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NetGear Orbi AC2200 with 2x Wall Plug Satellite (RBK330) $179 @ Kogan


Seems like a pretty solid price.

Easily enjoy increased internet speeds with the Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC2200 Tri-band WiFi System with Wall Plug Satellite.

  • Innovative Tri-band WiFi system
  • Up to 3,500 square feet coverage with strong WiFi signals
  • Comes with Orbi WiFi Router and 2 Wall Plug Satellites

Covering a range of up to 3,500 square feet with strong WiFi signals, the Netgear Orbi High-Performance AC2200 Tri-band WiFi System with Wall Plug Satellite allows you to enjoy internet at impressive speeds and great connection all throughout your home. The Orbi kit of two delivers fast and powerful internet with its game-changing Tri-band WiFi system, even with the connection of multiple devices.

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    Does this mesh system work well with Wifi speakers like Sonos and Google Home's etc? With normal range extenders, I've found that music playback stops when you move from the router to the extender (and vice versa).

    • Yeah it’s 1 network

  • Question for the smart ones: we have built a granny flat about 30 meters from the main house (which has FTTN NBN) where the router is. Would this be the best way to get decent signal down to the granny flat?

    • Mesh will help it roam from same network to same network with is a distinct positive. A lot depends on the placement of the satellites here - and any walls etc in the way. I doubt whether the satellites are all that powerful but you "should" be able to get a signal

      Is the granny flat on the same mains powers (I'd say run powerline to the granny flat with a wireless access point) - probably more stable but may be slower and a little more fiddly.

      Others may have different opinions.

      • Oh powerline adapters would be amazing but it has its own electricity (the property is being rented out). Thanks for the suggestion!

        • So your renting out the property but giving them wifi?

          • +1

            @Stivo: Yeah, uni students. I have u limited 100/40… it’s no biggie. Some short term so not feasible for them to organise internet for shorter stays.

    • I reckon if you have the main router placed as close as possible to the granny flat with a Satellite in the granny flat should work good. As long as theres not too many walls/obstructions in the way.

      Definitely better alternatives out there but would be much more expensive than this.

      • Ok cool. Thanks for letting me know. Better than a range extender?

        • +1

          Definitely better than a range extender.

          Edit: Netgear also has the 'Wifi' challenge, where if it doesn't improve your current speed you can return the system within 30 days for a full refund.


          Would need to confirm if it includes the RBK33 though as it doesn't specially mention it.

          • @Juzzy96: Cool. Thanks :)

          • @Juzzy96: Great info. Thanks. Might do a price match from officeworks do returns are (fairly) easy

    • get something like a ubiquiti nanostation to beam the signal down there, and then another wireless ap for local signal.

      • Thanks for the info. Can u let me know the specific produce and I’ll do some research. Thanks heaps :)

        • E.G. Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2
          Connect one side to ethernet at the main house, point it at the granny flat (could mount inside a window facing out), do the same on the other end facing towards the house, connect another wireless access point to the ethernet port at the granny flat end to broadcast the signal down there.
          Think of it / treat it like a wireless ethernet cable, still needs a wireless access point on the other end to have a wifi signal down there, but saves you running an ethernet cable across the property.

          • @DialIN: Awesome. Thankyou.

            Should have got the electrician to run some cat5/6 😭

  • Looks like the satellites connect to the router via wireless. Might go for one that supports ethernet for more stability.

    • Orbi does that really well but of course you need a "normal" satellite Orbi rather than the wall plug version. There are 2 packs for sale, for more of course.

  • My place is a long apartment and the router is one 1 side.
    Does these extenders work by extending from the main unit.
    Then you extend the extender from the extender ?
    Or does both extenders need to be able to reach the main unit ?

  • Good product, poor retailer.

  • What's the difference between this and rbk50?

  • Anyone knows if this works with modem ac800s?

  • Anyone who already using this Orbi, do have issues using this? Would you recommend it?
    I've been reading the Amazon reviews and seems like every time there is a firmware update there are issues.

    I just want something that just works and don't have to muck about every month.

    The Optus supplied cable modem/router I have is shite.

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