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Scoot - Athens Return from Perth/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney from $597/$617/$637/$637, or Berlin Return from $684/$638/$678/$678


Scoot has some great prices here. Seriously, they're a budget airline and adding in bags and food will hurt you, but if you're prepared, pack light and don't mind the long haul, you can't beat this price to Europe.

Airline: Scoot

To: Athens
From: Perth/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney from $597/ $617/ $637/ $637


To: Berlin
From: Perth/Gold Coast/Melbourne/Sydney to Berlin from $684/638/ $678/ $678

Dates: various from Feb to May.

Found on Flightscout initially (eg https://flightscout.co/au/cheap-flights/anywhere-to-athens-g...), but upon going to Scoot's website could get a bit cheaper on some dates, especially if the coupon code is applied.

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        I flew business class from Singapore to Sydney with them in September. Brand new Boeing Dreamliner so no complaints there. They don't have any infotainment installed so you need to use your phone or laptop like Virgin. And they have cut corners with a few other things like meals and some other tech and creature comforts. Plus their business class is more like Economy Plus. But overall I was impressed for the price.

        My experience was improved by the fact that hardly anyone was in business class so I moved to get a whole row to myself.

        I would definitely fly business class with them again.

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          maybe you should write a review on productreview to balance some of their very bad ones!!

    • +4

      i guess you fly with china airlines ?

      product reviews are worthless, i have yet to see a site that does it correctly.

      Scoot is fine to fly with, unless you like to complain about everything. support needs work but most airlines lack in that department.

      • +1

        Just to clarify, China Airlines is not the same airline as China Southern Airlines.
        But I get your point, but then again, its not too many that get so so many "terrible" reviews as Scoot seems to have.

      • +2

        Bloody chinese hackers

  • OMG, do they have a pilot with this price?

    • modern planes pretty much fly on auto-pilot, for the majority of the flight.
      the pilot is crucial for the take-offs, landings & to respond to any faults with the systems,…so, the most important parts of a flight!

  • +3

    20kg of checked bags is 104 each way to/from Berlin and MEL. That adds 208 unless you want to pack really light (10kg allowed to carry on). As high as the baggage fees seem, the pre-paid food costs are hilarious. I can't even imagine what it costs if you don't pre-pay and order something while on the flight.

    • Indeed, although I've done multi-week trips with 7kg carry-on including a laptop and medicine. Depends on the weather of course, February would still be cold. And you'd stop in Singapore, so could grab a meal in the airport, in theory!

    • The food is excretable. I'd bring a large takeaway HK BBQ to avoid it.

      • +7

        All food should be excretable. If it's not, you're probably full of sh!t 🤣

        • Prior to eating it shouldn't be

          • @Icecold5000: @Icecold5000: No it shouldn't be, as I think the term you're looking for may be pre-excreted or the like.

            • +1

              @chonkie: They mean 'execrable'.

            • @chonkie: Visually there is no difference. I watched in disgust as the chick next to me consumed noodles in a diarrhoea like sauce for $S20.

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    From the booking page, lol:

    "If you are a Guest of Size who requires 2 seats, please make your booking via our Call Centre at least 3 days before departure. Failure to do so may result in you being denied transportation. Fares and fees for 2 guests apply."

    • +2

      from Scoot marketing 'our fares are as low as our 10 inch seat width'

      • Scoot seat width and leg room is comparable to most full service airlines.

        • 10 centimetres are comparable to 20, with the latter being twice of the former. What is the actual stay size and legroom?

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    How many booking fees total are applied for one return trip consisting of four flights? "service fee of about $10 which is charged per flight per person"

    • The same price as the flight itself ;)

    • if u pay with scoot voucher you can avoid the booking fee. you can buy the voucher from their page.

    • Paying with bank via Poli bypasses the $10 credit card fee.

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    I flew with Scoot recently from Singapore to Melbourne.

