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Google Pixel 2 XL 64GB $799 @ JB Hi-Fi


Price back down to $799 again. Seems to be plenty of in store stock available.

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    Excellent value phone, been on it for about 6 months now on the $65 p/m deal from JB, got the wife on it as well three months ago. Exceptional camera.

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      Yea the $59 deal with $200 jb voucher was a steal. Have had to return the phone a bunch of times for myself and wife due to terrible quality, would sell the phone if I was going to do it again.

      • What issues have you had with the phone? Mine has been rock solid, and my wife's has been fine too.

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          I have had 3 RMA's while my wife is on her 2nd.

          1) Blue tint
          2) Speaker rattle
          3) speaker rattle
          4) Current phone: top speaker muffling and volume and power buttons becoming loose which is a common issue

          My wife:
          1) USB C connection stopped working
          2) Current phone has the black screen on calls issue which is hardware related.

          We both came from OG Pixels too btw that also had issues. My P2XL was a refurb after they had no stock for OG XL. This is the last Google Phone I will ever buy. Even my friends who I reccomended the phone too are having issues and hating the terrible support. You have to send it to Hong Kong lol - for a premium priced phone!!!!

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            @onlinepred: Unlucky I guess. I have had my two for a combined 9 months now and no issues.

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              @pdtmathieson: I work at a dev shop where we have phones in stock for dev, we have replaced pixels more than any other phone we have ever owned. So much so that we replaced them with OnePlus6T instead of P3. Many reviewers also had issues with pixel 2's, as well as many on reddit groups.

              Just pray your's has no issues as support can be quite bad and slow.

              • @onlinepred: Do you go to google for support or JB hi fi if there are problems with the phone?

                • @floattolife: I tried both. JB don't offer support on any Google accessories, and with the phone they asked that I try Google support first. They said they would have to go through Google, and would be faster if I did it myself.

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                    @onlinepred: That's against consumer Law. JB clearly state this on their website. Shame, the DFO JB are excellent. Really comes down to who serves you

              • @onlinepred: Was about ready to pull the trigger on a OnePlus 6T and OP piqued my interest - very glad to read these few comments.

                Confirmation bias is working a treat over here so I best go order that OnePlus NOW!

          • @onlinepred: Out of curiosity, how long have you found it's taken to receive a new phone after sending it in?

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              @LeifAlbor: From when I call, I have to organise a courier to come pick it up. Sometimes the next day is available, then it takes roughly 2-3 days to get to Hong Kong once sent. It then takes Google roughly 5-7 days to process and start sending the replacement device back. It then takes 2-3 days once tracking is recieved.

              For me, from the phone call to initiate, it took 16 days on average. The fastest has been 11 days for me.

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            @onlinepred: Yep same with me. 3 RMA's with the Pixel 2 XL.

            1. Severe Blue Tint
            2. Android Auto USB connection and charging not working
            3. Nav-bar burn in within 2 weeks

            I stupidly purchased a Pixel 3 and had issues with that too. This time, my Pixel 3 had call connection drop issues. I literally couldn't speak to anyone. See here: https://9to5google.com/2018/12/20/pixel-3-call-quality-issue...

            Lucky JB was able to sight the issue first hand, and gave me the option of replace or exchange for another phone.

            I got rid of the Pixel. Google charge $1500 for phones that can't even make calls, and have a list of other QA issues. I'm tired of being a sucker.

            Shame because I did love the Pixel. But screw you, Google.

            • @Stugots: Could I ask. If someone has had this phone for a year through a Telstra plan and is only now finding out that the blue tint is not normal, do you think that could get sorted out? I also have a list made of issues that have occurred with this phone, including not being able to make or receive calls.

              • @ZachBlasphemy: Potentially I guess, but I think it would be extremely hard. The best you would get to is a replacement.

          • @onlinepred: What's speaker rattle? I might have that, the screen vibrates a lot when the volume is moderately high

            • @bkhm: That's just the crappy build. It's if there is a an actual metallic rattle from the top speaker.

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          My USB-C has gone to hell. Common problem if you search for it, people think it is a software issue.
          Still charges when the phone is turned off though which is something.

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      Meh, this phone is trash.

      That should have been launch price, and today no more than 500

      • 100% Agreed.
        Came to comment the same thing, this should be worth AU$499 now. As for reference, remember the LG G6 (64GB) when it was going for AU$440 in June 2017..??

