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Telstra 2018 iPad Plan $29/Month for 24 Months with 10GB Data Per Month


Seems a good deal to me. $29 per month for 24 months. 32g 6th gen iPad with 10gig of data per month then throttled to 1.5mbps. So that's $696 for the cellular iPad (currently $667 at officeworks) and 240g of data over the 2 years.

Plus I got $150 cashback through my work run cashback site, ymmv but that took my total down to $546.

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  • does the data sim has number for calling ?

    • No

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        Not when it’s plugged into the device

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    Extra $5/mth for the 128GB version

    Shopback may be $125 for this too.

    • Don't think cashback is available on tablet plans😐

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      Where is the 128gb version?
      I cannot find it.

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        Then you are obviously not looking hard enough

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          The 128 gb is on the same page. Just next to the 32gb.

    • Good call Steptoe. Bought the 128 Gb.
      THANKS OP!!!!

    • EDIT: NVM found it.

  • I doubt you can take calls on it….
    I ordered one yesterday so Mine's still a day or so away.

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      You can take calls on it, forwarded from an iPhone

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        So you can’t take calls on “it”

        • Uhh yep, you can.
          You can receive and even make calls on your iPad.

          They just are from your phone number that your iPhone has. Not the number supplied for the iPad for data.

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            @theguyrules: Ahhh iPads aren’t capable of making or receiving voice calls on any networks voice service.

            Wifi calling yes. But any iPad can do that

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              @Danstar: Sure, they aren’t capable of that.
              But wifi calls, yep. That’s what I’m saying and have said from the start.

              • +1

                @theguyrules: I see what you wrote. A little misleading considering this post is about an cellular iPad

                • @Danstar: You do realize that because this is a cellular iPad, that you don't have to be on WiFi to receive calls, right?
                  I have this exact iPad, and an iPhone. I can make and receive calls through the iPad, so long as I have data reception on my iPhone and iPad. No wifi needed.

                  • -3

                    @theguyrules: Nah duh lol

                    • @Danstar: It works even if the devices are not in the same local network (part of the iOS "Continuity" feature) if the carrier (the one on the iPhone) has Wi-Fi Calling enabled.

                      • +1

                        @EVA-01: I have the same iPad and an iPad Pro too. They both are cellular versions. iPad can make and receive calls using your iPhone SIM. You don’t need to be on the same wifi network. But it uses Bluetooth protocol like how Airdrop uses it. Your phone need to be close to your iPad. It works like magic.

                      • @EVA-01: As I stated

                        Wifi calling yes. But any iPad can do that

                        The main question from people was, can the iPad take calls, to which they mean can it take calls via the cellular networks voice service. Which they cannot. Taking a call using data is a different question.

                    • @Danstar: You’re rude Danstar
                      The votes show it too

                      • -1

                        @bnebgnhunter: I apologies if my “rudeness” portrays facts / opinions based on the questions asked in regards to the deal posted The + votes show that too

    • ALL Telstra SIMs have the capability to take calls - even "Data" SIMs. It's just very stupidly expensive to call from it though ($1 a minute).

      • no, data sim can receive call not taking call

        • Receiving a call and taking a call is the same thing? :/ Did you mean make a call?

  • the $29/m plan only comes with 2G data as I could see.

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      You need to look at the $39 plan. $10 per month credit +bonus 5g data (total 10g)

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        Just to be technical, for new services.

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      The 2G network was shut down a while ago

      • +6

        GPRS ftw!

        • +4

          I'm all about and that fancy new CDMA network.

      • Its 2Gb data not 2G network….

        • I was making fun of his spelling mistake…

  • you make reference to some cashback.. care to share any details?

    CW dont offer CB on tablet plans unfortunately.

    • It wont help you. My work has an online rewards / savers site as a staff benefit. I believe the external entity that runs it is called reward gateway

      • I have the same thing https://ibb.co/RNgyRj7

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          Must be a cat thing…. Lol

          • +20

            @tomcat83: I prefer a tomcat. You never know what state a quantumcat will be in.

