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St. George Bank Signature Visa $0 Annual Fee 1st Year with 80,000 Qantas Points ($4,000 Min Spend within 90 Days)


St George Signature Visa Credit Card

  • $0 annual fee in the first year ($279 p.a. thereafter,)
  • 80,000 bonus Qantas Points
  • Must spend $4,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval.
  • 2x Qantas club passses + complimentary purchase protection and travel insurance on purchases made using the card
  • 0.75 Qantas points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases

Qantas Credit Cards exclusive. Make sure the link is used to ensure you're not charged the annual fee.

Mod: Older deal has $179 fee, this has none

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    • wow thanks i need to be hurry in my spending then.

  • -2

    Applied and got conditionally approved. Sent payslips and then they requested for bank statements.

    Submitted statements and now they want letter from employer.

    Horrible service. Very long wait times and everyone every time says differently.

    Got a credit check now and don’t want it to go for waste. Please avoid these guys. I should have read prior negative comments before applying.


    • Yeah I got that letter from employer thing from CBA years ago. Didn't bother to respond to that stupid request.
      But st George didn't ask.

  • any one with HCF, you can prepay 18 months and get the discounted premium before the April increase.

    • I think you can do that will all providers?

  • -2

    Got the points. Can we now cancel the card and our points remain safe?

    • Yep

    • Awks

        • +6


          You neg a deal whining your whole way, now the points come, yet don't know if you can cancel to 'remain safe'


  • Have just applied for this, only 2 days left…conditionally approved and submitted the pay-slips. Wonder if they will "approve" it in time. Anybody know if they approve after the 6th March whether the offer is still valid? Thanks.

    • I wouldn't think the offer is valid if approved after 6 March.

      I applied on 27 Feb, conditionally approved and submitted income verification online (existing st George customer). I was approved the next day on 28 Feb.

      Hopefully they approve you just as fast - Good luck.

    • +1

      One would assume that if you applied within the promo period, it would still be honored regardlesd of when it's approved. The promo is linked to your initial application not the arbitrary approval timeframe. Even if that's not true Is personally be comfortable negotiating this after the fact.

      • Yea I hope you are right, because they are asking some really stupid questions like some of the people have experienced….sigh

        • You can ask them too before wasting your time. Then again no 2 people at STG will say the same thing

          • @gimme: I have a feeling they have no clue what they are talking about. As we've already applied, we will just go through with the application. I guess if they do charge the annual fee I can just ask them to refund and cancel the card being the worst case scenario….

            • @joeiwu: Except you wasted a credit check.

              • @Yola: Yup, but too late to dwell over the credit check now, so I figured there's no point mentioning it

  • just posting to help others:

    Bonus points promotion: The respective bonus points promotions are available when you apply and are approved for a Amplify Signature credit card between 21st January and 6th March 2019, and spend the minimum amount of $4,000 on eligible purchases on the card within 90 days from card approval. Eligible purchases do not include BPAY or BPAY equivalent transactions, fees, cash, cash equivalent transactions, refunds, balance transfers debited from the card account, government fees and ATO payments. Existing customers who currently hold a Amplify Platinum or Amplify Signature card issued by St.George, Bank of Melbourne or BankSA, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer. The bonus points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks after the eligible spend criteria is met.

    $0 annual card fee promotion: Available when you apply for a new Amplify Signature credit card between 21st January and 6th March 2019 and make your first purchase within 12 months of card approval. The first annual card fee debited on the 12 months anniversary of the first transaction on your account and annually thereafter.

  • Hi all, what's the likelihood for a successful application? I've been on contract work for the last 4 months, now casual. My feeling is low success 🙄

    • Needs to be approved by 6th March, so I wouldn't bother then.

  • Would 'conditionally approved' count as the 'approved by 6 March' thing? I still need to send payslips.

    • Nope. If you get approved after the 6th no bonus points.

      • Are you 100% sure or just internet sure?

        • I asked them in the phone and the agent said I would be eligible as I had submitted within the timeframe. Guess I'll find out if I get approved.

          • @klonky: Yes that is usually how these offers work. It's not the applicants fault if they take ages to process.

