Targeted List & Sell A Video Game and Get a $10 Voucher @ eBay


Received this offer via email, so check your emails and Seller Centre in case you are eligible for the offer.

What is the promotion?
Receive a $10 eBay voucher when you:
* List a video game in Auction-style or Fixed Price format on during the Promotion Period; and
* Sell the item (and receive full payment from the buyer) within the Sale Period.
* Limit of 1 voucher per person
* The voucher will be issued in respect of the first eligible item that you list within the Promotion Period and sell within the Sale Period.

Who is eligible for this promotion?
* You will only be eligible for the promotion when you receive an invitation email from eBay, accept the offer and these terms and conditions, and receive confirmation from eBay that “you’ve accepted the offer”. This invitation is not transferable or exchangeable.
* The promotion is linked to the User ID to which the invitation is sent by eBay. Qualifying items must be listed using the eBay User ID specified in the invitation email to be eligible for the promotion.
* Members whose eBay accounts are temporarily or indefinitely suspended or made inactive prior to or during the Promotion Period, are not eligible for this promotion.
* Sellers with listing restrictions will still be restricted by their listing restrictions and will not be able to participate.
* Sellers whose accounts do not meet eBay’s minimum performances standards are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

Full T&C's

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    I followed all the requirements last time they offered me this, and never received it. On querying it, they made you jump through hoops to prove you even received the offer in the first place. I received the coupon in the end, but I earned it with time wasted.


    Could you conceivably list a game at as buy now, local pickup only for say $1.. have a family member 'buy it' straight away?


      I would think so. I've sold stuff worth less than $10 and still received $10 vouchers before. Multiple times. Legitimate sales with letter post (untracked).

      Of course if it looks suspicious I can't say you won't get caught.

      From memory the voucher cannot be combined with a code though, so actual usefulness of $10 is only there for small purchases.


    I sometimes get this offer if when I buy a game off eBay. Did you recently buy a game off eBay, OP? Just trying to figure out if this is a prerequisite.

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