    What I liked about them: Pilots are trained by Singpore Airlines, they use a Dreamliner 787-8 in their fleet which is a delight to fly on, they were on time

    What I disliked: Flight attendant told me I couldn't drink the bottle of water (nor could I eat my crossaint) I bought at the departure lounge. She said only food sold by Scoot could be consumed on the flight lol

    • +4

      Yeah thats why you see everyone bringing empty water bottles to fill up at the gate before boarding..

      • That's what I usually do too. Wouldn't have mattered — only water sold on the flight was allowed to be consumed.

        • +2

          What are going to arrest. Just ignore them and take a swig.

        • Why did not you tell her, it is illegal in Australia and you will report her to Authorities and deported back. Seriously Asian stewards just seem to be very careful to follow orders and always worry about losing their job, not being racist as Scoot does not have any non Asian stewards in their flights.

    • -1

      Pilots are trained by Singpore Airlines,


      • Haha brilliant!

    • Yes totally annoyed with the policy of no BYO food & WATER from airport. They should explicitly warn that when people book ticket.
      For a long flight from Singapore to Europe, obviously people would need to buy at least 2 bottles to keep hydrated or Scoot would have to make emergency landing to rescue someone.
      I remember a few years ago I flew with a budget airline flying between Australia and South East Asia that provided free water fill up on the air plane. I thought it is Scoot but I was wrong in the last flight with Scoot 2 years ago.

      • I flew with scoot only once years ago but that plane had a bubbler to fill your own bottle.

      • +2

        You are most definitely allowed to bring water on board. Have had a few flights with scoot and I always had my water bottle that I filled in the airport before departure.

      • jetstar do free water if you have a bottle. i have had staff offer to fill my bottle up for me for free.
        scoots meals are priced high compared to say airasia.

        jetstar you can take food.

        I take snacks on scoot and water, i have yet to have an issue. It is however againsed there terms.

    • +8

      Lol. Did she stand next to you the whole flight to make sure you didn't eat the croissant?

    • +6

      What are they going to do? Kick you off the flight? Ban you from future travel?

      Do they make babies drink Scoot milk?

      I wonder how it would play out with the "allergic to everything" angle. Or a religious/new age/health freak angle.

      "Sorry Sir, but you can't consume outside beverages."


      "Sorry Sir, it's just…"


      • BTPOGS - the new Chewbacca defence, I’ll take it.

      • Haha that's brilliant!

        I ate my crossaint and made sure to make it known when they came round for rubbish collection towards the end of the flight!

      • I've wondered this too. Common aviation sense would seem to indicate that you have to always do what flight attendants tell you to do - so if they say you can't eat your food, you can't (same as they can stop you drinking your own alcohol).

        But yes, is Scoot going to provide gluten-free/nut-free/soy/etc etc options for everyone, plus appeasing every religion…..

        • You dont have to agree to what flight stewards tell you. I am flying back BLR-MEL late January and wil report the steward back in Melbourne Airport authorities that they forced me to buy water. For the rucus if their flight gets delayed 1 hour that will cause them enough headache to loose 1000s of dollars

  • +2

    $637 melb to athens.

    Omg. Thata ridiculous

    • +3

      You could evacuate half of Melbourne with those prices! 😃

      • +1

        So what you are saying is, if we only buy them 1 way tickets we can evacuate all of Melbourne ??? :D

        • Charter a few planes perhaps, stick a few in the cargo hold for extra value.

  • +15


    1 - You can price match with JetStar
    2 - JetStar are better on the route to Singapore in terms of quality
    3 - Scoot is fine, but remember you have no entertainment nor food nor drink - plan
    4 - Tips for pros, book a discounted lounge in Singapore Airport, use Priority Pass or Dragon Pass for a single visit
    5 - Often layovers are long, book a room $60 for 6 hours I think it is in Singapore
    6 - Consider Scoot then Norwegian, depending on where you're headed in Europe
    7 - Factor in luggage
    8 - In Singapore you go through security whilst you board the plane, have an empty bottle to fill up with water, you'll need it
    9 - Ensure you have your laptop or phone fully charged, you'll need entertainment - there is none on the plane
    10 - Berlin and Athens are European hub airports, you can Ryanair anywhere
    11 - Berlin is a naff airport, it's pretty lousy, but both Athens and Berlin you can easily take PT to/from
    12 - Install the local map before you travel on Google phones, it'll help you when you arrive
    13 - One data SIM card will work across Europe, not all countries SIM cards are equal
    14 - You may be able to use Aldi Mobile nicely here across Australia, but the virtual networks are generally terrible pan Europe in my experience

    • +1

      How do you price match Jetstar with destinations like Athens and Berlin?

