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Star Wars Flash USB Drive 32GB Darth Vader/Stormtrooper/R2D2 $5 @ Target


Was $25, free C&C over $20 free delivery over $80.

Updated: Seems like sold out online, limited stock instore only.

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Target Australia

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    Extreme attention to details, colours and shapes in order to make your figures just as your favourite characters.

    Umm, no… Darth Vader does NOT look like he's eaten all the pies

    • +1

      LOL. darth vader look like his let himself go.

      Must have gotten depressed and have been binge eating after the destruction of the death star.

      • +1

        He is known to have a penchant for Penne Al'arrabiata.

    • This could be Chad Vader

    • +2

      He looks more like Dark Helmet from Spaceballs.

  • +1

    Edit: description and image are different. Typically target!

  • Thanks, OP. Bought 4 for free collecting.

  • +2

    Anyone know if theyre USB 2.0 or 3.0?

    • +3

      It doesn't matter, they're probably only USB 1 speeds anyway.

      • +1

        I find your lack of faith disturbing

        • lack of faith or lack of speed?

    • 2.0

    • Looking at one right now: USB 2.0 "high speed"

  • But I only see 3 different designs…

    • yea the box has darth maul + the new rounder robot too (new movies) ~

      only darth vader / storm trooper / R2E2 at target though

  • Cheers! Grabbed a few. Will hoard at my desk until Secret Santa.

  • Going now to buy a bunch - these are awesome!

  • So cute! wonder if Pt Cook has any if I come over lunchtime…

  • Just bought 2 from highpoint, all the r2d2 is gone but quite a few Darth Vader and stormtrooper ones left, 6x Darth and 7x troopers left,best to call and ask to leave them on hold if you want them :)

    • +1

      R2D2 looks crap though. So it was a decision between Darth Vader vs Stormtrooper. Went for the brighter option in the trooper.

  • DV sold out, only ST remain

  • +2

    The picture of the item has 16gb written on it.
    Also why does click and collect cost money

  • Not really related but found a fan film worth watching if you havent already


  • Still 5 left at Target Westfield Miranda

  • brisbane cbd - about 5 left. got them to grab me a darth vader from the back storage

    Got 1 stormtrooper + 1 darth

    R2D2: was ugly…

    • I thought R2D2 was the cutest one actually.

  • +1

    Plenty still at Centrepoint in Adelaide

    • +2

      Plenty in a locked case at Target Edwardstown (plenty means ~5 of each: Darth, Stormtrooper, and R2 unit). Marked $25 but scans at $5.

      • None left, guy told me one person bought 30 and another 20, said from Ozbargain no doubt. I only wanted 2 of each or at least one, as one lot was for presents, darn it.

  • People who have bought one - are they 16GB (as in the pic) or 32GB (as in the description)?

    • +2

      32gb - just plugged it in and formatted - confirmed

      • Thanks much. I'll see if there are any left near me after work (sounds like Bris CBD will probably be out, but maybe somewhere near home)

        • there were people calling the store as i was buying ~ asking about them.

          probably can get them to hold if you really want

  • Grab 3 of the at Target Gardencity QLD still have over 5+

  • +1

    Themed powerbank for $10 - https://www.target.com.au/p/star-wars-powerbank-4-mah/614970... “The force is strong with this one” apparently.

  • Anyone can confirm any stores in VIC?

    • No sign of any in Melb CBD

  • Basically no more in Vic :(

    • Had some at the Chadstone branch this AM.

  • +2

    Bought one of the Boba Fetts before xmas, it died within a week

  • I bet the force is slow with this one. Still, the price is good. Sounds like they're not very durable though, so pass.

  • About 6 more of each at Burwood Westfield NSW

    • Just checked all gone in Burwood Westfield :/

  • worth buying or unreliable?

    • Bought one to try. It's usb 2.0

    • Cheap and known to fail, would only buy if a collector of star wars junk

      • +1

        need a cheap usb for the kids Y3. Might just give her a sandisk and a star wars keychain to attach to it then!

  • Plenty of each type available at Fremantle WA. Just picked up one of each!

  • Heaps in warrnambool of all varieties

  • Picked up the last 2 at Charlestown, thanks!

  • HEAPS of each at Target Hobart!

    And for those dissing R2….

    Tell him 'es dreaming!

  • 1 R2D2, 5 Stormtroopers and 3 Darth Vaders left at Tuggeranong ACT.

  • +1

    Still have alot at target camberwell

  • Cheers. Grabbed a couple of Darths. Plenty still (Of all three) at the Target in Central Square, Ballarat.

  • There are still quite a lot at Springwood, QLD, total 10+

  • At least 5 of each of the 3 types in Runaway Bay 20 mins ago, also lots of Vader and R2 USB cables and USB battery packs left.

  • Why none online always in store only..

    • To get your ass in there to buy other crap when you have to go pick it up :)

  • Probably 10 more at Springwood QLD. Picked up 5

  • USB 2.0… no thanks

  • Looks like nothing for Nsw sydney like always lol.

  • Quite a few left in Target Freo on level 1. I just grabbed a few.

  • back in stock, can order online

  • 20 plus mixed characters at Target Forest Lake (QLD) this afternoon….

  • Damn missed out, OOS!

  • Sold out at Macquarie

  • At this time of year, when many are on holidays still, there will be some on holiday in Tasmania, taking advantage of the lower temperatures. So I can report that there are PLENTY of these in stock still in Burnie Target in North West Tasmania. All still available, Vader, Storm Trooper and R2D2.

  • One DV left in locked case in Digital dept @ Target Belconnen Westfield (i bought last R2D2 and they are definitely 32gb). Lots of X3 designs DV, ST, R2D2 of USB cable ones & usb battery packs/powerbanks left too (these not in locked case). JBL in ear and wireless bass headphones on sale too.

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