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    anyone think this phone is worth $799?

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      depends how much you care about your camera you can get a oneplus with very simular software, better specs and imo a better design for less but google still have the best phone cameras on the market.

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        What he said, also with OnePlus any support is going to be intl retailer support so factor that in too. Also you'll need to convert US charger to AU. I have a 5t and the only issue that bothers me is the camera, it ain't that good.

        • +1

          You can buy Oppo Vocc chargers and use them to dash charge your OnePlus device since OnePlus and Oppo are sister companies they share the same charging tech. I've bought an Australian Oppo charger and it dash charges my 5T perfectly

    • -2

      If it was the P3XL then yes. Otherwise definitely not.

      • +2

        3XL (and 3) have issues using the phone as an actual phone.
        I and many others are struggling to make phone calls using the 3's.

        Never had any of these issues with my 2XL

        • P2XL similar issues - they would hang up after a few minutes.

        • Wow, won't be swapping to a pixel# anytime soon then

        • +1

          Commented above, but I returned my Pixel 3 to JB a couple weeks back due to the call issues outline here: https://9to5google.com/2018/12/20/pixel-3-call-quality-issue....

          Seriously screw Google. I was a big fan of the Pixel but they can go to hell. The prices they charge for the quality they deliver is a downright joke.

          I felt like a chump buying Pixels.

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      Camera is excellent, nice to have vanilla Android as well.

    • +3

      Lol no way. Google think they're apple and are priming the market when they're not even on Samsung level.

  • what's the limit for JB gift card in-store? on website it's max 5.

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      If you're having an issue redeeming online, I think you can still buy gift cards with gift cards online, so then you can combine a few into one big denomination.

      In-store is as many as you want I believe.

    • +2

      I called jb hifi, u can use how many u want in store

      • +4

        seriously? wow! thanks heaps!

        can you help to call this number too 0386090674 and tell them I don't want to subscribe to simply energy. they kept calling me every single day!

        • -1

          Just block the number as spam. I have had a record year in 2018 blocking calls; before that only about 2 in total. Getting a little more peace now. Bit more difficult as some of them use a "private number" though. That's just not cricket!

          • +1

            @JediJan: yeah, but @nguyentran can help to call so why not. :)

            • @r0xz: I could supply a "bigger" list of who to call if anyone is that keen! Before blocking them I told them I had died; even that didn't work.

              Bit disappointed to find that I can no longer turn my FlyBuys points into JB gift cards, as that was my yearly treat. Why would anyone want to "buy" themselves gift cards online though? Must be me.

  • +5

    I would wait for the rumoured Pixel 3 XL Lite

    • +4

      Given the Pixels have had low QA standards, I'm assuming the Lite will be even worse right?

      • right

      • It could be lite on bugs?

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    Great phone but can't help but think it should be less by now. Bit like Apple they hold their value.

    • +1

      Yea it shud be a bit less.

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    great value consider the last year Iphone 8 plus (same class) still selling for over $1100.

  • This or Samsung Galaxy S8? I was looking to wait until S10 comes out to buy S9 but I don't think S9 will go this low even after S10 comes out.

    • +1

      Pixel > Samsung's Android implementation

      • -1

        Not entirely accurate, but for those that like super basic phones like iPhone but with less features, then 100% Pixel is the way to go.

        If you are a power user for instance, or like to tinker with things, or find yourself downloading loads of apps to get basic functionality, then Samsung would be the way to go. Also consider local support which Google doesn't have - and consider price which samsungs are cheaper.

        • Samsung is full of unnecessary bloatware. That's why its cheaper

      • +1

        pixel 2 xl screen is pretty bad, color is off (Google didnt bother to calibrate the display properly) in natural mode, plus dim screen, grains and blue shift. Phone is also very wide which makes it difficult for one hand use. No headphone jack is a pain.

        Go for pixel 2 xl if you care about the camera and stock android experience, otherwise avoid it cause the build quality is very bad for a 2017 flagship phone.

