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Black & Decker Ultimate Combo Offer $150 Delivered (Worth $671.89) @ Supercheap Auto (Online C&C Only)


Supercheap Auto have a two day sale. Black & Decker Ultimate Combo Offer. Worth $671.89 NOW $150 POSTED

Free delivery as its over $10

Great price for 5 cordless tools plus battery and charger.

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    Don't let the price fool you. Every single B&D product I have owned has failed. Not what they used to be.

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      Yep. Stanley Black and Decker (also owners of DeWalt and Sidchrome) are not the pinnacle of quality and reliability they once were.

      Still happy with my DeWalt gear, that being said.

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        I've been using my Stanley impact driver from an ozbargain deal for the last two years on job sites and its a ripper, more powerful than all the other brushed drivers I've used and its copped a lot of abuse and still going strong. The Stanley grinder, however, is a piece of shit with no torque at all.

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          Sounds like it's hit and miss!

          • @picklewizard: Broke my Stanley 3/8 drive ratchet yesterday with just hand strength (no breaker bar or pipe). Thought their quality was alright until that happened, ratchet gears stripped

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              @blonky: I think Stanley may have a life time warranty.
              …STANLEY Australia offers this warranty for the term of the useful life of all STANLEY Products…

              • @mlakmlak: They do, but the thing shouldn't really break from basic home use.
                Hopefully the replacement lasts more than 5 minutes

        • Ive also bought a studley stud finder…absolutely useless.

    • +1

      Mine haven't failed, but while this is a good price and I've got a similar set (no blower or impact driver, but two batteries and a torch).
      I've got to say that half the tools will almost be unusable.
      You can't use a blower or circular saw on a 1.5Ah battery. My circular saw can barely cut paper (okay, not quite true, but it can't do even 5mm ply reliably).
      And the recip saw is a bit underpowered on that battery as well.

      If you can afford, either definitely get a 3Ah+ (if they exist) or better yet, get Ozito X Change, ALDI or Ryobi One tools. Obviously that'll be a bit more expensive though.

      • I saw a battery adaptor for a stanley battery… Recon itd be easy to make one for the aldi ones i own??

    • +2

      You can't buy the cheapest bunnings brand for this price though. This is very cheap.

      • True, but it's just a weird kit. I'm guessing that they're selling it the same way printer manufacturers basically give you the printer for free and then charge you an arm and a leg for the ink.
        Honestly, 2.5 out of the 5 tools are pretty useless with that battery.

  • I have had a combo drill for a numbers of years and its been fine

    • +5

      Probably from back in the days when they still stands for quality.

  • +1

    That's an insane deal. Add them all to cart and it auto-updates with " B&D 18V Offer - $150".


  • Happy with the drill and driver. Drill gets used 99% of the time though.

    Bought mine from the US from a previous ozb deal so needed to buy a power supply.

    The downside is only 1 battery. From mine i know the driver chews through the battery.

    (original deal was drill/driver/battery/charger - I dont own the blower and saws)

  • Anyone managed to get stock? Tried to order says out of stock even for delivery

    • +10

      It's available to order to 2000 for $14.95 shipping. I don't really need it so will wait till tomorrow if there's still stock to allow others that actually need it a chance.

  • +1

    anyone know how long the warranty is?
    also spare batteries are how much? had a look $82….bit of a deal breaker for me as id want 2 or 3 at least (and bigger capacity) for that many tools. also pretty invested in my ryobi one+ setup now

    • +2

      Yeah I tried to get some new batteries after the ones I got from a Masters deal died. Couldn't get anything for under about $70, so just left it and invested more money into my Ryobi's.

    • Warranty would be standard ACCC consumer guarantee. So "reasonable amount of time" For tools priced like this, I'd say 2-3 years is reasonable.

  • +14

    No way is this worth anywhere near $670+ Doesn't come with a grinder, which is probably the 2nd most used battery tool after a drill. And it only Comes with 1 X 2.0ah battery (tiny these days)

    • +15

      which is probably the 2nd most used battery tool after a drill.

      Totally subjective right? My main tool is an impact.

      • For mechanical use? I wouldn't think a crappy impact like this with a 2ah battery would be much use.

  • +2

    Didnt work for me after paypal it says: "Items in your cart are not available."

    Same issue with credit card.

    • SAME

    • Same… Damn

    • +1

      I choose click and collect and working

      Thank you for shopping with Supercheap Auto.

      What happens next
      Click & Collect
      When your order is ready to collect you will receive an email or SMS
      Once ready you can collect your order from the front counter of your nominated Supercheap Auto store
      Home Delivery

  • I've owned a few B&D products over the years and have been pretty happy with them.

    Dad has an old B&D drill that must be at least 25 years old that has been used to drill through all sorts of things and it hasn't missed a beat.