          • +1

            @tomcat83: @tomcat83 you got a good chuckle out of me.

      • Hi, Can you please PM me the internal weblink for this offer. I also work for Telstra but have never heard of gateway.

        • There are no 'internal links' If you've never heard of reward gateway offered through your workplace, then the offer wont apply to you.

  • To be fair I'm not certain if the cashback will work or not. I've heard stories where it has in the past. But even without the cashback it's a good deal.

    • Your workplace reward may not work on Telstra Tablet but it will work on Telstra mobile plan..Kindly double check

      • +2

        It's sitting in my account as pending. Im not going to do any more digging into something that won't help anyone else anyway.

      • Yes, I have the reward gateway through work as well - it says "Cashback will only be paid for customers signing up online on telstra.com to a new phone on a Device Payment Contract on a 24 month Go Mobile Plan" so not sure if it will work…

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    I can confirm that I got $90 cashback on my ipad signup with telstra.

    • +3

      Did it just track or confirmed? Both cashback sites state tablet plans are not eligible for cashback.

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    Throttling only available on top plan, otherwise $10 per gb

    • +1
      • +2

        Nice one, the PDS on the link provided in the original post said peace of mind only available on the top plan so I'm gonna look into this further. Its a make or break condition for me

        • +1

          I signed up a few nights ago fully expecting only 10GB of data but PoM is included at no additional cost

          Telstra have the advertisements near the computers, but for some reason don't advertise online..

    • can confirm - this response from telstra

      "The Critical Information Summary is telling about the standard tablet plans we have available. But since this offer is a Tablet Companion Plan, the Peace of Mind Data is included on this plan and I assure you that you can get this with your iPad.

      If you'd like, I can also place the order for you to make sure that all the inclusions and bonus data will be added on your plan. How does that sound to you?"

      • Will this work with the 128gb model too? As you're getting the same plan discount and bonus data?

        • Yep I just ordered one

          128gb ipad and 10gb per month and peace of mind

          $34 per month

          • @69 dollar dealz: "Peace of Mind data is not available on the $19 and $29 plan" …mmm…will need to double check why I didn't get it

    • I got this plan some months back… it's not new. I've also got throttling as well. Can provide screenshots if required. :) … tomcats link below is the one I used; you can also sign up in-store.

  • Are you sure the data will be throttled to 1.5 MBPS once allowance reached? It says in the critical information summary:
    " if you use more than your Monthly Data allowance, we will automatically add extra data to your service in blocks of 1GB for $10 (Extra Data)?

    • It's included. I signed up in store a few nights ago and can confirm that it's a part of my plan

      • Did you get something in writing after you joined

  • +2

    iPad 6th Gen? I kind of got lost at their numbering convention given they started calling it "Air", "Pro", "New ipad", "New New iPad" etc. Become a bit of a joke when you dont know which model you own or going to buy.

    • +1

      Seems to be the latest one.

      BUT there is a new iPad coming out in a few months that is BIGGER and BETTER of course.

      • +3

        Going to be called the all American Biggly Yuge iPad.. Bestest fastest one to date!

        • +1

          Will be the 'new 2019 ipad XR max mini'

      • Rumours say there will be a new base iPad coming in a few months. Probably it'll make this one seem like an antique in comparison.

        • My hope would be they lose the button and reduce the bezel. This will make it a great option.

      • Bigger? I thought Apple was all about thin and light technology.

      • 2019 iPads will Hopefully all have USB C instead of the proprietary Apple port, they started with the 2018 iPad Pro's so hopefully this year they do them all.

        It will be good for people like me who have android phones but wouldn't mind an iPad.

        • -3

          In my last job I had Apple and Android products, don't do it.

          Buy an Android tablet if you have an Android phone.

          • +5

            @spaceflight: I say this as someone who's only ever had Android phones, and has owned two Android tablets: Android on tablets kinda sucks. Not bad enough that it's useless, but bad enough that I get why people would rather have an iPad.