    • +3

      depends what you are after..if its the pure android experience and the first to get updates, and the awesome google photo processing algorithms ..then pixel. Otherwise the S8 is a stunning phone in terms of build quality, features, power. I have an s8+ and other than the slow nature of Samsung getting the android versions out (on official oreo at moment) I can't fault it. Love the gorgeous screen, speed, water resistance, headphone jack, NFC etc etc , camera is fantastic. But…YMMV

    • +2

      I have had several Samsung Galaxy mobiles and all found good homes each time I upgraded. Am only using a SG7 at the moment (fantastic photos) though and don't have any excuses to upgrade. Will have no plans to buy anything than another Galaxy when I do though; suggest stick with what you are happy with.

      • +1

        Although I love Android One, in the past Nexus phones/tablets, as well as clean and up to date android, at the moment I prefer the Nokia phone range over Pixel phones mainly for the lower price for mid range ( have a Nokia 6.1 only after missing lot's of Nokia 8 deals lol ), and even if I were to spend more I would get a Samsung S8+ over a Pixel 2XL after reading all these bad QC issues and harder support ect.

        I helped set up a Samsung S8+ for a family member and was really impressed with build/screen quality and even fairly clean android with lot's of customisation options to play with.

        • +1

          Must admit I don't use anywhere near half of the features, but find SG7 really nice to use too. I find I check my emails and internet more on this mobile than anywhere else these days, so it receives a fairly good daily workout. Son was very happy to relieve me of my SG5 last year when he broke his J1Ace, hence my excuse to buy myself a new SG7. SG5 had a waterproof clip which broke off, but unfortunately have been unable to find someone to repair. I believe the SG6 was the only one to have any real problems (battery) though, but I bypassed that one. I have never purchased the latest models; had SG2, SG3, SG5 and now SG7.😊 Do keep ours in flip type wallet cases and never had screen issues; still look like new. The SG3 was stolen when I gifted it to a friend. She had it charging at work and we assume thief thought it a later model.

          • @JediJan: Good to hear you love your SG7 so much ( still a great phone ) and look after your phones similar to myself. I see it's able to be upgraded to Oreo too, so that's good too. When did you get your SG7?

  • i bought mine from ebay last year, works well, was around 600 in that time, but the charger was not original one

  • +2

    Mine is 3rd replacement pixel 2xl. One replacement had battery loose and rattling inside and would shut down on its own

    • +3

      Yeah same here, Google sent me a refurb after I sent back my brand new 1 week old pixel for display issues. Strange that everyone just praise the software but no one mentions the build quality (especially the screen) is shit.

      • +3

        Screen is extremely dim and hard to see when playing game outdoors. 400 knits I heard compared to 800 knits on Samsung

        • +1

          Yeah it's very hard to see under direct sunlight for me. My old S6 had no such issues. I heard in order reduce burn ins on these crappy LG panels, Google lowered nits by 50 in Android pie update which made it even worse.

  • Great price I have this phone after only ever having Iphones and love it. Would never go back to Apple.

    • +1

      Apple's iphone x has a much nicer display though (gets very bright and very color accurate, while pixel 2 xl has a horrible display). It also feels a lot more premium/compact in the hand compared to my pixel 2 xl. They also have the fastest chip on the market.

    • If only there was an IPX that ran android. P2XL is terrible hardware.

  • Before my Pixel XL 2 I purchased to Iphone 7's. One of them the battery didn't last a year, and they would not replace under warranty. We decided to purchase 2 Pixel XL 2's instead and have been very happy with them and only paid $630 each for them. Before the Pixel I had only every had Iphones and way prefer how the Android system works and sychs with Chrome. The best features are the battery life, camera and the display. We are glad we de-applified.

  • Any decent car mobile phone holders for this phone?

    • I do a fair bit of off-road driving and picked up an Arkon slim grip holder off eBay for $29. Adjustable size and seems pretty strong

      • Thanks 👍

        Are you driving "hard" at speed 4wding? Or just down bumpy dirt roads?

        Either way if it holds firm to the above then I'm grabbing one.

        My current one is barely holding on to the PXL2

        • Mainly beach work, seems to have held up so far

  • I don't understand how these phones go for so high when not on sale, $1399 is crazy

  • On my second phone in less than a year after the first got stolen. It's the best android experience you can get, not to mention the camera is top quality

    • In return you sacrifice screen, build quality and a headphone jack.

  • how is this compared to iPhone X?

    • This phone has a number of screen complaints about the blue tint. Read the comments above about build complaints.

    • Just keep your iPhone

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