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[QLD] 5kw Mitsubishi HI Split System Air Conditioner $1099 (+$200 PeakSmart + $50 Cashback) @ The Electric Discounter (Brisbane)


Brisbane - $1099 at Electrical Discounters then get Bunnings to price match beat by 10% brings it down to $989 - less $50 cash back from Mitsubishi and then because this is over 4kw you can apply for the $200 Qld govt peak smart rebate - brings it down to $749 add $600 for installation = $1,349 for a kw air conditioner

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  • Which one is better Mitsubishi Electric or Mitsubishi Heavy Industry? I'm so torn.

    • Both appear to be good brands, go for price/warranty/aesthetics over which is the better name.

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      MHI.. #1

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      MHI no question.

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      MHI (mostly business and industrial products) is better than ME (mostly consumer products).

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        In my research it was the other way around. I'm so confused.

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          Heavy is a diff company. They more aim at no frills does what its ment to units without special features.

          Me are your consumer focused bells and whistles sorta job. Both work well, both do a good job.

          Buy what ever one suits you best.

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          Yeah 'Electric' makes heaps of heavy industrial stuff too, very confusing.

          e.g. http://www.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/products/index.html

        • Name checks out lol

    • MHI

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      Source: got 2 MHI and 1 ME at home

    • Always ME ME ME!

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        Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, all day, every day (and twice on Sunday's)

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      Personally MHI, worth reading through the specs in-depth though. I found MHI is usually better on paper, though it does depend on the model.

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    Have been told MHI from multiple fridgy’s. Great price for a unit this size and good quality. Picked up the 3.5 this morning for $719.10 at Bunnings by getting them to price match.

  • Whats the ozbargain way to get a non-standard install (not directly on the opposite side of the wall) done? Also it is not urgently needed. Before next summer would be ideal. (South Brisbane)

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      a cordless drill and a lot of duct tape

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      get multiple quotes from airtasker

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      You should be aware that if you do a non-standard install, which means not back-to-back, you need to decide how to run the pipework. You can run it through the interior walls and box it off, or put conduit around it. Or you can run the pipework into the ceiling. If you run the pipework into the ceiling, you need to have a condensate pump, which will run you hundreds of dollars more, and from what I've read, has higher chances of failure than the AC unit. If you're on a high set house, you could potentially run the pipework down the wall through the floor as well.

      • I have 2 units with the pipework run through the ceiling and the condensate draining down through the floor (garage/drainage below). Just a 2.5 KW system cost me ~$1700 installed (using EXISTING pipework from a previous unit through the ceiling) and that was the best of three quotes. All refused to quote on installing a unit they didn't supply as well.

        Maybe just phone every installer you can and ask for a quote.

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      I got a guy to install in Brisbane are from gumtree for $400

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        Hi. Which are of brissy?
        Mind sharing contact details?

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          I would like to know as well.

          • @ABA: Can’t find his gumtree add anymore, but found his number (in my text messages) and this is a website that comes up from a google search of that number


            Also search ‘air conditioner’ under ‘services’ in gum tree to find other $400 options

    • YouTube have plenty of vids on how to diy ac.

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      Wait until winter before calling for quotes if you don't need it until next summer. They'll either not get back to you or give you high quotes at the moment given its busy season for them.

      • I was thinking the same thing. I'll probably go this route. Do you think aircon deals like this will be around then too?

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    Any 2.5kw recommendations?

    • 2.0kW MHI SRK20ZSXA-W (7 star)
      2.5kW MHI SRK25ZSXA-W (6 star)
      2.5kW 5 star machine are everywhere.

      These two MHI More efficient than all the others according to Choice magazine, these both rate >90%. Just be careful not to buy similar but different models, eg SRK20ZSA-W, SRK25ZSA-W, or a different but similar brand, MEC (Mitsushithi Electric Company), etc.

      That said, LG have some new high efficiency ones too (6 star), and they come with Wifi, as do some cheap Rinnai ones which are not so efficient.

      If you don't want WiFi, don't get it. They all come with a remote control now. And even then, think twice- a lot of those modules are fundamentally insecure, don't sleep or turn off and can create radio interference in your home 24x7.

    • Not sure where you're located but you can get for a choice recommended 6 star AC for $800 here https://bestpricehvac.com.au/shop/reverse-cycle-systems/lg-w...