      • You can't. Jetstar price match is only valid on the twice a week Melbourne to Singapore flight. If you buy the Melbourne to Singapore flight and the Singapore to Europe flight separately you end up paying more.

      • You can only do the [Australia] to Singapore leg, then you could book the other separately.

        You lose the scoot thru though (case getting transferred through) but it gives you the opportunity to spend time in Singapore.

        • +2

          The only [Australia] airports that Jetstar flies to from Singapore is Melbourne and Darwin. You would never price beat with Singapore Airlines to/from Darwin so that only leaves Melbourne and only two flights a week at that.

    • In Europe Vodafone generally reigns supreme, unlike Australia.

    • point 6 - Norweigian are pulling out of the Singapore market I believe this month (Jan 2019)

  • PER-> Berlin has 23 hours stopover in SIN. 2AM to 1AM :-(

    • +4

      that would kind of work for me…i could stuff myself with delicious food in Singapore before the starvation flight to Berlin

      • +2

        Two nights hotel at Singapore prices kind of kills the bargain though. Even a transit budget room.

        Of course a real ozbargainer just sleeps on the floor at Changai. (good luck finding a lounge free ater 7pm!)

        The return schedule is better, and they are priced as 1-way tickets. So maybe a different airline outbound?

        • Try staying in Gaylang. It's a scenic location.

          • @Icecold5000: Even Geylang is $80-90/night now.

            Might as well just use the transit hotel when arriving/departing in the wee hours.

        • +2

          i had a 13 hour stopover once. i left most of my bags at left luggage storage except for my pack-away backpack, bought an mrt card and spent most of those 13 hours walking around eating, drinking, shopping and soaking in the aircon at various malls.

          yes, by the end of those 13 hours, i had some sore leg muscles and was also rather sweaty but it was worth it.

          i reckon i could easily spend 23 hours wandering around there without checking into a hotel or sleeping for that matter ;)

    • That would help me convince my father to finally visit Europe though! He needs to break up the long plane flights with a night stop over otherwise it's too much for him.

      • +1

        May need to book for 2 nights though. If the hotel is in the city it will be probably be about 4am before you get to lay your head down.

        Check out is usually 12 noon for hotels in Singapore. You could try and ask for a late checkout since you're checking in very late.

  • Many abysmal flight timings!

  • The food and beverages are outrageously priced. I think even higher than jetstar.

    In regards to the suggestion above that a person price match with jetstar, I believe jetstar price match is valid only on a per segment basis. Only match one way direct flights.

    • I noticed (when the site was working) that the currency was in Singapore dollars. Could that explain it? (Nope A$1 = S$0.95)

  • How much to upgrade to scootbiz at check in? And is it worth it?

  • i applied the IWILLFLY code, didnt affect the price.

  • -1

    From my search, these are one way prices. Even then couldn't get the price shown here.

    • I found the OP prices when i used the use calendar found Sydney to Athens Apr3{and around}.

    • Found this when using IWTF and then the Scoot website.
      MEL - ATH $658 Return (25/1 - 2/3)
      Need to book on the Scoot Website each leg separately, $329ea
      Proof here: https://imgur.com/a/Z7SmXHD

    • Definitely return. If struggling to find some, try the flightscout link to see example dates.

  • Their search engine seems stuck for the last 10 minutes.

  • +3

    Don’t stress about long layovers at Changi Airport in Singapore. There’s a free cinema there, free communal sleeping lounges and they’ll even arrange a free guided city tour by bus several times a day.

