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St. George Bank Signature Visa $0 Annual Fee 1st Year with 80,000 Qantas Points ($4,000 Min Spend within 90 Days)


St George Signature Visa Credit Card

  • $0 annual fee in the first year ($279 p.a. thereafter,)
  • 80,000 bonus Qantas Points
  • Must spend $4,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval.
  • 2x Qantas club passses + complimentary purchase protection and travel insurance on purchases made using the card
  • 0.75 Qantas points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases

Qantas Credit Cards exclusive. Make sure the link is used to ensure you're not charged the annual fee.

Mod: Older deal has $179 fee, this has none

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        • Well to be fair the interest from millions in cash would be quite a lot of "taxable income"

  • Application failed.

    Had a mortgage with ubank (150k) - but all paid off so I don't pay a cent now. They weren't happy with that so they calculated my "theoretical" mortgage payment and came up with $7500 per month (This was much more than I paid to commbank 10 years ago for a higher principle and 7% interest).

    • omg. I had the same problem with ANZ.

      Had to send them my mortgage statement to show how much I owed. They said my theoretical payment was $80k a year…

    • paid off how? If you have an offset account that has the same balance as your loan then even though you may consider it as paid off it's still available to you as a line of credit. i.e You can withdraw it anytime so the banks may still consider it as debt for lending purposes. Unless your mortgage is closed and title xfered you may always end up in 'grey' territory unfortunately.

      • ubank has a redraw account. They don't close your loan just because you have paid it off - and I was happy with the bank keeping a lien (interest) on my home.

        • Yea same thing.. as suspected.

    • :'( That sounds totally unrealistic. That's assuming you need to pay it off in 2 years! Maybe the person who did the calc had a fat finger, and put in an extra 0 behind the $750/mth, or assumed a mortgage of $1.5m instead.

      • They calculated I had to pay 90k per year

  • how many days from conditional approval (they are verifying income now…) to receiving card?

    • Keen to know this as well.. going overseas in two weeks

      • How is that relevant? You want to pay 3% fee on foreign currencies?

        • +2

          Just want to get it done before i leave, so its not just sitting in my mailbox for weeks

    • 2ish days for me.

    • +1

      I had my approval within 2 days of the conditional approval and the card about a week after that. Found it all very quick. Already using my card now.

  • -2

    Got rejected, thanks for the useless credit enquiry,

    • Just to be clear as I get negged. This was not against the OP, but St George. I am meeting all their written criterias but still got rejected without a reason provided. Just a warning to those who apply that they easily reject the applications and make a dent on the credit file.

  • If you get a conditional approval but never proceed/provide evidence of income, will it still count as a credit check against my file?

  • New deal
    Point Hacks exclusive: up to 200,000 Amplify Rewards points plus $0 first-year annual fee with the St.George Amplify Signature Visa
    That's 100,000 krisflyer miles… nice.
    But it's one of those staggered ones.. 'Up to 200,000 Amplify Points, when you spend $12,000 on eligible purchases each year for the first 2 years of approval' :/ :<<

    • +1

      yeah that's a pretty useless deal for most. May have a niche market. (I didn't neg you btw)

      • yeh I agree it's pretty useless. I first posted it before seeing the crappy two year spend, then edited it.

        I'll be rejoining st george in a year or so. Just cancelled.

    • The point hacks exclusive is less appealing because the 200k is paid out in 2 years, which means firstly you have to fork out the annual fee in year 2 (only year 1 fee is waived) and secondly who knows how they would devalue the reward points by the end of year 2. Seeing how the major banks and amex have devalued their reward points these years, i wouldn't bet on receiving all of 100k krisflyer value as per current conversion rates.

  • +1

    Approved but unsure if I'll get the points as I have had the card within 12 months. Guess we'll see!

    • +1

      You won't. Not sure why you're wasting your time and a credit check.

      • Figured as much. I was approved prior to realizing I wasn't eligible for the points which is a bummer but not the end of the world.

        • If their IT systems are as bad as the customer service you may get the points

  • -2

    I've just recently received the St George Ammplify Signature Visa Card - is there anyway to swap over to this one or can I reapply for this one does anyone know?