    • +14

      B&D aren't owned by the same people that they were 25 years ago. It's just cheap crap now

      • +5

        Still owned by Stanley as it had been for decades, but their placement of this brand is squarely in the cheap end. Not what it used to be.

        • Yep I have a B&D impact drill that might be 25 years old (was my dads), which easily outlasted one I bought myself. You can feel the difference when you pick them up.

          • @pdtmathieson: Yeah…the old B&D stuff was pretty decent. The current cordless B&D range seems to sit beneath Stanley FatMax (Porter Cable if you're in the US), and the FatMax stuff sits below the DeWalt gear (though the newer FatMax brushless drills/drivers seem pretty decent).

  • +1

    This is a bonkers deal

  • Good deal. Thanks OP. Found one item was unavailable for delivery so doing local pick up at Glendale store which has all items in stock.

    This gear is fine for light household tasks.

  • Can't seem to order :(

  • Ah boo. Allowed me to do the full process but on checkout things are suddenly not in stock. :(

    Was anyone successful?

  • "One or more products in your cart are not available for delivery."

  • +4

    Hmm. I bought two B&D packs a while ago containing many of the tools in this one. From memory they were a $99 Masters clearout via this OzBargain deal when they were closing down. I also already had a couple of drills from a previous COTD deal and luckily everything was compatible so I ended up with four 1.5Ah batteries, two drills and the other tools in each pack! Bought them knowing they were absolute toys… which they were however still reasonable for odd jobs around the home. Ironically I just sold both packs now 2-3 years old for $150ea on Gumtree only a couple of weeks ago :) Definitely not bad BUT definitely only for light work and as someone else has said here already the Ozito Power-X-Change stuff is far better (which is what I now have).

  • +3

    There was this deal without the hammer drill and blower for $100 a couple of years ago on this site, did come with a LED torch though.


    I got it. The tools are all the very low end. I'd recommend Ozito over these by miles. That said it's still a very good deal for the seldom odd jobs around the house.

  • +2

    just called that 1300 and lady said

    they are trying to resolve the issue basically stock management system caused error so they don't know how many they have in stock to sell.

    told me check back at 3PM in Perth time.LOL

    • I'm waiting on call back, person I spoke to was rather slow to work out what's going on
      and I just ordered/got gift cards….

  • Is it actually worth getting? I've got a cordless drill from Black & Deck actually pretty crap…

    • all depends on what do you do with it.

      at the end of the day if you are professional then NO.
      if you are casual DIYer then yes.

      in few years you probably have to replace the battery with NEW one. if you can not find exact same one then there are plenty Youtube videos of how to replace dead these battery.

  • can't get past delivery page now.

  • The question is, can you get the similar set tools from the other brands with better quality and the same/similar price delivered??

    • probably not….but comments suggest these are pretty bad and additional batteries cost a lot i.e. $80+

    • +5

      The Ozito Power-X-Change range from Bunnings is the best value for money range, and many other OzBargainers will agree.

      Available nationwide (and don't need to check stock levels), 5 year warranty, easy swap at the helpdesk. Not to mention a much bigger range.

      The price point at RRP is lower than SCA is quoting, and when you acquire the combos it get better - especially when their 5 piece set at $299 drops to $199 because of Aldi's sales!! I think that buy was the highlight of my bargaining career.

  • +4

    Resist, resist, get a grip on yourself- I don't need it. Urge is strong- resist.

    • yeh its not a deal….maybe if they included 3 or 4 batteries it could be worth a go! :P

    • +4

      Well, crap. Don't need, but I bought it anyway. Ozbargainer style.

      • So you managed to purchase these? even system is down…?

        • Yea got one from Cannon Hill C&C

      • if you need it then its worth a punt…if it dies or isnt fit for purpose sca are pretty good for returns i believe

  • +8

    better off spending the money on a ryobi or ozito kit. i personally own ozito stuff and it might be cheap shit to some people but it does the job well.

    • +1

      yeh theyre better tools than what they were….much longer warranty these days which is reassuring

    • +3

      Yep, I'm doing major restorations/renovations of an old timber workers cottage and have slowly built up a large collection of Ozito Power-X-Change tools after I had a few very expensive big brand 'pro grade' tools catastrophically fail on me in the early days. Wouldn't use the Ozito gear for anything super-precise like cabinet making of course but yeah most of it is extremely good and represents amazing value for money! Some models are a bit crap though, I have to admit… the original 150mm Circular Saw especially. Also, the small chainsaw is 'good' but whoa, the new Brushless chainsaw is mindblowingly good! They're also trickling more & more new models into the range as time goes by and most of them are streets ahead of the old models. The amazing warranty is where its at though, nothing else comes close!

      • I saw the new line trimmer but its way more expensive than the old plastic blade one so its turned me off (despite having the mower)

  • Thanks OP! just placed "Click and Collect" Cannon Hill, QLD branch.