            • +1

              @lbft: Wake me up when iPads let you plug into your computer and drag and drop files straight onto it without itunes or another content management app.

              I have 5 iPads. I miss having a file system very much. It matters more to me than their app store.

          • +1

            @spaceflight: I have a pixel C wifi personally and I have a work supplied iPad with 4g (exact same one as this deal actually). If I was to leave them both on my coffee table for a week the pixel C would be 30% battery on a good day, the iPad would be around 97%.

            That's why iPads are the go for a tablet imo, if you want something just to pick up every now and then at least an iPad will be usable, an android tablet will be dead half the time you pick it up.

            This is coming from someone who still to this point has never actually owned an apple product (work supplied iPhone+iPad but that doesn't count). My next tablet will be an iPad though, for my use case, which I would consider to be occaional, as generally I'll just use my phone, great stand-by batter is a must and even Google's own "no bloat" tablet can't provide even a fraction of what an iPad can in that regard.

          • -2

            @spaceflight: There’s more and better apps for iPad though.

      • That is always the case, every time with every technology. You nail it when it’s feasible or ready to pay full price in most cases.

      • You forgot thinner too!

    • Yes… the one dubbed '6th Gen'. :)

    • It's even more confusing that they look the same, fit in the same cases etc.

  • -3

    Optus deal with unmetered Spotify usage and Netflix/Stan ($5/month) seems better?

    Only 3gb data though

    • +5

      This includes Peace of Mind data, so one could argue that this is a better deal

    • +1

      Telstra still far better IMO…

      a) better customer service (anecdotal)
      b) more unrestricted data
      c) unlimited restricted data (same quality as that of optus' unmetered offer i.e. 1.5mbps)

      I got this plan a couple of months ago. Has done me good. :)

      • AFL nrl and what ever other sports they have is steamed data free too

      • Telstra customer service awful…in fact worse than awful

        • YMMV, my experience with the real Telstra stores has been pretty good.

        • Agreed. Telstra is just rubbish these days.

      • +2

        Lol. Customer Service? Not when they moved their customer service to Cebu, retrenched 1/3 of their workforce in Australia within the last 5 years and then figured Filipino labour was still too expensive and changed to interactive automated telephone answering and web based support. They then replaced a human at the end of the web based support with a bot to try and answer your questions.

        That what you call service?

        • If I had a robot that did triage on the customers I ended up having to talk to at the ISP I worked at, I'd absolutely love it. Rebooting the modem/phone with SIM/wireless device and pressing the wireless button on the modem was between 1/4 to 1/3 of the calls.

          • @mccarthyp64: LOL. That's why you are most likely unemployed and your ISP having low service reputation.
            Fact is, people pay a premium for Telstra services for actual service. Not to speak to a computer with a recording to "reboot your computer and router". That's just greed and is totally reflective of their share prices.

            • @bchliu: Where I worked consistently gets customer service awards (not Telstra or TPG) and I went to a business provider, I'm not unemployed lol

    • Telstra are the only ones offering unmetered Apple Music, excluding videos. Boost offers if too iirc, they are a Telstra reseller.

    • I like that deal and love it but I think this one may be better as it’s similar speeds.

  • Perfect for Oldschool RuneScape Mobile!

  • +1

    I have never had a handset or tablet through a telco - do you get a tax invoice? Can you salary sacrifice it/claim TRS?

    • +1

      I'm really curious about this too. I'd love to know if I can salary sacrifice this.

  • How much could you sell this thing for. I wouldnt mind the 10gb for my current tablet.

    • ~$400 depends on where you sell it

  • +1

    This would have been perfect for me if you could still share data across services. Getting whipped with extra $10 data packs for going over data allotment. If I could share it, would have been great just to get the extra 10gb data for only $29 and then bonus iPad. Ohwell :(

    • +1

      Telstra confirmed to me if you go over it just throttles on this deal