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$30 Cashback on $10 (Normally $30) amaysim 10GB Mobile Plan (New Services Only) via ShopBack


$10 for 10GB is advertised on Amaysim's own site and lasts until the 31st of January.

$30 cashback is from ShopBack and only for 3 days.

  • Cashback is only valid on new services and for new sign ups/customers (SIM)
  • If however the service (SIM) is not activated within 30 days of purchase, the sale will be deemed cancelled and cashback will not be awarded.

Bear in mind Amaysim ships their SIMs activated, so even though you paid for 28 days, you'll likely get closer to 25 days of real use out of it (even less if you order late in the working week and have to wait over the weekend).

Auto-renew is on by default, make sure to turn it off at https://accounts.amaysim.com.au/identity/login.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3855)

$40 for referrer, $10 for referee after first confirmed cashback (minimum purchase $20, exclusions apply) and adding banking details.

Exclusions: Any other Shopback new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +29

    My experience: ShopBack will never give the cashback for these type deals.
    I've been burned by them, be aware this likely amounts to a scam.

    • +7

      agreed, not a good experience with shopback either.

      • +6

        agreed, the only encounter i had with shopback a while ago was not good. they really need to lift their game.

        • +3

          Unfortunately me too, though they say they are still looking into mine so benefit of the doubt must apply. I'll be first to share my praise if they can recoup my lost cashbacks. First experience with them also. I hope they can lift their game, competition can only be a good thing for all of us.

          • +2

            @Click_It: Is ShopBack around to comment? Kinda a non deal if this is the case.

            Edit: sorry was replying to op

            • @4892: I'm not quite sure I follow what you mean?

              Their rep is pretty active on OB which is certainly a good sign. If you mean my case specifically? Yes they are looking into it. I don't mean to publicly sh!t on them, that's not my intention and I'll gladly flip and praise them if they correct what I believe is a mistake. OB is one of those communities, I think ultimately we're a tough bunch to please but we will support a good thing too.

              The true measure of success (life in general) is how well you bounce back from failure.

              EDIT: Sorry the NSW heat is zapping me.

            • -4

              @4892: Yes we're here.

    • 1800 858 858

    • The issues with cashback seems to be dependent on the specific business so I wouldn't necessarily blame Shopback. Some are better/worse than others. The issue I see with Amaysim is that if you go over the allotted data you will be liable for the excess charges (15.4c/MB or $10/GB). I much prefer the ones where, if you use up your data, it simply stops - and you can optionally pay to add more data on.

    • +2

      Hi username02,

      be aware this likely amounts to a scam

      Just wanted to mention that when cashback does not track for you that it's not a win on our end either as we don't get the commission from store to pass on to you, and often we then pay out cashback out of our own pockets.

      Assuming your issue is to do with cashback not tracking, have you lodged a claim yet? More than happy to follow up on your claim if you've submitted one already.

      One thing to note and we've found is that if you go through buying a SIM and payment fails, then cashback won't track, even if you manually pay for your plan later. If payment fails, you'll need to start a new transaction with an email address different to the one used earlier.

      • +7

        Thats fair enough, but its shopbacks responsbility to arrange with amaysim or whichever partner to make sure cashbacks get credited,
        If they dont, then youve advertised something that wasnt true, and if it costs you $$$ then thats the cost of doing business and ensuring the cashback process is 100%, and delivering an outcome promised.

        • +1

          Hi hellohello123,

          Thanks for your comment. Yeah understand that, we're always trying to ensure tracking can be as reliable as much as possible so that we get paid something to then pass on to you guys.

          Obviously it can be difficult as it's also tech work on amaysim's/the partner's end, but we'll do our best.

      • Is tracking for this sort of deal more reliable when using the app rather than website?

        • +1

          Hi g452,

          We'd say that the ShopBack app would be more reliable for any deal. If you purchase via desktop you could have extensions/plugins/software/settings that may stop cashback from tracking. If you use the app you don't have those sort of things in the way.