    • me too . The store just called me to chase up if i called them at 11am to place the order…. They've apparently lost the contact details of someone who ordered it.
      Anyways, I suspect the store doesn't have the stock for our orders… the lady said I'll be receiving a phone call from their 2IC later today.

      • Yeah I receive the call too.. :)

      • have you collected yours? I haven't receive the notice to collect yet.

        • nah, not yet. I'm in no rush for it, so I can keep waiting.

          • @mduncan2: they are posting out my order. With substituted items

  • A 5 skin plus 1 battery kit for $150. It's obvious that this is cheaply made and won't last long.

  • +1

    the image of the battery & charger are suspiciously similar to Stanley

    • Yeah…I think they largely share the same battery interface design. If you cut tabs off here or there, and the battery pack from one line may fit the charger from another.

      I imported a Porter Cable skin from the US, and cut a small tab off the battery slot, which allowed me to use my FatMax batteries in it. Porter Cable and FatMax are almost identical though (just different geo-market), whereas the B&D are a different design. I have read accounts of people 'modding' the skins/batteries/chargers from the B&D line to fit the Porter Cable line though…and apparently one of the DeWalt systems is similar too.

  • i grabbed one set. To be picked up from my local Supercheap

  • Pickup order placed thanks OP needed a circular saw.

  • No stock in VIC? Cant choose delivery, and the battery can't be picked up. So it fails?

  • Damn missed out

  • I've had a very similar B+D set to this around the masters deal (didn't have the fast charger or the blower) and it works great. I'm definitely not a professional but they've been great cheap workhorses at a farm and for doing renovations. Would recommend but it seems that your mileage may vary.

  • Adds to cart, some items unavailable… For 15 stores around Sydney. Bah.

  • Update: Seems like there is stock all over the place and each store having problems issuing a complete order. So just got a call from SCA Lakemba Sydney and they asked if I want a refund but I pushed a bit and they offered split delivery on all the items to my home.

    • Tried placing an order and was planning to call afterwards but not allowing me to finish the order. How did you manage to place the order?

    • When I tried to order half an hour ago, Lakemba was the only Syd metro store showing stock.
      Just looked again now and it says "Not stocked". I suspect you aren't the only one calling them!

  • One or more products in your cart are not available for delivery.

    • Same. Try to remove one item but price goes back up to $550~

  • Grabbed - building my toolshed before moving out. Score!

  • +2

    This may not be as good of a deal as it might seem.

    The biggest gotcha is the single battery it comes with. If these tools happen to actually last, the battery likely won't. $80 for an additional 2Ah battery is very expensive and with a brand/range like this you have no idea whether it'll be available in 2-3 years time.

    Reminds me of a set of 909 brand power tools I got from masters. Was a similar price per tool but came with 11 tools and 2 batteries for $299.

    They were all toys that barely did the job that they were supposed to but were cheap for 20V tools.
    One of the batteries died after a couple years and the other was on its way out. It cost $60 to replace the 1.5ah battery…

    I got rid of the lot and got a collection of ozito tools instead.

    The Bunnings warranty and commitment to the brand is worth the extra money.

    • you have no idea whether it'll be available in 2-3 years time.

      Three years use for five power tools that cost a total of $150 is pretty damn good in my opinion.

  • Anyone know of the cheapest way to buy additional batteries for this? I have an older, similar kit and both batteries are gone, but the tools are still working. Thanks

    • Just change the cells. Battery world do it, not super cheap, but you'll get better amp hours.

      If you don't mind basic soldering, and maybe some plastic welding, do it yourself. Buy genuine Panasonic cells from a reputable seller, sorted.

      • +1

        Right, might give this a crack - generally averse to electrical work but on some worthless tools and not connected to mains it's only my body that I can damage. YouTube the best place to go for intructionals?

        • If you don't know what you're doing don't do it.

          Lithium ion cells are highly volatile. If you short a cell it could explode.

          Unlikely you'll get electrocuted by these, but good chance at getting burnt

  • Thanks op managed to pick up from keysborough store.

    • really? i couldn't find it and ended up going to carrum downs

  • +1

    You'd be better off buying the same range from Ozito for a smidge more..
    These look like toys compared to B&D of the old days..

    You'd also have access to expand your range and cheaper batteries with the Ozito range

    The heavily inflated "Worth $671.89" is making it seem like a deal.. but it's not really that great of a deal..

    The saw only has a 5 1/2 inch blade… that's basically useless
    None of it is brushless..
    The blower would run for maybe 5 minutes on the 2ah battery

  • This won't last a day in my place. Some dude already broke my vacuum trying to vacuum on concrete.

  • +1

    Junk tools don't get it

  • what's the manufactures' warranty period?

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