Country for Rent - Approx. AUD$66,000 per night or AUD$73 per person for 900 people

The country's officials decided to put the tiny land-locked country up for rent after realising its potential earlier this year.

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Guests will have the run of the land, and use of the country's police force, even though Liechtenstein has one of the lowest crime rates in the area.
The new temporary 'owners' of country will be presented with a symbolic key to the country in a ceremony at the state parliament, and will be able to rename city streets and town squares, and print their own temporary currencies.

Although there is a two-night minimum stay, the guests will be treated to wine-tasting from the Prince of Liechtenstein's personal cellar, skiing and a sumptuous dinner overlooking Vaduz Castle.
Other options include tobogganing, fireworks and horse-drawn carriage rides through the capital Vaduz.

EDIT: Although this is an unusual post - I actually believe it is a good deal for a totally unique holiday experience…

MOD EDIT - Oz-Dave and others (voting this up) - post this in forums, posting it in the main section maybe funny, but it is inappropriate, we have limited space for bargains and bargains disappear, when more clutter is put on front page, so people miss out on bargains while you have your fun. Post it in the forums in future.


  • bah, they've been renting out the country for as long as i can remember.


    $66,000 per night
    $73 per person for 900 people

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      I think Brodens the only one from OzB who can afford it.

  • Where do you get the figure of 900 people? I see only 150 guests in the Daily Mail article.

    • Other articles mention accommodation of up to 500 rooms being provided so if people twin share they figure around 900 people (or a few more) can stay…

      • it's not in Australia though

        • +10

          Most of the overseas holidays listed in the travel section are not in Australia either ;)

    • $66,000/ 900 = $73.33

    • Even if you only have 150 to 450 Guests mentioned in many articles it works out at about $440 down to $147 each per night - still achievable for some people…

  • This sounds AWESOME!!!

  • WTF

  • I have to say that even if they don't get any takers, it's a clever piece of viral advertising.

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      I was hoping to see the "ozbargain effect" leave the country "Sold Out" for years to come :p

      • Ah I'm just waiting for the Aussie dollar to go higher. ;)

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      qi mentioned it in series e i think (2007) so it is hardly new. basically it is a tiny country, they are no $$ and they try to rent it out.

      • Seriously? Lichtenstein is one of the wealthiest places in the world. With an average income of $139,000USD per capita I'd say they're doing okay.

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    Officeworks price match = $62700!

    Bet they are out of stock tho.

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      They do have some comparable countries on their website for cheap!

      Wait, they're tagged CLEARANCE… bah, forget about getting them.

    • -1

      You won't be able to PM at OW looks like overseas stock mate!

  • get ready for this to be Ozbargained! haha!

    get this part " The possibilities for customizing the experience are almost endless — rename city streets and town squares, print your own temporary currencies, carve logos or names into the snow on the mountainside — and that is just the tip of the iceberg. "
    that's the kind of stuff a king or queen does, you could one too! although i don't think you can take anything you like, like 'borrow' someone's horse or Ferrari, that would be considered personal property right?!

    • print your own temporary currencies,

      ^ this

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        So one may be able to rent the country, print their own money, and pay for the rental with said printed money? =P

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    It's a bargain IF I can raise taxes for a day, please.

    I went through Lichtenstein many years ago … it took under ten minutes … but I was surprised to learn, by some measures, per person, they are the second wealthiest country in the world (after Qatar) - thanks to shady banking practices (Wikileaks etc). Are they hitting bad times thanks to the fall out from the GFC?

    … in fact, I wouldn't mind staying until the day before the people revolt.

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    yah! first day, make a full size bust out of granite of my head and put it on the town hall, then print my own currency, on TOILET paper ;) then rename all the streets with my friends/family/pet names, then put my portrait on every street sign…..getting….over excited…..must….take…..a…cold….shower…

    ps they don't really need the money, according to wiki Liechtenstein has the second highest gross domestic product per person in the world, so they're rich SOBs anyway!

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    Guests will have the run of the land, and use of the country's police force

    Just not sure about that line… So some rich guy could just start a war with another country?

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      With the huge army that Liechtenstein has…

    • Wiki: The Liechtenstein National Police is responsible for keeping order within the country. It consists of 87 field officers and 33 civilian staff.

    • So some rich guy could just start a war with another country?

      and blame the poor guy!

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    Perfect, going to rent this place for my 21st.
    $75 entry fee, anyone interested? :P

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      Just put the word out on Facebook - Jess from Chatswood got way more than 900 attendees to register ;)

    • @$75 you only need to get 880 people per day to cover the rent, easy!

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      I'm actually interested.

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    I'm waiting for the group buying voucher deal.

  • Wait, wouldn't we also need an ozbargain for a private jumbo jet to take advantage of this?

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    Not a bargain. You haven't included the necessary airfares for ozbargainers, which brings the total cost up around the $1.8m mark.

    • If you have that many people you could charter a plane for a better deal ;)

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      "Free shipping or no deal!!!"

  • Imagaine how shocked you would be if this deal happened to come up as Wotif Mystery deal!

  • if there was a group buy for sure but until then I can go to europe for less…
    print your own money is kinda cool, just needs to be legal for me to print out a million dollars to transfer back to my bank acct here. :P

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    I've actually already been there - no s**t! From memory it has a very nice gift shop and post office and bus stop.

    And it's between Austria and Switzerland hence it is very clean, tidy and nice.

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      Do they have the internets or will I have to bring my own?

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    I actually think this is a bargain! To actually rent a country…

  • from all the penny pinching most of ozbargainers have done im sure they could afford to buy the country outright, unlocked and with $75 bonus credit for calling Lichtenstein-to-Lichtenstein .

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    Money with my arse on it? oh yes please!

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    Hi MOD;
    I actually wasn't posting this to be funny - whilst it is an unusual deal, I actually believe it represents a unique bargain !
    I don't understand why it is any different to other deals posted in the travel section that listed good deals for overseas accommodation ?
    But it is YOUR site so I guess you can decide what is and isn't appropriate :(

    • It is unique, but, realistically, who can afford it? I think I'd rather spend the money on a nice car than rent a country for just 24hrs. Better leave this bargain for Snoop Dogg.
      Thanks for sharing anyway!

      • +1

        I already have 50 interested people in my group of friends :)
        And for larger companies with hundreds of staff it is actually quite cheap for a "conference" or "getaway" venue compared to many other overseas options…

        • wow that's heap!

          good luck and travel safe!

        • True, definitely easier for larger companies. $66,000 is probably nothing to them. But Im just saying for families who dont make a million $$$ per week. ~850 to go! Let us know if you do end up renting this country!

  • We need to get in before they tighten the T & C.

    • Exactly what I was thinking…
      In all seriousness;
      Could a group of refugees pool their resources and "live" there until their money runs out???
      Or could a group of rich Japanese folk use it to get away from the radiation concerns in their home country???

      • A.1. No-but they already do that in the neighbouring countries.
        A.2. Yes (the emphasis being on rich).

  • hmmm…. 'daily mail' and 'truth' are rarely found in the same sentence…..

  • Hmm that is soo awesome! If only I were rich enough….

  • +1

    I am genuinely interested in going! Has anyone set up a Facebook page to get the word spreading?

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