    • Call and ask. Nothing to lose

    • This is the amplify signature..

    • i have just received my STG amplify signature visa card, the offer seems to be the same and it is $0 annual fee for the first year.
      Is your card different?

      • Hey how long did it take from getting approved to receiving the card

  • Does anyone know if this card Has complementary rental vehicle excess insurance in Australia?

  • -1

    I got a conditional approval but my circumstance has since changed for the better (income), is there any way to change the details of the application to improve my chances of acceptance?

  • Eligible spending doesn’t include government charges according to t&c. Does this mean paying council rate won’t be considered as eligible spending? Thanks guys.

  • conditional approval, then declined.
    I am lodging a complaint now.

    • what was the reason if any?

      • not enough working length.
        they said they need 1.5 years minumum

        • That's odd.. I just ticked over 1 year and got approved. Something smells fishy with them.

          • +1

            @daiguren: Complex algorythms much like insurers. The reason they give you should not be taken in isolation.

  • applying now. wish me luck everyone!

    • wohoooo

      Hi xxx, Your application is
      conditionally approved
      Application number: 4637837654935
      Your Credit Card with a credit limit of $15,000 has been conditionally approved

      • Now that long dreaded wait to see if you're really approved. BTW u might wanna remove the application no.

        • haha true. well i have few term deposits with them in the past so hopefully i have good record on their book.

          thats dummy random app numbers. the real one is much shorter.


          We're writing about your Amplify Visa Signature Card application
          Thank you for providing verification documents for your recent Amplify Visa Signature Card application.

  • Terrible bank IMO. Had dealings with them in the past including CC applications. Very disorganised and hard to deal with.

  • Declined despite meeting the criteria. No reason given, had to text status to find it out was not communicated to directly.
    Bank refused to accept rental income as they demand a minimum of 18 months.

  • +13

    Hi all. Some feedback about the process for those who are considering applying with St George Signature CC (from previous deal). In hindsight, I wouldn't have applied for this credit card as St George have been ridiculous to deal with in my case. Summary below:
    -Applied Nov 25, Conditionally Approved
    -Requested 2 payslips from the last 2 months which I provided
    -Requested 3 months of bank statements which I provided (Nov 26)
    -Requested 3 months of bank statements which I provided (Dec 05)
    -Requested 3 months of bank statements which I provided (Dec 10). They requested it again (Dec 12), so I finally called them up to ask what is going on, they said my bank statements didn't have my salary stated. I asked them to read the statement out to me. The second line item - "My Company - Salary", Ohh they say. They said they will notify me regarding the next step.
    -Requested 3 months of bank statements (Dec 20), called again, said they would notify me of the next step.
    -Next communication - your application is due to expire on Jan 08. Called them (Jan 07, 19), please come into a branch to verify identity. Did this the next day, the branch had no idea what to do but we worked it out, the lady was nice. They said it takes an hour to process and that they would call me in an hour. Called me half a day later, and said the machine broke and I would have to come in again. Argued for long enough that they somehow made it work. Said they would notify me of the next step.
    -Requested 3 months of bank statements (Jan 10), ignored
    -Asked me to call between 9 and 6.30pm (great I can call after work) to finalise the application (Jan 25), called at 5pm after work but the people that I needed to approve it had gone home. Which is where I am now, but hopefully I am on the home straight!

    Sorry, it is pretty long and my typing is average but I hope that helps if anyone is considering applying, it has been a frustrating process however, if you do I hope it is a better experience than mine, good luck!

    • +3

      Opposite for me

      Could not have been more straightforward

      Applied, two days later approved. 3 days later received welcome pack (today). Waiting for card now (says 5 business days)

    • hahaha, a funny story.
      but better than mine, declined.

    • +2

      Glad I didn't have to go through this. I was conditionally approved and then approved couple days later after only providing 2 payslips twice.

      The process you described sounds more like the experience I had with ANZ a few years ago, inclusive of waiting over an hour in a cbd branch during my lunch break.