          • @klonky: Yup precisely why I was asking if this was just internet throwaway advice. What you said makes a lot more sense.

  • Met the eligible spend and received 3rd statement but no bonus points. Does it always come though on the statement after you meet the spend?

    • No rule here,
      Had 2 card spent the $4k on the first statement for each, one I received the points after the 3rd statement the other one after the 2nd

  • Received my new black card today to replace temporary green card due to low supply when approved. Also got 1000 points for the inconvenience.

    • +1

      The points are given 12 weeks after activation

  • +3

    This deal is not expired yet. St. George has extended this offer till 10th April 2019 now. Taken from important information -

    "The bonus points and $0 annual card fee is available to customers who apply via this website (offer not available in branch or via call centres) and are approved for a new Amplify Signature Qantas Rewards credit card between 21st January and 10th April 2019."

  • Anyone needs to go to the branch to give the ID form ? I rang the bank and asked if I can send of the signed form, they said I am not qualified as I am not living in regional area. Is that correct ? Normally we can ask an authorised person to sign the ID form and send the form away.
    Can't we just drop it at Westpac branch ? They are part of each other right ? Any experience ?

  • -3

    $4000 is too much

  • My St George saga:

    Applied this card on mid-Feb, got email approval few days afterward. Then received the welcome pack at home informed me my card would be available within next 5 business days at local branch. Away for 2 weeks after that (business interstate trip) and came back but no mail from SG. So it was over 15 business day no update from them since.

    Called them up and (after passing to 3 different departments) they have no clue what happened to my application !

    Walked into the branch yesterday and after digging around they found :

    • Somehow, their system generated 2 applications for me on that day.
    • One application got cancelled on same date. The other is OK.
    • System approved and sent out approval letter & welcome pack to home but, according to their system, no card issue after 2+ weeks.

    Sigh - hope they don't stuffup and send that to branch instead.

    Afterward, the nice lady at the branch even offer me to check out some of their products. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Just amazing.

      • Ok as suspected, SG screwed up again by sent the card to branch instead I insisted them send to my home address instead and which they agreed to. At least I got a call immediately to inform me to collect it yesterday.

        Got the card and also the internet login sorted out while at the branch. But, interestingly, when I log into my account on the computer, I notice there is an alert me to verify my income. WTF, I already have the card already made some purchases yesterday. The 15K limit is set for my account so what the heck with income verification ?

        Guess I may have to give them a call to again.

        Anyone know how to verify the acount has linked correctly to your Qantas account?

  • Thanks OP. Applied on a Friday afternoon, got approved on Saturday, received the welcome pack the following Friday and then the card the Tuesday after. All up only 5 business days after the application (there was a public holiday).

  • Do the bonus points only come after the statement? As I got my 3rd one and still nothing

    • are you sure you have met the requirement? no governemnet payment, bpay etc etc?
      better call and make sure. can be keep waiting till too late.

      • +1

        Easiest way to verify is to check your QFF balance from STG. $4000 = 3000 points so if you have received 3000+ points from STG then that means you have qualified for the bonus. This is assuming that the criteria for earning points is no different than the criteria to qualify for the bonus.

        • -1

          i think different. to get points, everything is included, for bonus, bpay is not

          • @ChiMot: On the same boat here. I called and confirmed I met the spend criteria back on Feb 24th. I got my 3rd statement on the 11th of March. Still no bonus points credited.

            • @0FoxGiven: What did they say to do?

              • @jdogg: They said it could take up to 90 days to get credited and not to worry :-/

          • +1

            @ChiMot: You do not get points on bpay.

            • @Yola: If it’s bpay to a business, you may get points.

              I’ve been bpaying UTS for my cousin’s tuition fee and have always got points.

              • @tajid: Someone said getting points has different criterea to getting bonus points. ie bpay may get you points but not qualify for 60k. Not sure if it's true or not

                • @gimme: Correct. BPay not qualify for bonus sign up points. Most banks. Can see this clearly on term and condition

  • -1

    Like some others on here I have been rejected! Which I can handle but the service I received was horrible - I had to call after not hearing anything even though I got conditional approval straight away!
    Apparently they couldn't understand why my income was low on my payslip! The guy had the nerve to ask if i had done something! I work in Government for over a decade! Application said I am part time!

