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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Case with Cooling Fan (Fits a 3.5-Inch LCD Screen) Free + Shipping US $2.99 (AU $4.48) @ Zapals


NOTE:This is ONLY THE CASE for the Raspberry Pi 3/3B+
Does not include the Raspberry Pi or screen itself

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ 3.5-inch LCD ABS Case with Cooling Fan

Just saw this on Zapals
Thought it was a really nice unit for those who already have a Raspberry Pi 3/3B+ and screen
While yes it will take a few weeks to get here it is still a decent price and doesn't look horrible. Also I have never had any issues with Zapals
Comes in Black or Grey color
Can still be used with just the cooling fan if you dont have the screen

From the webpage;

This is new designed ABS case, suitable for Raspberry Pi 3B+ , Raspberry Pi 3 and 3.5 inch screen. When you just want to use the Raspberry Pi, there is GPIO hole, cooling fan hole, camera hole, CSI hole on the top piece, it won't effect you use most full function of Raspberry Pi with the case. When you want to use Raspberry Pi with 3.5 inch screen, you need remove the top piece, please note.

Brand new design for Raspberry Pi, you can also use 3.5 inch screen and Raspberry Pi together with the case.

The case is not completely closed, there are function holes on the top, such as GPIO, camera, cooling fan.

There are many gaps at the bottom of the case, it helps to reduce the blocking the WiFi signal and better heat dissipation. You can hang the case on the wall with the gaps.

On the side of the case, you can clearly see the indicator light and you can easily insert the SD Card.

Made of premium ABS, it is well protective, solid and durable.

Kindly Notes: Raspberry Pi Board and 3.5inch LCD is not included.

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  • +6

    …yeh maybe if it actually arrives after youve waited 12+ weeks for it

    • +4

      Maybe if it actually arrives at all, full stop.

      • Seriously, I bought a screwdriver set months ago that never came. What do?

        • …paid with paypal? if so item not received and claim a refund

          • +2

            @franco cozzo: Same - Bought 2 x sets Xiaomi Pens (OZB Deal) first week in October (Xmas gifts for workmates)

            Never arrived.

            Had to lodge multiple support messages and finally received a refund last week.

  • I should really encase my Raspberry Pi 3 that I nabbed in this promo https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/237815

    Any recommendations from the wisdom of ozbargain?

    • +1

      retroflag nespi case if you're not on budget

    • There's a huge variety of cases on ebay at various prices.

      Personally I went with the cheapest which is around $2 as I keep it out of sight and just want protect it from accidental damage.

    • some cases make it hard to get to the memory card without tweezers, stick with the "official" case, they are cheap, well designed, and easy to get to the memory card of need to.

  • I have this case, probably use it if i need to take it somewhere but might want to go caseless with the pi especially in the aus summer
    nice case though, fits perfectly and has rubber feet with good grip which raises the case a few mm

  • +4

    Anyone received their Sponges from the deal few months ago?

    • +5


      I never got it, and the original thread was closed with OP banned!

      Raised a ticket 2 weeks ago to Zapals support to request a refund but they didn't bother to reply at all! Then I went to Paypal for dispute and then like magic my ticket got responded and they agree to refund me.

      Just received the refund today.

      Don't waste your time & money. Not worth it.

    • +1

      Pretty much same as above. Never saw the sponges, then a week ago raised a PayPal dispute.

    • ….still waiting on me sponges!
      also waiting on usb lights, hook & loop straps & even more usb lights!!
      grrr at zapals… :|

      • I'm still waiting for the USB-C cables from November last year

      • These ones? Mine didn't arrive either.

        10pcs Self Adhesive Reusable Hook and Loop Cable Tie Wrap with Plastic Buckle - Random Color

        • yeh. i got the first round earlier on (theyre pretty damn handy actually) so i bought another round same time as you id guess

    • No. Still waiting & was just thinking about them when I saw this.

  • I would like a case for my raspberry pi.

    • buy it then

      • +1

        I think his hinting for you to buy it for him… ;)

  • OP: deal with screen, please

    • not sure what you mean

      • +1

        They want you to deal with their screen.

        But really,they want a good deal on raspberry pi screen so that they can ban buy it.

  • +1

    Just want to point out that although the case is nice, the cooling is really just a gimmick. I was running my raspi on full CPU usage for hours and it never got too-hot to touch

    • +1

      True the fan is likely not needed for many cases and it would really come down to your individual use case - I personally plan on running slight overclocking where cooling is likely needed. I dont yet know if just a simple fan will be enough but for me i was more after the case for easier mounting.

      I have also read that people have reported that its the Wifi module or the USB/Network module that can get pretty hot rather than their CPU.

      • have two that need fans (QLD). One is a NAS with PLex, the other Docker with about 10 containers. They vary between 40 and 60 deg, no fan.

  • +2

    Thought this was an actual Pi and was excited, been hoping for a good bargain on one.

  • +2

    I have a fan around this size. It sounds like a dentist drill running off ATX power.

    • +1

      Dentist drills can run off ATX power? Good to know…

  • i need one for the original model B 2012 model. Cant find them anymore.

  • +1

    I'm still waiting on my usb cables I order from zapals 2 months ago! They aren't responding to any of my ticket.

    Seems like it's a bit of luck if you actually get what you pay for. Based on the amount of people who never receive anything I think zapals should be banned from ozbargain.

    • …4 out of 5 missing in action here….pretty poor performance i reckon. theyve lost me that for sure

    • +2

      Lodge a PayPal claim - they do nothing when you raise a ticket through their site.

      • yeh so ive read & not surpriesd…terrible customer service on some of these cheap (i.e. asian) sites

  • +2

    There are enough comments in this thread about non-delivery to suggest that there are major issues with this retailer. I've also experienced the same problems.

    I'll kick off with the first negative vote seeing as everyone seems to be gun shy about using them for valid reasons.

    • +1

      The hero we need.

    • 2 out 4 not received for me. I lodge paypal claim and they counter with some bogus tracking number, but in the end Paypal sided with me and gave me refunds. Zapals never again.

  • +3

    I was gonna buy one. Now reading the comments I will pass. Thanks!

  • we haven't seem any pi 3 or 3+ deals for a while ???

  • +1

    no deal zapals are running at 1 out of 5 items get delivered for me.

    • +1

      same as me 1out of 5 here too
      …let me guess first order fulfilled all subsequent ones non delivered?

      • +1

        yeah wow it all makes sense now

        • …isnt that shitty though…?? why are we still allowing zapals deals to be posted…? were all just getting sucked into a scam basically.

          • +1

            @franco cozzo: honestly i hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it.

            and now looking through other comments on this thread there appears to be a common theme here

  • +1

    Going to have to neg to, I order the pi equipment including the case back on Dec 12 and there has been no shipped. Order has been in processing status since then and 4 attempts to contact them have had no response. Don't bother ordering and I recommend Zapals be banned from oz.

  • I am surprised so many people have had issues with zapals
    I have ordered at least 10 separate order items from them and received them all
    I guess im just lucky

  • +2

    Time to ban zapals. No delivery once again after 4 months.

  • +1

    Be careful when purchasing low value products from Zapals. They will frequently take your money and never ship your products. It is impossible to get a hold of them via their customer service channels.

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/aw/d/B079BJZYV8 the screen is on sale for $19.99 here (free prime delivery)

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