          Of course, nothing is infallible, and with these amaysim deals just note as above if payment fails, then you will need to click through ShopBack again, and make a new transaction with a new email address, otherwise cashback won't track.

        • +1

          Just to share that after I installed SB extension on Chrome and disabling adblock and all other extensions, all my purchases were tracked. Since I prefer to shop on desktop rather than mobile, this works for me.

    • +7

      I've had one transaction with Amaysim on ShopBack, it was successfully tracked and cashback was received.
      Another transaction was made recently with the same combo and it was successfully tracked.

    • I need to use shopback app now…

    • +7

      username02: Would you clarify how you were burnt by them so other users can avoid making the same mistakes? Was your purchase not tracked or was it denied?
      Your experience does influence how other OzBargainers will interact with ShopBack and other cash back services.

      • +1

        I had similar thought too. Hope that username02 would be a help to Ozbargainers here by sharing his actual bad experience. On the contrary, I had my previous similar SB Amaysim deal tracked and paid. I like the idea that SB is providing some competition to CR which is a good thing for Ozbargainers.

    • I’ve been burnt by cashreeards with Amaysim so I stopped using cashreeards n applying for the Amaysim cash back deals.

  • +5

    Free $20. No brainier. Just remember to cancel the sim when you get it to stop the monthly debits.

  • +1

    anyone know how they define new customers?

    • Hi anthoneeyz,

      They've defined it as a new account.

      • how they define new account?
        By email? or by ID?

        • Hi jacktator,

          Email address.

          • -4

            @gotyourback: I agree any Cashback sites should let the merchant decide whether the service is signed up by a new customer or not. Unfortunately, Cashrewards takes over this job from merchant, rejects subsequent new signups even months later and swallows the rewards.

    • New email

  • Tempted even with issues with shopback. Got very good experience with amaysim.

  • +1

    Hey rep, If my purchase got tracked in the previous deal, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/429236, will I still be eligible for this?

    • Hi excusemesir,

      You need to be a new customer. See just above.

      • Hey, to clarify, same shopback account with new email for amaysim signup and port in number.

        • Yes that is fine.

  • +7

    my purchase tracked immediately, I have never had any issue with shopback :)

    • Likewise.

      • I had an issue with the iconic and ShopBack sorted it out for me no problems. Others have all gone through fine for me.

  • All of mine were tracked in less than 0.5 h except one from Myer.

  • +3

    I have used shopback many times and had an issue on my first transaction. Gotyourback had my back and sorted it out for me. You will always have trouble with cash back if the tracking conditions are not met, no matter who you go with.

  • But won't the promo code invalidate the cashback?

    • +1

      no, because it's listed as a valid promo code on shopback's website.

    • Promo code feature on their website wont invalidate the cashback, same with cashreward as well. As long as the promo code is listed on their site you will receive the cash back assuming it track properly.

    • amaysim has given us the approval to promote this on-site so it's fine :)

  • So this means they will pay me $20 to use their phone service free for 1 month ? Wow

  • Mine tracked

  • Can I buy multiple and get cash back on all? Need 3 for the family.

    • +1

      Hi beerbudget,

      You can buy multiple but as it's for new customers only, you need to use a new account (ie. email) for each SIM purchased.

      • Will shopback track multiple purchase.

        Say if i create 10 amaysim account and buy 10 and get cash back 10 times? Or only one per shopback account?

        • I advise you not playing this games for one deal, but Cashback sites should honour new signup cashback when the next round of similar deal starts.

          • @Neoika: So I should ask all 10 of my family member sign up and buy from each of their account?

        • Multiple purchases are tracked, but it'll be up to amaysim to approve the transactions if there's so many SIM cards under one name.

      • Hi, I had an amaysim account a few months ago, but then ported out to another company.
        Will my account still be active? Or will it only work if I have a new email?

