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Huawei P20 Pro $759.84 Delivered @ Amazon AU


down down down again! cheapest available! don't forget cashback!! Enjoy!


This deal was initially for Black only, but they just dropped the price for Twilight too!

Huawei P20 Pro Twilight

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Mate 20 Pro discounted then wer'e talking.

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      Mate 20 pro is currently discounted. $1120.64

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    Shiela 20 Pro is where it’s at.

  • Yeah, I need phone with wide angle lens only.

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    Wait so I don't have to make a new account, sign-up for a service I already pay for on another account and wait 48 hours for a code to get a discount? Pass.

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      Brilliantly said

    • And you have to put up with 5% cashrewards ugghhhh

    • man ebay plus was such a disappointment. But I know as soon as my membership expires and they notice they have dropped a huge amount of subscribers, they're going to put a massive sale for current ebay plus members and I'm going to sign up again because $299 bose headphones and I'm addicted to deals.

      • Where are the $299 bose headphones? Can't seem to find it

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    I like this competion they are actually competing

    Where is twilight heh

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        Not sure what the neg was about. It was only after I said something about bring up the Twilight colour one, THEN Amazon decided to make Twilight the same discounted price.

        For sure someone from Amazon is monitoring this thread.

        My post came BEFORE Twilight got the same discount.

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          For pointing this out you deserve all the internet points.

  • Good price

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    Price match at officeworks?

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    Domayne just refused to price match, with the excuse "Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value".

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      I had the excuse "Out of stock". Ah well … looks like my Amex chashback deal will not get used.

    • same, they rejected me lol
      Unfortunately I do apologise we do not offer price match with this item as the Products with pricing set significantly lower than the recommended retail price or market value. - Chantelle

      • +1

        Market value, ha,the value is only what people will pay…
        phones go down in price. RRP means nothing really.
        Very poor they wont match.

  • is it dual sim for this one?

  • can anyone confirm if any other places do price match with amazonau ?

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      • sorry, shoudve meant any physical stores

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        But only by 5% - which you can get by getting this with Cashrewards.

        • +1

          Or Shopback with 6%

        • Difference in price and 5% of total price.

        • You forgot time and cost to travel and also time to speak to the salesperson who might not price match giving you all sorts of reasons. YMMV so just get it here sooner than later

      • Still, this is very good to know for other retailers.

  • Ok how do I cancel my order yesterday? >.<

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      Chat with support! Ask for price difference refund

      • +13

        Just had a chat with support. They cancelled my order and did not offer price difference refund. So I just cancelled and re-ordered today.

  • is this Aussie stock? doesn't say on the page

    • +1

      Ships from and sold by Amazon AU yes

      • confirming order thanks!

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    Lately my s8+ has been acting up. Laggy software and mediocre battery life are mainly the biggest issues I have with it. Worth changing to the p20 pro? What are everyone's thoughts?

    • my S6 edge been doing the same thing :(

    • +1

      I am in the same boot, thinking between p20 pro and mate 20 pro…..

      • +1

        How would you justify paying 47% more for the Mate?

        • +1

          For me it might be the wide angle lens… I always find myself wanting to go wider, especially while travelling. However it's a big price difference when everything else is about the same.

          • +1

            @Get: I'm in the same boat. The wide a angle lens is great. I use it for work all the time also. But yeah, the price difference!

      • Hmmmm

        $609 vs $1060 after cashrewards.

        I went the p20 Pro with domayne amex cashback and price match and shipster free shipping.

        • How did you get to $609? That's $150 below the discounted price!

          Can you outline the process @edrift ?

          • +2

            @dubo1981: Amex domayne promo

            But I just tried price matching and was denied

          • +1

            @dubo1981: I had saved the domayne amex promotion cashback previously so I got domayne to price match this morning and I paid with my amex.

            • @edrift: Which Domayne did you get it from?

              • +1

                @ballistykx: Online chat

                • @edrift: Did u get any update about the delivery other than the confirmation e-mail.
                  Last time i talk with CS they said they have to assign it to a store and they will deliver it. No ETA yet.
                  Last time when i checked they didn't had any stock in NSW/ACT.
                  I regret ordering through Domayne.

                  • @Abure Bauer: No only the order confirmation.
                    I'd imagine they might take a few days to sort out stock?
                    I will chase them up tomorrow.

                    EDIT -

                    Just spoke with the online chat tonight and they said Harvey Norman is trying to source more stock from the manufacturer as they have run out of stock.

                    sounds like the Bing Lee Gear S3 watch saga all over again…

                    • @edrift: My order got cancelled

                      Please be advised that this is a refund confirmation for your online order. The refund amount may take up to 2-3 working days before it appears on your financial statement.

                      If you have any questions about your order please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +61 2 9763 6892.

                      We would like to thank you for your business and

                      • @Abure Bauer: Damn that sucks!
                        I hope you get to keep the amex cashback!

                      • @Abure Bauer: Spoke to online chat and they said mine was being fulfilled by the Fyshwick store.

                        Called Fyshwick store and they said they have no stock Australia wide and Huawei has no stock either with no ETA on when stock would arrive.

                        Thinking to cancel the order and ordering from Amazon instead, hopefully keeping the $150 cashback from amex

    • +1

      backup all the things that you need and factory reset it. should do the trick

      • +1

        Thanks for the reply. I have factory reset and software is much less laggy but I feel the same sort of deterioration that it initially went through. The reset was a couple of months ago, and while everything was snappy, I am starting to see lag again. For example android pay can be a hit or miss. Sometimes it can open right away or sometimes I can stand there looking like an idiot…

        Hard for me to go back to Samsung after this. Amazing hardware plagued with subpar software.

