least 50mbs no more than 60 buck per month and contract long them 1 year. Should I wait to this crazy free 3 months from aussie broadband? Or stick with that one?
    I found extel with a good price what you guys reckon?
    Unlimited nbn50 data
    43 Mbps Typical Evening Speed
    Standard Plus nbn50 on 12-month plan
    FREE activation | FREE WiFi modem

    Total min $739.88. Available to new residential nbn™ customers only.



    • The Exetel offer is much better than this one

    • How many kids do you have, and if any, are they teenagers?
      Because if the answer is more than zero, you need a faster plan with bigger bandwidth😆

      • None just me but I use internet as hell and I got at least 5 devices connected to that hehe.

    • This plan is great if people want a great price without a contract. Nothing to lose.

      • Thx I will looking forward to find any other bargains. Since is just Pre-Order it is possible I cannot get the speed I want at my premises.

    • I might have to sign up to this as my aussie discount is about to run out and their price increases are a bit silly

  • Are these guys related to Click Electricity?

  • I used this service and left a few months ago. During peak, they are incredibly slow. I had a monitor from ASIC on the line and was able to measure the substandard performance. On the other-hand, the customer service was good.