      Pretty much all the feature you want and standard 5 year warranty with 10 on the compressor.


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  • Which ones can be just plugged into 240V powerpoint?

    • You'd be looking for 'portable' units with an exhaust hose out the window, or window-mount units.

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    Good luck getting an install happening this time of year. Most installers flat-out refuse to offer a quote unless you're purchasing a massively overpriced unit as part of the transaction.

    • Not true, got next day install via hi pages for reasonable price. 650 ex GST on brackets 2.5 kw.

    • Got a guy out 2 days later installed for $450.

      Plenty of local guys around.

  • Is there a similar rebate in WA?

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    Claim peaksmart and then disable it by disconnecting the RJ45 plug in the aircon unit.
    Technically energex have the right to check it is working and I will assume they will just plug it back in.
    Ive had my aircon unplugged for a few years now after being annoyed at my limited aircon output during a heat wave.
    Never had energex contact me to check for "faults"

    From energex website:
    "Demand Response Modes
    There are a number of performance responses for signalling appliances. There are 3 Demand Response Modes (DRM) for air-conditioners, depending on how extreme the need for demand management becomes.

    DRM1: Compressor off
    DRM2: capped to operate at 50%
    DRM3: capped to operate at 75%"

    In 2018 there was 5 continuous days of systems being capped at 50% output.

  • Thanks heaps OP. Was waiting on a good deal on AC's for some time. Bought 2 × 1.7kw and 2 x 2.5kw total only $2,600 with delivery. Great price.

  • Is 5kw overkill for a 4x4m small bedroom? After rebates and cashbacks there is only small price difference between 5kw and 3.5kw one?

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      Definitely overkill. My bedroom is bigger than that and a 2.5KW easily cools it.

      You'd be wasting money upfront and on electricity having a motor that size.

      • Any good priced quality 2.5kw around?

          • @nocure: Same price for 2.5 and 3.5kw. No brainer to get bigger one I assume?

            • @bathuu: bigger isn't necessarily better though. it uses more power and is louder too.

              • @keejoonc: Don't know if it's still true but I was also told many years ago that it'd also be forced to do a lot more cycling on and off as it'd very quickly get to temperature. The constant cycling was bad for the motor. Don't know if that is still the case with inverters tech and such now.

  • Darn it! I just bought a Fujitsu ASTG18KUCA, this unit has inbuilt WiFi and is comparable in size. I would have bought this in a heart beat. Similar price I paid though using various means….

    Buy it!

  • This one does not have an inverter drive does it? Wondering what is the difference in running cost versus the inverter one.

  • Anything in Sydney around the same price point? Bunnings Ashfield refused to price match.

    • Why did they refuse?

  • went to price match the 2.5kw unit after checking price of 768 at Bunnings. When I asked for price match the guy checked the price on his handheld thing and the price was 714! Even now the website is showing 768 when you go into the product detail page. What a bloody waste of time and fuel that was.

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      So you're complaing that Bunnings have reduced their price in store (but not yet updated their website) to be cheaper than their competitors??

      I guess you can't keep everyone happy.

      • and what's wrong with that? am i supposed to find out the price of a product by physically turning up at the store? what's the point of the website if I can't even trust the price advertised on their website and it even says below the price "price accurate as at" a specific time. I guess some people just lack common sense.

        • Yes the website should have reflected the price but Geeze… just be grateful the price was lower then what you expected.

          • @kuri2k: You mean higher. He can't get the price match discount

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    MHI's are da bomb! We worked our old MHI bedroom air con like a dog in the Qld heat for 21 yrs and it never failed us. It had a few broken plastic bits due to age that were held together with duct tape and a peg but it refused to die and was still blowing ice cold air the day we took it out of the wall to put in the new MHI. Different story for the ME in the living room though. It had problems from the start and needed two expensive parts replaced before it decided to die after 9 years. Of course I replaced it with an MHI that's run like a dream machine for 4 years now. Go with MHI, you won't be disappointed!

  • Mitsubishi or Daikin, could someone tell me which brand is better?

    • mhi is the best. (not standard Mitsubishi like this one)

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        This one is a MHI

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          sorry, i dont know how i missed the HI standing for heavy industry… im just having one of those days… this is like the third just stupid mistake I've made… so again sorry, yes, this!

  • Is the peaksmart available for areas like gold coast and for anything under 4kw?

    Peaksmart site is rubbish and can't find any decent info

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