        • -1

          i saw the same issues with my phone as well, but I took a look at my task manager and saw that there were a lot of apps running the the background. I stopped most of the ones that I didn't need and my phone felt snappy again.

          Android doesn't trim the background processes for you, so most of the time it's up to the user to do it himself.

          As for battery its kind of a hit or miss. There might be an issue with it, then again there might not.

        • I'm running an S8+ too and have been since release date and don't have any of these issues, so I wouldn't go ahead and say it's just a samsung software issue. It could be a combination of whatever apps you are using who knows.

          I'm far from a Samsung fan, the last one I had before this was the S3 but I have to say since the S8 they've been doing well IMO.

        • Samsung pay had not worked for me really. Google pay works without a glitch.

        • -1

          Just install a custom rom and you'll be fine, have had it on mine and still update it whenever better features are added and have no issues. Note 8 btw but software wise no different to S8. All these phones with the "notch" and 4-5 camera design will be a fad in about 6-12 months time. Not long till Samsung release the foldable phone, and the rest will follow along

    • It will just be app issues, if that's really your only issue and you aren't just trying to "justify" to yourself a reason to upgrade you could just do a factory reset, which will be less effort than buying a new phone and setting up from scratch.

      • Hi mate, please see my response above.

    • I got the P20 Pro a month ago and it is amazing! No real complaints apart from their skin over android. (EMUI)
      It doesn't look amazing but it's easily combated with nova launcher.
      Legit the dream phone for me.

    • Happens with every Android phone after a couple of years

    • +1

      I switched to the p20 Pro from an s8 after having issues too (in my case it was an erroneous 'moisture in USB port' issue). I've been pretty happy with it. Great battery life, software is fine (a bit of bloatware but easy to ignore). Camera is very good if a little overzealous with using special filter modes. I got it for 1100 (work paid), this price is steal.

      • +1

        100% agree. I've turned off the master a.i function in the camera settings and I think it has improved the pictures (to my taste)

        An interesting thing to do is turn on night mode and take a picture of a landscape during the daytime.. Oddly enough it looks amazing.

    • p20 pro is a fantastic phone. I have the mate 10 and bought the p20 pro as a gift for my girlfriend over Christmas and can highly recommend it. It's a big upgrade over the Mate 10. Battery life is fantastic (I was tossing up between wireless charging or a bigger battery, bigger battery wins hands down.) The camera is incredible on it. The only flaw is it does seem to oversaturate photos when it uses the AI so we've switched that feature off, and many others would see the saturation as a positive I'm sure.

      I paid 1k for it and have no regrets so at this price it seems like a steal to me. If I've missed anything just shoot me a comment.

      • +1

        bought the p20 pro as a gift for my girlfriend

        LOL what?!

        • Haha yeah, may have been a little ambitious still feeling that in the bank account =D

    • Would you buy a new car if your 2yr old car was acting up? Or would you inquire about the $50-$100 (or free) fix?

      • Did you really just compare a phone to a car? :/

        FYI. If a brand new car was giving my grief after months of ownership, I'd be looking to get my money back. Failing to do so, I would sell it.

  • +2

    Good price. Still too expensive.

    • 200+ votes, I would call it cheap :)

    • I agree, last gen cpu, wouldn't pay more than 600.

  • Anyone know what Huawei are like with android updates? Are they comparable to Samsung so say 2 major version updates and monthly security updates for 3 years?

    • Who knows at this rate. Luckily it's a popular phone so you will have access to custom roms

      • I'm well over the constant flashing of ROMs etc, haven't had to do that for years. I guess I'll stay away till they improve their track record. Samsung may be a little slow but at least you know they are coming.

        • -1

          I manage to kill my phones in under a couple of years anyway so it's never bothered me

      • Huawei no longer gives out bootloader unlock code. You'd have to use a third party service and that cost a fortune.

        • … and that cost a fortune.

          It doesn't cost as much as the device itself I hope.

  • Any advise will it be better than note8??

  • +1

    bought it thank you

  • +1

    Are Amazon purchases eligible for TRS?

    • +1

      Can’t say for everything but a definite yes for this one as it’s being sold by Amazon AU. You will have a tax invoice with an ABN on it.

    • What's the go with TRS? I looked it up yesterday, and it appears it's not meant for things you're bringing back with you, and they can fine you if you try and they find out. Do they just not check often?

      • +2

        You have an allowance.

        • Oh, ok - I'll go over the details on the website again, it was late last night and I must have missed that. Thanks!

  • +1

    Bought, thanks OP. Great price, ~$715 after cashback

    • Hi mate, how can you pay only $715?

      • +1

        Cashrewards or shopback.

      • +1

        Yep, used Shopback for 6% cashback on Amazon

  • I went to pool, and I forgot my Galaxy S7 in my pocket. Just 20min later, I realised I had a phone in my pocket. My S7 is almost gone.(No WiFi, No Bluetooth, No NFC, No front camera) It is still under warranty, but I don't know Samsung will cover water damaged phone.

    I am looking for new phone, but this one has only 128gb internal storage and no external SD card support. Nova 3i seems good with reasonable price, but it has only 4GB RAM and no NFC. I prefer Nova 3i due to external SD Support.

    • +1

      Don't think you will win with that under warranty.

    • my htc 10 died very recently. i bought a pocophone. headphone jack, sd card support, no nfc. very snappy and surprisingly good camera. would highly recommend it if you can get one fairly quickly

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