        • Hi jwsc,

          New emails only.

          • @gotyourback: Hi,

            My wife and my friends purchase still hasn't been tracked as yet. How long will it take?

  • My present sim (OVO) is active till 25th Jan. If I order this amaysim now with the intent of porting my OVO to amaysim, will I get 28 days from ordering date (today) or from the date I port into amaysim(around 24th Jan)?

    • +2

      Yes, If you chose to port your number when signing up, you then get to chose when you want to activate it.

  • How long does tracking take? It's been a few hours for me after making payment to Amaysim.

    • Same here. Made the purchase a couple of hours ago and still haven't received email from shopback. @gotyourback could you please have a look.

      • I basically got tracking pretty much immediately

        • Yeh I usually get it within 10-15 minutes, but not on this occasion.

    • Confirming cashback tracks immediately.

    • Tracking can take up to 2 days to track, but in most occasions in should come pretty quickly.

      For some reason excusemesir's transaction has not appeared on the network sales report, even though transactions should appear quickly ☹️

      We have just tried out an order about an hour ago (porting in) and it's tracked already.

      Since we've spotted this early might we suggest pinging amaysim to cancel the order and repurchasing again, if it hasn't tracked yet?

      • +1

        Will do, thanks. I've sent them an e-mail about it (live chat is disabled because it's out of business hours at the moment).

        • +1

          I managed to refund my previous order through the live chat and made a new purchase with a new email. Just received tracking email! Thanks @gotyourback!

    • +1

      got my confirmation email quickly today (and yesterday for the other promo).

  • +2

    Amaysim does not always ship SIMs activated.

    Right after the purchase is complete (you already have a PayPal payment and order confirmation) they ask for ID verification. If you just ignore that bit for now they will ship an inactive SIM that you can activate when you receive it.

  • +2

    Don't forget to turn off the auto renewal, if you don't intend to stay past the 28 days.

  • Great deal OP.

    I find myself using shopback a lot more than cashrewards for the last couple of months, almost always having higher CB rate and much better promotional offerings.

  • A little late to the game but I think it’s time for me to sign up to shop back and take advantage of this deal. Someone is about to get $5 referral bonus.

    Do we have to spend $20 before 3/1/2019 to get the extra $6? Or merely sign up before then?

    • +1

      Hi tzd116,

      You'd need to sign up and purchase by the end of today.

      Refer to our T&Cs

      From 1 November 2018 - 3 January 2019, you'll earn a TOTAL of $11 bonus ($5 automatic bonus + Extra $6 bonus) for every friend you refer successfully. You will receive the extra $6 bonus for every qualified referral (see above for definition of a "qualified referral") successfully referred within the promotion period. This means that the friend referred will have to make an accumulated min spend of $20 by 3 January 2019 for you to qualify for the extra bonus. Each friend you referred will also qualify for a TOTAL of $11 bonus ($5 bonus upon sign up + Extra $6 bonus after making an accumulated purchase of $20). The extra bonus will be credited into you and your friend's ShopBack account by 31st March 2019. Users qualify for this bonus promotion on an individual basis per email account on ShopBack; no accounts can be combined in order to reach the qualified friends requirement.

      • +1

        Thanks gotyourback for the prompt reply and thanks OP for posting this deal.

        Just signed up and bought this. I can see the $30 cashback 'pending' in my account already. Off to a great start with Shopback i must say.

      • just to be clear, the deal for the cashback expires end of today (Friday) right and not Saturday 5th January as indicated in the OP?

        • Yes it ends today.

  • Recently I found myself using SB more frequently than CB, it's nice to have some competition. I wish they have Coles e-gift cards though as well, currently use Suncorp for this which unfortunately doesn't accept Amex.

    • Hi unloadmymind,

      Coles gift cards at 5% off are the definitely the dream! One day 🙂

  • I have pretty much cancelled my NBN because of these deals +Kogan. LoL after 3 years I could save enough money for a new iPhone.

