Heads-up: OzGameShop Halving 'Player Points' Rate from 1st Feb 19

Their 'Player Points' (back-credit system on purchases) is changing from 1 February 2019. The current rate of 5% is being chopped to 2.5% and points will expire after six months:

"…As of February 1st 2019 there will be a number of changes made to the Player Points Program that will allow us to continue offering this benefit to our customers for years to come. This includes changing the default Player Points awarded value to 2.5%, changes to the minimum spend requirements and Player Points now to expire after 6 months. We will also be enforcing the banning of people abusing the system more vigorously. These changes are being made to ensure that Player Points are fair for all and reward our most loyal customers the most…."

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Any other OzGameShop regulars lurking here? What do you think?

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    With Amazon around I reckon it’s not worth looking at Ozgameshop tbh.
    I only shop from them (Ozgameshop) when buying niche products (collector’s editions that have sold out localy, jrpg etc.) and pretty much always forfeit the points due to not being able to stack vouchers (I only buy stuff during 10% sales).

    • I understand. I've sunk quite a bit into them over the last 12 months (~$2800 in Switch titles alone) and the 5% credit has actually helped me buy a few extra games.

      While they don't have the same range of titles, Amazon AU is so much faster. OzGS can now take 10+ days for an "expedited" delivery.

      • Just out of curiosity, how did you spend that much in Switch titles? Are you going for a complete collection?

        • At an average price of $50 per title, it doesn't take long to rack up $2,800 in a year. And things like the EU Smash Box Limited Edition (around $180 on its own) really add up.

          I'm fighting a losing battle to collect every switch title with English language support out of the box (ie not via a patch/hack).

          It's an expensive hobby…almost as expensive as smoking these days, I suspect! ;-)

          • @OzDJ_: Yeah honestly the ridiculous switch prices compelled me to buy an sxos.

            • @Kozhutki: Fear of the carts corrupting compelled me to buy SXOS, too, and a couple of 2TB Samsung T5 SSDs

              • @OzDJ_: Have you actually had any carts corrupt yet? Sounds pretty scary…

                • @Kozhutki: No(t yet).

                  But Switch carts do not use standard ROM or even SLC/MLC flash NAND packages.

                  Nintendo has chosen a brand new proprietary "HybridFlash" system which CLAIMS "…at least 20 years…shelf life.." (ie not in-service use).

                  Time will tell how long they actually last for. But I can make a pointless* guarantee that they won't working in around in 30-40 years like old-school ROM carts.

                  (*)Pointless because I won't be around to see the outcome for myself.

                  • @OzDJ_: So it doesn't matter if you choose digital or physical, you're still (profanity) eventually :-)

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    Aw man I haven't bought from these guys in ages! hahahaha That should tell you something!

    If the player points were to roll over indefinitely, I would have had at least another $5 to spend today, for free on something….but nope it all expired because I didn't use it up because there wasn't really anything to use it up on plus there was a minimum points required to cashout as well….

    But yeah, how could you abuse this system?! I mean they've already set an expiry period for the points, and a minimum number of points required to cashout and what more can it do??

    • +1

      Yeah - I'm also confused about the so-called points abuse. Makes no sense whatsoever to me.

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    they need to lower their minimum spend. it's too high! and i checked my player points, i think the changes are already in effect? gotta spend $175 to use $35? that's like 17%

    • +2

      Yeah, it's a bit rough. I'd prefer to see them just knock a couple of pesos off each game and ditch the program altogether.

      • I noticed a few games have been dropping permanently in price. I thought they were going to lower the prices slightly for everything whilst decreasing the player points but it hasn't happened. And now these ridiculous spending requirements.

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    they just kicked in - i wish i had known of this before

    autmatically had 80,000 points from a 50% points return telling me they would expire by the end of the month

    Voucher Amount Points Needed Min. Voucher Spend Required
    $2.50 2,500 $25.00
    $5.00 5,000 $50.00
    $10.00 10,000 $100.00
    $15.00 15,000 $150.00
    $20.00 20,000 $200.00
    $25.00 25,000 $250.00
    $30.00 30,000 $300.00
    $35.00 35,000 $350.00
    $40.00 40,000 $400.00
    $50.00 50,000 $500.00

    • I placed a large-ish order (probably my last with them) on Thursday night to burn the majority of my points stash.

    • Thanka for posting this M911. I was just creating a new thread for it and I found this. Spend $100 to get $10 off? What a rip-off! I used $10 vouchers regularly. No more!

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    Haven't dealt with them in years. They seem like decent folk but I agree with OzDj in that they should just shave a small amount of each item instead of doing the whole points system. They probably figure that most people will ignore it and they pocket the bump they add to offset points, but it just makes their whole catalogue look that little bit extra unattractive compared to competition.

  • I was reading a thread on here about ozgameshop changing player points (twice) in 2016 and noticed their representative responding to customer's concerns. Where are they now? The recent changes to their system is by far the worst decision they've made. They were my only source of games and now I've had to look elsewhere. Why is their representative silent to the matter? If anyone else is frustrated at this whole situation, please send them a message on Facebook. The more people who do the better. Considering the first-party Nintendo games are now more expensive than buying them within Australia, I can see them losing a lot of customers. It seems these guys have been losing the trust of customers for a while now. There are LOTS of bad reviews.

    • I'm still a customer but limit my purchasing to those EU-exclusive titles which they make it easier for me to purchase than attempting to use a reshipper (expensive and slow).

    • Aside: I'm not a Facebook user

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