    So Ridiculous & waste of a credit check! At least ANZ were decent and looked at overall situation as I actually have very decent savings + I practically own my place!

    Can anyone suggest a FF earning credit card with low income requirement and no annual fee to keep for the long term?

    • +1

      "Can anyone suggest a FF earning credit card with low income requirement and no annual fee to keep for the long term?"

      QFF: It has a small annual fee, but the HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card also has a good earn rate. No bonus points, though. Credit limit can be as low as $6k.

      Velocity: American Express Velocity Escape Card, no annual fee for life, and decent earn rate. Also no bonus points, though apparently they are offered now & then. Credit limit can be as low as $2k.

  • I was expected it on the first statement, but then read the terms that it is 12 weeks after meeting the minimum spend.

    as suggested above easy way is to determine if eligible is if total points is greater then 3000

  • The congrat letter didn't mention that I have to go to the branch to identify myself, thus wasted a week waiting for nothing. Rang them and told to go to the branch. Went to the branch and finalised the id. Waiting another a week or so and still no card turns up. Rang them and they are organising another card to be sent. What a joke! My application with Westpac was even much more efficient and well communicated than St George.

  • Applied, no problems - In addition to automated bank statements they did ask for payslips and ATO notice for private rental but other than no issues.

    People don't realise conditional approval is only based on what you tell the bank in the application, but if your evidence doesn't stack up against the application you'll get rejected.

    • Got card 3 business days later

  • I received the bonus points after the 4k spend, but does anyone know how do I receive the 2x Qantas passes?


  • +2

    A Few notes -

    1. I achieved the 4K spend a day or 2 before second bill date but no bonus points on statement. I will await my third bill to see them. (i'd earned 3128 points in total by the time of the second bill)

    2. I received the full 0.75 points for all my monthly spend. This included a small test of a $5 payment to my council rates via postbillpay (using paypal). Therefore the trick of paying your rates by combining postbillpay and paypal seems to work for this card.

    • "Therefore the trick of paying your rates by combining postbillpay and paypal seems to work for this card."
      i believe it will work for any cards. because banks will see paypal only on description not the council name.
      but, not all council accepted payment by postbillpay combining with paypal. well at least my council in NSW isnt. i heard this is more common in VIC. lucky you!

  • I didn't get the points with my HSBC Qantas card, the transaction (i did a nominal $10 test), included the council name in the descriptor


    I actually believe the bank sees more than that though, for example, in paypal it actually shows under purchase detail Rates.

    I'm going off memory here but i'm sure that made it through to the statement i had on a macquarie card a year ago, they gave me the points in that instance though.

    HSBC is the only card where I haven't had it work though. It's always good to do a test in month 1 of getting the card.

    • yeah its very annoying we cant just spend and eligible.
      i mean that is still our money going out and we will pay the bank back, the same way.

      what are the difference with, paying council $1000 and buying $1000 gucci bag? gosh….

      • May be they cant charge for government transacsion as high as Gucci?

        • +2

          Yup it has all to do with how much CC providers charge the merchants. Of course the government 'saved' us not that long ago by forcing providers to reduce these rates which may help the average ding dong consumer but hugely impacts the savvy ozber's ability to collect FF points through the usual schemes.

  • My fisrt statement came today even though I haven't received my card neither activating it. Even my ID only checked just a week and a half ago. What a great system!

    • Here I am again. Rang the bank and told that the card has not been sent as I haven't ID myself and I have to go back to the bank to ID. I believe that I have enough of this S**t!!! Will close the card. Not worth my time.

  • Second statement, way above the minimum spend but still no points. Looks like were not eating this month.

  • +1

    got it on the 3rd statement, thanks.

  • -2

    I just really want the points prior to the 14th if April so I can apply for the Amex Qantas card. Come on St George, get your shit together.

  • 4th Statement passed and still no bonus points! Calling up customer care isn't of much use as they tell you it will be credited withing 90 days of meeting spend criteria (which would be in the month of May for me!)