  • My application was declined as well but later when I called up it seems to be an system issue and the application didn't even go through credit check. Funny enough they cant do anything about it and asked me to visit the branch. Branch was like the offer is only online and they can process it and I was like they asked me to visit the branch. So they called the credit card team and the team member said to process a new application through branch and drop an email to them to waive the fee. Later they asked for the bank statements and after providing they asked for Payslip's and finally its approved yesterday.

    Credit is going to be hard as we move in to 2019 when Bank's are scrambling to get their house in order.

  • -1

    Hmm, just had a call with them, and was told I will be charged $179/annum for fees. I thought it's $0? Anyone else had the same issue?

    • if you applied using the link, the first page after you click will say zero ann fee take screendump call them you have the screen they will melt like butter in this sydney weather and agree to your term

      • Called them again, and they made sure it's $0. I'll reconfirm after getting my card, before activating it :)

  • Came home to my shiny new st george card 😁

    Applied on 21/01 - 9 day turnaround! 👏👏

  • Had to pick up card from branch. Reason given was to verify identity in person, however I suspect the real reason is that they are trying to convince people to move all their banking over to St George.

    Took a little more of my time than I would've liked, but all in all seems to have been a fairly seamless process.

    nb. welcome pack states $279 annual fee which was initially concerning — however it also says this will be debited 12 months from your first transaction.

    • 12 months from your 1st transaction would mean by that time, you'll be charge the annual fee for the 2nd year!?

  • +3

    decreased credit limit to $2k via the app

    • well, you need to spend $4k so if i get the card i will decrease to $4500 or $5k. of course you can spend $2k then bpay then spend another $2k…

  • I've applied. I've also get a westpac altitude black. I hope it does not penalise me.

    • +1

      Gor both and got approved

      • Your income high?

      • How long did the approval process take. I've not been asked for payslips yet?

        • 4-5 business days, check their email, I have got a SMS said they ask fir more info but no email received. Then i check their old email and you can submit your payslip there.

          • +1

            @SnoozeAndLose: approved, pretty painless. was expecting it to be harder. maybe st george aren't so bad

            • +1

              @Kranbone: don't count your chickens yet. you still need to

              1. Collect the Card
              2. Register for online banking
              3. Activate
              4. Get the bonus points
              5. Have the 1st year fee waived
              • @gimme: ugh, so many hurdles :(

                • @Kranbone: I hope not mate but these guys were truly hopeless in the past. I'm sure it's only a % so hopefully ypurs would be ok. It also helps a little if you're in Sydney and don't have to deal with one of the sister banks on the ground.

  • -1

    So I got the card and all, paperwork says I have to pay the annual fee and no word of the points…. what the hell..

    • +1

      they are generic paperworks, they don't mention it, was the same for me, I called and confirmed all good, still waiting for the points atm :)

      • Awesome thanks for that! :) I need to spend the monies now hahaha

  • Congratulations
    Application reference number: 123456789
    Hi XXXX, Your application for a Amplify Visa Signature Card has been approved with a credit limit of $15000.
    What's Next? Step 1: Delivery - Your card will be mailed to your nominated address in the next 5-10 business days.

    so, from november 2018 till now, i got approved for 3x black cards plus 1x Signature, each card limit is $15,000.
    i already have one $15,000 cards plus 2 others cards. in theory i wouldnt able to afford to get them.

    certainly, the system is broken. no wonder australian have high cc debt….

    • What are u spending money on to meet the requirements?

      • probably bills. and woolworth gift cards? not sure. better ask people who already got the points from previous similar deals (from St George). the t&c said, no BPAY. becareful.

  • +1

    I was quite hesitant at applying for this card at first, given the number of negative comments on this forum re this bank. However, I gave this a shot, and I am approved quite swiftly… let's see how quickly they will credit my Welcome Qantas bonus points once I meet the requirements.

    Fri, Feb 1 at around 4pm - You're Conditionally Approved
    Fri, Feb 1 just before 5pm - Received your verification information (provided my payslips)
    Mon, Feb 4 at around 1pm - You're approved

    • There were no issues with my application
    • I asked for a 15k limit
    • I actually applied for ANZ travel rewards credit card the month before
    • I hold several credit cards from Coles Rewards and the AmEx's (platinum charge + reserve)
    • income?

