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Huawei P20 Pro $809.44, Huawei Mate 20 Pro $1120.64 Delivered @ Amazon AU

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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          After they process your order, you can download in your account/orders

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    Anyone know how to get a proper tax invoice from Amazon for TRS claim? I haven't seen any emails with proper tax invoice…. Its just order fulfilment and confirmation

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      Go to your orders, find the right one, click on invoice, picknick "tax invoice"

      • Thanks mate

        Somestimes it doesn't show invoice it says contact seller

        • this will happen for products not sold by amazon

          • @nubix: So it's up to the third party to send you or not…. Hmm that's new to me. From eBay they have to give you invoice

            • @neonlight: Most vendors are pretty good about it, even the chinese vendors. Only problem I've had is with Theragun who claim they are yet to register for GST in Australia so pointed me to the order summary

  • Really good deal!

  • I wish they have the Mate 20x model.

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      I bought mine from wondamobile. Fantastic service. Bought it with the flip case, M pen, and a 256gb nm card for $1400 delivered. Arrived within 5 days.

      • How are you liking the phone?

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          Loving it. Screen size is great. It's not 4k but that isn't a problem.

          I didn't like the built-in mail client so switched to Nine. I removed hisearch and hiboard which were both fairly annoying.

          It doesn't have band 28 which worried me (the mate 20 pro does. Strange choice - headphone jack or band 28?). However in suburban Hobart I'm getting real world speeds of 200mbps down, 100mbps up. Further out (as in the barely populated areas near Bothwell and Miena I'm getting closer to 2mbps.

          The cameras are amazing. I owned a note 8 before this, and a Lumia 1020 a while ago, so I'm used to good cameras - but this is truly spectacular.

          The size is big. It fits in a pocket but can be a little awkward. Still could be bigger https://www.overclockers.com.au/image.php?pic=images/newspic...

          The phone is fast and responsive. Switching between apps is essentially lag free. Gaming is fast and I've played a few console conversions (bully, GTA SA, etc) with the detail sliders set to maximum. The phone barely even gets hot.

          So yeah I'm really glad i made the jump from my note 8.

          Downside? No VR via Google Daydream. But while gaming in VR on the go was fun, it wasn't something i did often enough to worry about.

          Oh and for others making the jump from a note 8 or 9, there is an M Pen which works like the S pen - but it doesn't conveniently slot into the phone like the S pen does.

          Happy to answer any questions.

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            @mingofmongo: Thanks for your input.
            Screen resolution is not a big deal for me, I'd rather have better battery life than high res. I've used 2k screen phone and now back to 1080p, didn't miss it at all.

            Band 28 is also not an issue as I'm in sydney area, although it'd be nice to have. I'd take the headphone jack any day over band 28 currently.

            I really wanted this phone mostly for the screen size & the camera.
            Currently using original Xiaomi Mi Mix, and the camera is crap house.

            Yeah, I wish they design to fit the M Pen into the body, but I see that the M Pen is slightly bigger/ thicker and looks like its more comfortable to use. I find the S Pen to be too thin to be held comfortably.

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    Huawei products are great. I love having a hotline to the Chinese Communist Party.

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      Yeah, if you're Trump, 24/7/366, if you're Scomo, close monitor
      But if you're no body like me, no one's gonna drop an eye for a split second

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      Yep, great 'spy-phone'! I had to throw my last Chinese phone out because of the irremovable super-annoying adware that activated 12 months after I bought it. Never again!

      • What if after 6 months, it is confirmed that Huawei bugged all their products. Then how much do you think these phones worth?

    • I usually hate the argument "If You haVe NoTHIng tO HiDe THEn WhY do yOU Care!?"

      But in this case… What do you think the communist party of China wants from you?

      • Your soul.

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        It's not that I have anything to hide from the Chinese gov't, it's just that there's nothing of my personal life that I particularly want to share with it. (… see the great movie 'ANON'.)

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    Got it for $977 (10% gift card $1000 (100), 5% off gift card 239 (12), pricebeat $150, eBay coupon $310.

    • hi mate - could you shed some light on how to get it for $977?

      Where do you get the 10% and 5% gift card?


  • Anyone tried price beat anywhere?

    • Yes with Domayne on chat, they would only match the black. Happy as I claimed the amex cashback too.

  • wow this dropped quickly

  • Does it come with local Australian charger?