  • Can't seem to process payment.. The server didn't respond in time.
    Does it mean that I now have to use a new email address?

    • Did it to me around same time, waited an hour, checked CC account, email and tried login with details to amaysim, nothing. So tried again with same info, payment went through and tracking from shopback came shortly after :)

    • Hi padman,

      If you can't login (as mentioned by mypantsaretight) then that possibly means no amaysim account was created so you can use the same details earlier. But to be safe we would recommend using an email address different to the one used initially.

  • +2

    Just bought and purchase was tracked immediately. Thanks for the nice deal. Happy New Year!

  • +1

    Shopback did not track for me and Amaysim billed me twice ($10 + $10) for the same purchase. A very messy, disappointing, transaction.

    • Hi KevCol,

      Sorry to hear this. If your payment screws up, there's a high chance of the transaction not tracking. We'd suggest popping onto live chat to cancel/refund that transaction and to make your purchase again, but with a different email address.

      • +2

        I cancelled with live chat and repeated it all again with a new password and a different browser. Shopback confirmed the purchase but Amaysim did not. They again billed me twice for the same purchase. So another screw up suggesting poor software at Amaysim and very time consuming to fix

  • +1

    Confirming I made the purchase at 11:11am and received Shopback tracking email at 11:25am. Thanks for the deal OP!

  • No luck tracking in the past hour?

  • I want to take advantage of this deal but I've had at least three sims from Amaysim for CR and SB cashbacks so far. I know this question comes up a lot but I just want to confirm - is there anything special I need to do in order to still qualify and participate in this deal? As all my previous sims and services have lapsed and since been cancelled then I now count as a 'new sign up' again right?

    • No idea. I haven't been a customer for over 3 months. (Used a new email address to be certain, but I'm sure the backend can see whether we have been a customer since it doesn't require ID verification) No active sims either, all ported out…

      I did the usual linux with no adblock trick which usually works but it never tracked. I didn't want to wait too long (over 3 hours) because if it shipped; my luck of cancelling the order would converge to zero.

      I guess their affiliate partner probably thought I was still a customer. I guess my new rule will be 1 year in between offers.

      [And no, I didn't take up the cashrewards offer yet, but I doubt it will work either if this one didn't] Knowing how these work from doing things on radiumone, offertoro, trialpay and similar style offers.

      • Both my purchases were tracked yesterday with new emails. Used Chrome with SB extension installed and disabling adblock and all other extensions. Like previous deals in July, opted to port in our existing numbers from Telstra and Kogan. Hope it helps.

        • I didn't choose to port in. I wonder if that is one of the hidden conditions.

    • Hi hetzjagd,

      You'll need to use a new email address - one in which you haven't used with amaysim before.

      • Thank you. Purchase made and tracked in about 15 minutes

  • No luck, cancelled order. Amaysim support were amazing.

  • Hey gotyourback,

    I made an order at 10:57am and all it says is that I've "clicked" on amaysim.

    Could you check it out for me?

    • +1

      Probably best to cancel the order and try again tomorrow. It should be tracked within minutes or an hour at max. The text there is just to cover themselves, but rarely do transactions for an affiliate partner appear in final hours of the 2 days limit; at least not in this technological age. Maybe a few years ago when offerwalls were poorly coded that would be the norm, but not now.

      • +1

        Thanks kinzer. Also cancelled and yes the support team was very easy to speak to.

  • +1

    Shopback recorded as "Clicked" at 17:24.
    Purchase completed and purchase confirmation received at 17:29.

    Still waiting on a Shopback confirmation (17:36) will update once / if confirmed

    • 19:00 - still not tracked by Shopback.
      Used a fresh browser install - so can't be related to any plugins.

      • Didn't get confirmed.

        Recommend cancelling with Amaysim? Or raising a case with Shopback?