      • Def 100K+ considering he has the Amex Platinum Charge.

        • nah, i dont earn that much but i got 3x black cards at the same time, plus couple platinums. banking system is broken ….

  • +1

    Applied Saturday and was conditionally approved instantly. Properly approved Monday 6PM. Weirdly, they're sending the card to my local branch.

    So far so good - first time I'm changing a credit card for points.

    • +2

      Update: Card in hand Friday. Not bad!

      • Similar timeline as you.

        Received a whole bunch of info but no card yet! Damn it! Hopefully by Monday?

  • How does one claim the Qantas lounge passes? Once claimed, does it get locked to my own Qantas FF account? I would Ideally want to sell it as I have no interest using it myself.

    • You need to call a number (check PDS/website). It is electronically attached to your QFF account (they're trying to stop people from selling passes). If I'm not mistaken you can xfer it to a 'family' member (not 100% sure). Keep in mind T&Cs clearly state you're not allowed to sell passes.

    • once you called (or maybe can be done online I didn't check yet) it will show on this website then https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/the-qantas-club/...
      you can tranger them to anyone though you can't sell them.
      "Transfer an invitation to another Qantas Frequent Flyer member
      Invitations must not be resold. Qantas reserves the right to cancel resold invitations and disqualify both sender and recipient’s access to future invitations if this policy is breached."

      • the more important question is how to obtain the passes. will it given automatically, or we need to call to ask, or need to do something else. not clear.

        • no it's not automatically given
          from T&C
          4. Amplify Rewards and Amplify Qantas are separate rewards programs that each offer airport lounge passes. Cardholders are only eligible for lounge passes offered for their selected rewards program and conditions apply. Lounge passes are subject to expiry. Priority Pass is offered to Amplify Rewards Cardholders, who must enrol via amplify.stgeorge.com.au. For full details visit prioritypass.com/Conditions-of-use.cfm. Qantas Club Lounge Invitations is offered to Qantas Rewards Cardholders who must enrol via amplify.stgeorge.com.au. Access and use is subject to Qantas Club Rules. For full terms and conditions visit qantas.com/qantasclub and some exclusions apply.

          for the qantas lounge you will have to amplify.stgeorge.com.au , I didn't go through the process myself yet as there are usually only valid for 12months, so I will wait a bit more (at least until I get my points, then request for the passes, then cancel the card)

  • Nightmare. No transparency and they have difficulty communicating within their own teams. SGB reps advised me to resubmit my application multiple times and at the end of this debacle I get a letter (not even a courtesy phone call despite numerous branch visits and phone calls during my application) informing me that I'd not met their requirements. Absolutely pathetic service.

  • Can I pay my rent which is more than $4000 in three months and earn points?

    • if your landlord/& property agent able to accommodate rent payments by cc, i think should be fine?

  • highly incompetent bank (at least for the CC department).
    kink me for/backwards between different teams, with discrepant information.
    wasted a credit enquiry to apply for this card.

  • After cancelling Westpac a couple of weeks ago,applied for this

    Condtionally approved straight away, payslips sent off.
    Hopefully smooth sailing from here.

  • Came back to read the latest comments. Looks like I'm still not going to chance it with this one…
    C'mon ANZ come back to the 1st year no fee party!

  • Pretty painless for me:
    Conditionally approved Feb 4, 12PM
    Approved Feb 5, 9PM
    Welcome package received Feb 8, 1PM

    • did you do payslip submission or the online verification?
      i chose to submit pdf's of payslips and still sitting and conditional after 2 days

      • Payslips, as deposit to my bank account from work is considerably lower due to salary sacrifice.

        • thanks
          minutes after this i got a request for an additional payslip (perhaps they are watching us ;) )

          see how long it takes to process now

          • +1

            @SBOB: approved
            not that painful

            now to wait for them to ship the card to local branch

            • @SBOB: Got mine posted to me on Monday.

  • Does this card have interest free days?

    • 55 days in the offer letter

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