  • What does "supports funny cosplay" in the amazon description mean?

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    Just got it price matched with domayne on chat. Free shipping with shipster. Used my amex -$150 for amex cashback and going to claim trs -$80. Total I think ~ $580 😁

    • Don't forget cashrewards!

      • Will that work with a price match over chat though?

        Is Domayne even on Cashrewards?

    • How does TRS work? Can you just go the airport without a flight ticket and claim it back? Or do you actually have to have a ticket?

      • Trs as the name suggest. Is tourist refund scheme. It was extended to locals travelling overseas.

        The trs booth is just past the customs area in the international terminal. So no. You cannot claim trs if you are not going overseas within 60 days of buying $300 or more for an item.

        Some light reading for more info


        • Doh!

      • dont think so

        it says "goods purchased over the Internet and imported into Australia"

    • They rejected me lol
      Unfortunately I do apologise we do not offer price match with this item as the Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value. - Chantelle

      • Try again. Aldrin just matched $759 for me but if I didn't have shipster I'd have to pay shipping.
        Good thing for me I have shipster.

        • I couldn’t find mate 20 pro on domaybe website, anyone had any luck finding a local retailer to price match?

          • @okp: No they only do the p20 Pro at domayne

          • @okp: I got it price matched at JB HI Fi using the Amazon price

            • @ABZ300: Proof of purchase?? I need help to price match with JB please if you can you take a picture and link it here for me or message

    • Legend.

      Forgot about this random offer I had saved to my amex, not knowing what domayne sold.

      Snapped up this price match deal.


  • Anyone know how a tax invoice would go with Amazon to get tax back at TRS at the airport?

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      So long as the receipt has an ABN can't see why they won't accept it.

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    The p20 pro looks great but so annoyed it doesnt have an sd slot. Really feel thats an important feature for backup etc.

  • Hi awesome post ty, was just wondering if the twilight model in the Huawei mate 20 pro in 128gb and 24l56gb will be on sale also at some stage? Ty Aidan

  • Wish eBay had this. Dying to use my eBay gift card that I got frim the PayPal deal

  • For me the cons are the notch, the absence of a headphone jack, and no memory expansion options via SD card. I believe it has Aptx Bluetooth support so it will give you good quality sound if you have newer non-Apple Bluetooth headphones. Huawei phones are for people whose main priority in life is taking selfies (which seems to be 75% of the population under 40 years of age).

    • the notch

      Getting harder to find phones without this. Would you rather no notch and lose screen estate?

      the absence of a headphone jack

      Likewise - but I agree with this as being a drawback

      no memory expansion options via SD card

      Likewise - but I've found this to be significantly less of a drawback after using Google Photos and unlimited storage of photos.

    • I only use the notch sides for notifications battery life etc.. but when watching video/gaming - i play within unnotched space. I find this works quite well. Unless you want a pop-up camera, its either notch or bar.

  • Is it just me or the p20 Pro is cheaper now? $759 not $809

  • Thanks op. Bought one

  • I want price drop on Mate 20 X. Please.

  • Shame on no Twilight Mate 20 Pro, but grabbed one anyway - will return if I don't like the colour.

  • Mine has the new revised BOE screen to fix the well known green screen issue but after 1 day…


  • Hi guys! I just got my huawei mate20 pro yesterday, I am not sure if this one wasn't used before or at least unpacked before as the phone was packed in loose foil, not in sticker foil as it is should be and as it is shown in the unboxing movies. My partner ordered p20 pro and it was packed in sticker foil. I also noticed a very little scratch at the back of phone. :( (photos: https://imgur.com/a/UYJfrNo)
    Could you advise me, please? I have already called to huawei and checked IMEI number but I am still not sure, has anyone ever had the same experience? HELP PLEASE

    • Mine came from Allphones and it was the same foil… BOE version screen.

      But I have the issue in the comment above and as seen here:
      Decided to go with a refund. Common issue. No more green screen issue with this batch but this green line issue has occurred for other users.


      My screen had a micro scratch too which I have a feeling the QA factory missed… It is from China after all…

  • Is the $1120 price still available? Best I can see is $1248???

  • Meh, I'm returning mine - wanted to see if it was a good 'upgrade' from the Mate 20, but honestly I like the Mate 20 more.

  • +1

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro $1120.64 is back in stock

  • the price has increased again. any idea Jbhifi will match the $1120.64 if you show them the Amazon price?

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