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St. George Bank Signature Visa $0 Annual Fee 1st Year with 80,000 Qantas Points ($4,000 Min Spend within 90 Days)


St George Signature Visa Credit Card

  • $0 annual fee in the first year ($279 p.a. thereafter,)
  • 80,000 bonus Qantas Points
  • Must spend $4,000 on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval.
  • 2x Qantas club passses + complimentary purchase protection and travel insurance on purchases made using the card
  • 0.75 Qantas points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases

Qantas Credit Cards exclusive. Make sure the link is used to ensure you're not charged the annual fee.

Mod: Older deal has $179 fee, this has none

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  • +2

    Got bonus points on 4th statement yayy - gonna cancel now

  • +3

    Got my bonus as well, time to apply for Citibank Signature Qantas card https://www1.citibank.com.au/signatureqantas

    • thanks for the hint, hopefully I get my points before the Citi offer expires.

  • Do any cardholders know if you can make a card repayment when a purchase is pending? ie. I've made a purchase for $1000 and it's pending. Can I pay off that particular purchase (via BPay) with a $1000 payment? TIA

    • +1

      Yes of course you can. It will become credit if your payment arrives before that pending is confirmed.

  • I have received the bonus on my second statement. Not complaining but WTF!

    • of course you cant complaining that is SUPER DUPER GOOD.

  • Three statements in and I still haven't received the points.

  • +1

    fwiw - points received on 3rd statement. soon to be cancelling the card :)

    • +2

      Hopefully for me too, it’s been 90+ days now, remember to grab complimentary lounge passes before cancellation ;)

      • Nice reminder re: passes!

        • +1

          how do you go about getting the lounge passes ?

          • +2

            @skuzy: loungepass.stgeorge.com.au

  • Got my points after 3rd statement came out :D. FWIW I would've passed the $4000 spend in about the 2nd statement.

    • did you call them to check on the status before you receive your points? I received my 3rd statement on 12/05 (due for payment next week) but no signs of the QF points yet..

      • I did, but St George said they have no control nor visibility over when the points get posted, that it's up to Qantas. They just said the standard line that it could take up to 12 weeks. Mine probably came approx 2 months after I made the spend. :)

        • Thanks for that. I might wait a bit longer. I'm pretty sure I made the min in the first month as I had a couple of flights to book.

  • Still haven't got my points, st george saying that the minimum wait is 90 days + 12 weeks,

    which reading the terms, I kind of agree with.

    edit: called the rewards team and said I should get them on next statement, as they had been transferred across.

  • Anyone received few less points than the advertised 80,000? I got 79,542 points. Will be calling them tomorrow.

    • +1

      Any ~$610 refunds in that month?

      • +1

        Yes!! And that explains it. Thanks @boblim

  • +1

    Point received, account closed. Glad that wait is over!

    • Did you do some fancy dancing when you got them? Hehe

  • +3

    Me too! Received 80,026 points ! Wohooooo… And without single complaint phone calls….

  • For what it's worth, I met the minimum spend in statement 2, received the points in statement 4 (today).

  • Got my bonus points today after receiving 2 letters and making 2 phone calls to “correct” my full name to match my QFF account. Thanks OP!

  • got my 80K points on 4th statement.

  • looks like we all have happy ending this time. thank you Mr George

  • Finally got my points.

  • Points received on the 4th statement. Closing account now!

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