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Office Chair $59.99, Crosscut Shredder $49.99, Canon MG3060 Printer $39.99 + Full Catalogue @ ALDI

  • Mesh fabric back and cushioned seat
  • 360° swivel, adjustable height and tilt function
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Maximum recommended weight: 120kg
  • Assembled size: 60(W) x 59(D) x 97.5-107(H)cm

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  • +4

    As cheap as it is, I wouldn't recommend the chair. The cushion is thin and it's squeaky.

    • +7

      As cheap as it is, I do recommend the chair. The cushion is acceptable and I've had no problems with squeaks over 2 years.

      • Does it look well made?

        How would it compare to an OfficeWorks chair?

        It looks a bit like this one but with side things

        • +5

          side things

          Arm rests

      • +1

        no squeaks from mine and base is very stable, much better than my previous officeworks chair. really depends on your weight and the height you sit at imo(i'm ~70). i use a small cushion for padding as the cushion becomes less effective.

      • You sure it weren't mice?

      • +1

        I've had that chair before. Not worth it. Cushion is thin. Also not a comfortable chair in general. I'd recommend a office works chair over this one.

      • +2

        i've had mine for a good 4-5 years and this is one damn good chair. The cushion is not thin, it just eventually gets compressed and becomes close to flat over time. Solution? get a small chair cushion, it's still sitable without one.

        not a single squeak

    • +15

      Hmm, might have to sit this one out then

      • +4

        I'm going to sit on the fence

        • +2

          The chair looks more comfortable to sit on, than a fence.

      • read the comments above

    • How much do you weight? Serious question here cos I am very interested in tge chair. Cheap chairs like these can’t handle heavy weight. There is a reason why they are cheap.

      • +1

        85kg for me on this chair

        • Thanks. Pretty much my limit so it should be fine for me. I am comparing this to the Officeworks Roma or Archer chairs. $60 vs $89 vs $99.

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  • +1

    At that price I can afford a chair for each butt cheek!

  • Butt out.

  • Shredder any good?

    • +18

      No he's a supervillain.

    • +2

      If its not, dont get cut up about it.

    • +1

      Shredder any good?

      No. It shreds like a bodybuilder shreds before a comp.

      Will take you a while to piece together what has gone through the shredder unfortunately. So I don't recommend it for any of your important documents.

  • Any reviews for the printer?

    • +2

      I stopped looking when I saw it did not take individual ink tanks.

      • Cool thanks for letting me know

  • I am liking that chair. The missus chair been all kinds of chewed by the doggie back when she was a pup

  • +3

    In the catalogue, the ad for the chair says: Bulky Item - bring a friend.

    What if I have no friends? :(

    • +1

      Swipe right ➡

      • +1

        over 20kg requires grinder

    • +1

      An ozbargainer may be willing to help you out for a low price

  • Can't quite make out the date. Is it saying on sale from Sat 2nd Feb?

    • You can magnify it. Starts tomorrow.

  • +1

    Aldi is 2019's goat!

    • Aldi is bae.

  • +1

    That's not the real Aldi catalogue - half the pages should be upside down!

    • +3

      ǝnƃolɐʇɐɔ ᴉpl∀ ǝɥʇ uᴉ ʞɔns ɯ,I dlǝɥ puǝS

  • +1

    When I first read the deal, I read "croissant shredder" and got very confused

  • …im shure that that same orinter is 19$ at bigw like once month

    • Link please

  • does the rice cooker not have a timer at all? or for different kinds of rice?

  • Is the chair on sale tomorrow or on Sat? I have got an email from Aldi saying it starts on Sat.

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