    Best airport in the world. (Shame singapore itself is so dull)


    • Oh, so much potential in that post - 'no cinema when I was there' says Gramps, 'hopefully not under Japanese management', (Basil! DON"T mention the war).

    • -1

      Best Airport but terrible and rude staff. None seem to be happy about their salaries, why do they whinge so much and so scared about their Government

  • +3

    $204 extra for return luggage.
    $336 extra for return luggage and food.

    I say kick them where it hurts by not taking luggage and starving yourself.

  • +9

    Don't make things complicated.

    There are flights available on Thai airways to Europe for well below $1000. Luggage and food included, full service airline. Unless you fly with carry on luggage only and are on 0 calorie diet that's the deal you're looking for.

    The way I did it: use skyscanner to look for flights then check which of the providers has a coupon to make it even cheaper.

    I booked with BYOjet. They were equal cheapest and had a coupon. $30 off either by subscribing to newsletter or from a coupon-site: FOLLOWTOFLY30

    PER-MUC-PER $945 after coupon, including their credit card surcharge.

    Fantastic connections, 2 hours layover on the way out, 1h15 on the way back. I might get a free night in Bangkok thrown in if that second connection doesn't quite work out ;-)

    Also available in some of the warmer months of the year.

    • Ever had issues with Web-only travel providers?

      • +1

        Not yet. I don't use them often though, usually I book directly with the airlines. But in this case the airline wanted $1095. Not paying $150 extra to cut out the middleman.

        I found my booking in the airline booking system and it is fine.

        The only possible issue I can see: if I need to make changes the savings evaporate since BYOjet has quite high fees for that kind of thing.

        • Btw, BYOJet is owned by Flight Centre! It is possible to price match if both have identical flights offered.

          • @Fobsessive: I didn't know that. That's good news and reassuring.

            What I found surprising and weird: at no point during the whole booking process or anywhere in the documentation are the airline change/cancellation fees and conditions of carriage made available.

  • Awesome prices. Thank you for this.
    Gold Coast are showing as $752 for me in the link provided.
    Am I doing something wrong or do the prices change quickly?

    • The link? You mean the flightscout one? Yeah, some of their prices are higher than Scoot's, which is why my main link goes to Scoot. There's a limited number so on some dates they'll change quickly, but definitely try the main Scoot website.

      • Oh right. As in you just find them yourself on the main Scoot site? Do you know the best month or do I search each month to find them and then narrow it to the days after that?

        • I found a few for April and May for Gold Coast to Berlin (I have been keeping track of particular dates for a trip to Italy, but can't book anything until I get work to approve conference attendance).

  • +2

    Great if you have little to no baggage. If you aren't sure whether you will need to upgrade your baggage due to weight I highly suggest you do it. They weigh everything and if you have to add on extra at the counter you could find yourself paying a hefty extra and airport tax on top (I had it happen in Singapore, cost me $90 to upgrade a bag!)

    • +2

      I had it happen in Singapore, cost me $90 to upgrade a bag!)


      I once took carry on only on a trip to narita with Jetstar. Upon realising I'd need to pay a hefty luggage upgrade fee, I went to the closest disabled toilet where I proceeded to strap all my heavy items to my body (suicide bomber style). Problem solved.

      • I travelled Europe for 3 months with only carry on over 10 flights that had to under 7-10kg and it was my last flight it finally got weighed with scoot at 14kg. I suppose I did just get lucky the rest of the trip that is wasn't weighed.

      • What did you use as straps?

    • +6

      The best investment I ever made was an enormous $20 Drizabone from Savers. The pockets are so big I can fit my ipad, all my cables/chargers and pretty much anything heavy in them.

      I'll load up, have my bag weighed and tagged at check in and/or boarding, then put the jacket in the bag for the flight.

  • +3

    I've flown scoot several times to singapore and they're fine.. If you know what you're getting into with budget airlines…

    I'll guarantee all the bad reviews are from people who don't know what they're getting into with budget airlines.. just read them lol

    Almost all of them whinge about excess charges and delays.. too funny