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[VIC] Supreme 98+ Fuel 109.9c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven Ashwood


Credit to UltimateWarrior for title format.

Cheapest 98 i've found for ages.

Fuelwatch thread
Mod: In this case the store is giving U98 at the same price of U91 and therefore it's allowed as a deal (not just a normal price fluctuation that gets pushed to the fuel watch threads).

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    You obviously diddnt see the other post remove for the same style post.

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    Guys, does the Fuel Locking with Gps trick work anymore ?

    • My app wants me to update the app which has never happened before.. how to fix this?

      • Yeah, I updated app on iPhone few days ago.
        Fuel lock worked today no issues

        • what gps app to use ?

        • You mean fake gps works on the latest version of the app??

          And im on android….

    • Just did it on jailbroken iPhone.
      Thanks OP and UW

    • +1

      Hasn't worked for me for ages, have been using Nox on computer instead which is quick and easy. Phone lock is convenient though so would love to know if anyone finds a workaround for Android.

      • Have you been using nox with fake gps on Windows? O
        If so which fake gps do you use?

        Fake gps doesn't work on Android for me anymore

        • +2

          You don't use fake GPS when using nox, it has a built in location tool. It works every time without fail, really easy.

  • +5

    Wow for that price you won't even need to have a win on the TAB or the pokes to treat the pulsar or the falcy to a tank of 98.

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    is there a way to remove a locked price in the app already?

    • +1

      Could you use the voucher to buy a small amount of fuel?

    • +1

      Buy 2L worth of petrol and then the voucher will disappear

      • lol bought 4l, checked and this offer was over… back to square 0.

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    Guys, does anyone know which fake gps works on an android phone? I have never used fake gps before but this is so tempting haha.

    • It has been discussed several times over in the fuel watch thread.

      • Most of these questions have been. Just like the questions that always pop up in the fuel thread.

        People want to be given the answer.

      • thankyou, I will check there.

    • Fake GPS GO by IncorporateApps on Android.

      But you need a special version of the 7/11 app. Go look in the forums.

      • hey smiggle, can you link the forum pls.

        • its in the above description of this post fuelwatch thread.

    • I'm using this app this app. Worked like a charm.
      And the cracked 7/11 app can be found here

      • I had problem with Fake GPS where search will not pick up the suburbs and I will have to manually drag and drop the pin.

        I use this app GPS EMULATOR and it works perfect.

  • -2

    Just tried and the app says it detected fake GPS and it has been logged.

  • Ashwood price coming up as 127.7??

    • same :( it's expired

  • this works but https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/288802?page=56#comment-681... just wonder how safe it is, didn't realise you need to also add in your credit card etc?

    Looks like ashwood is back at 127 anyways. damn!

    • +2

      Buy a $100 giftcard and enter its number into the app. Then just pay using your regular EFTPOS/Credit Card or cash when you get the fuel. Think of it as a bond; given crazy prices like this end up saving you at least $10 each fill up, it soon pays for itself

    • My GPS stop working after install the Fake GPS, have to use some third party apps to fix it.

  • +1

    Price looks like it's back to 127.7 :(

    • Yep, back to 127.7 for me too. Damn.

  • hot fixed

    • +1

      Not cold fixed?

  • Expire dddddd

  • FMD.. missed out.

    how do i get notifications of new fuel deals?!

  • Anyone know the difference between the quality of fuels between different petrol stations?

    711 vs BP vs Caltex vs Shell?

    I normally get BP Ultimate 98

    • +3

      Generally exactly the same stuff, from generally the same company.

      • So I've been paying more for nothing?? BP are usually more expensive :(

    • The difference is the additives and the fuel as it sits at the station. To be 98 95 etc is a government rating system that means to meet that particular number it needs to meet or exceed the quality and standards set out. So really it just comes down to the additives they put into the fuel the anti corrosion, lubricants etc which really they are very similar brand to brand and the tanks that its stored in at the station.. Generally find a newish station to fill up in and you will be good ( less sludge in the tanks).

      • +2

        This might be complete bullshit and placebo but i feel like my car runs best on bp 8 then caltex and then 711.

        • +3

          I'm inclined to agree. BP appears to have the best U98.

          • @Abrez: I totally agree, i have a engine vanos solenoid hesitation issue and the issue is significantly less when i run BP Ultimate 98 compared to 7-11 Supreme 98 or other 98 fuels… just my 5 cents worth :)

            • +1

              @JaeTee: A lot of performance dyno workshops will recommend BP98 before performing a tune. I simply get more economy from 98 in my Subaru, spark plugs came out clean.

        • Thanks, I'll keep using BP 98 then :)

  • +1

    Aw missed out.

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