  • Has anyone with this card had their birthday yet and been credited the birthday points bonus? My annual fee is due the same month as my birthday so needing to know if they credit at beginning or end of month or month after?

    • +1

      I got this

      "Happy Birthday! To give your points a birthday boost you will find your birthday bonus
      included within your points statement.
      Check your Qantas Points balance online. Just visit Qantas.com/frequentflyer"

      The statement in which your birthday falls on, I think?

  • Spent $4k before my first statement. Received two statements so far. Still haven't receive my Qantas points. Anyone in the same boat? I want to cancel this cause it's taking up $15k credit limit :S

    • I've received 2 statements, I should receive it in 15 days which will make it 45 days from the minimum spend.

    • Did you get your points automatically. mine is pretty much on the 45 days and still nothing.
      I'll call in a few more days time.

      • Received my 3rd statement a few days ago, but still no points.

        • i'm not sure where I got 45 days from, rereading the terms it says 84 days.

          "The bonus points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks after the eligible spend criteria is met"

  • well this is really annoying, I accidentally closed the tab which had the e-mail to send payslips to and didn't think much of it. After a week of replying to their automated messages saying 'please provide your payslips', I call them up today to find out they haven't received them. Turns out you have to email these to "[email protected]" else they won't get them….

    The dumb thing is I couldn't find this e-mail listed ANYWHERE with a few quick googles. Very frustrating. Hopefully approval comes in before the 10th!

    • I think you should be fine as it appears you've been conditionally approved before the 10th. So the points will still apply, per the customer rep I spoke to today (I asked about submitting payslips after the 10th and if the offer would still be valid).

    • Similar situation, I submitted my pay slips twice but both times they kept sending an automated message the day after to do it again. I called up to ask what was going on, and they said they hadn't been accepted because my name got cut off one of them, lol. So I've sent them through again in two different formats to the email you've quoted above and again they said it'll take 1-2 working days and can't guarantee it getting approved by tomorrow… Sigh.

      • Yeah I had a weird situation where I'd been on unpaid leave a month ago, so there was a big gap between my two payslips. Maybe it freaked them out, who knows lol

        Calling up seems to do the trick though - just got the approved message this morning! Heading down to the branch 'within 5 business days' to get them

        • I think they just put it in the too hard basket.. Anyway I got an approval email as well last night at 8pm so the phone call definitely did the trick!

  • Got my points yesterday! Happy customer. will cancel the credit card and linked transaction account (which earned me $50 as a sign up bonus) next week :)

    • how long did it take after meeting the 4k spend?

      • Got it on the day of my 4th statement. 40 days after meeting spend criteria

        • cheers

    • Thanks for sharing. How are you notified?

      • +2

        I kept checking my Qantas point balance regularly via the Qantas app and on the day of my 4th statement I saw 80k points credited with the description “Amplify Visa <Statement date>”

        And about a week week later I get a Qantas newsletter informing me of the points credit and suggestion on how I could use em

        • I've been checking the Qantas website every day, but I haven't yet received my 4th statement, so time will tell. In the mean time, I'll check on the app as well. Thanks!

          • @Ameowzon: Same… still waiting and checking daily. But I'm only on second bill so far; wondering if calling would make any difference :)

  • Applied on the 10th April, got rejected 2 days later :(
    Called them up, reason that I got rejected - because I never had an account with St. George before … seriously?
    Held a westpac/amex silver which I cancelled one month ago- but that was my only credit card!
    UGH! Is there any chance of review and approval with the points going through if I go in store?

    • +1

      may be create a bank account first and talk to them ?

      the reason just hilarious.

    • That is rubbish, I had never had a st george account and was approved

    • I also don't have any account with them and my application was approved when applied

  • hmm…just found annual fee charged to my card. thought it was meant to be fee-free for first year, anyone else?

    • How long have you held the card?

  • +1

    I've waited the full 90 days and still haven't received the 80k bonus points. Called St. George today to lodge an escalation ticket. Fingers crossed it gets resolved asap.

    • This is concerning.. Especially since I'm waiting on mine too

      • no points for me after 3rd statement either.

        • Same here, no points after 3rd statement :S