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LG V30+ (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $479 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi (In Store Only)


On the look out for a new mobile and this deal is on front page of next weeks JB Hi-Fi catalogue for the LG V30+ at 40% off their current price.
From a quick search it appears to be the cheapest price for local Australian stock, maybe even cheaper than grey import…

Some Features

  • 6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
  • F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM (GB) - 4.0
  • Cine Video Mode
  • Point Zoom
  • Wide Angle Cameras
  • 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
  • 128GB Storage
  • IP68 Certified
  • Dual Sim
  • NFC and Band 28 !
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
  • Headphone Jack

Price History

Catalogue Front Page

Edit 31/1 1am: No longer available online, in store only.

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  • Also ordered, glad to be upgrading from my Galaxy S4.
    Edit - Though the order is pending (both on PayPal and the JB HI-FI site), I probably should have used the credit card directly without PayPal.
    Here's hoping that didn't screw me over in some spectacular way.

  • Live online at about 12.15am QLD time. Ordered for click and collect $479 at Brisbane store. Confirmation email received.

  • Item not available anymore. Already sold out!?

    • it looks like its switched to in store purchase only without the ability to check stock. Does it mean they have some reserved for instore purchases only or are they just straight up out of stock.

  • Well that sold out quickly..

  • -1

    It let me click and collect two from my local store around 12:30am QLD time.

    • I guess you are one of the last ones who could make it.

  • +1

    nuff said :P Imgur

    • +1

      Cheeky shit, congrats :).

      • Thanks man, you are funny af. I got a grin when read your rpely haha like my avatar with spongebob

  • Damn, can't check stock online, option isn't available for the phone. Should have checked earlier :(.

    Good luck peeps, Ill try head to a local JB in the morning when they open, fingers crossed.

    • Try to call stores around you. I found staff in stores around me are helpful. Some of them even mentioned they can give me a call when they have the additional stocks.

  • Checked at 3 am and could not C&C online

  • +5

    Well done to JB for highlighting those important features.


    • Sound like a new iPhone sell pitch, they've finally caught up.

  • Got this phone. Bought 6 months ago for $500. I really like the phone.

  • Unsure why this phone is so popular. LG has a poor history on updates, bootloop not to mention this phone has very bad front facing camera.

    They also have bootloader locked I believe

    You could pay a bit more and get something like Oneplus 6, Nokia 7 plus or Motorola G6 plus around same price?

    I suppose only reason is Quad DAC and 128gb rom. However the CPU is old and ram is only 4gb?

    • snapdragon 835 as well. pretty old

      • +2

        All reviews praise its performance. They all said phone runs extremely well, and on par with the flagship phones from 2017. Going 6GB, most users will never notice this and for the price, expectations need to be leveled, otherwise, buy a $800 phone.

        • +1

          Correct…and its local stock rather than grey. That means full 2 years warranty.

    • +7

      So what about their history? We've known for years that they broke free from their bootloop issues.
      Bringing up the history of other phones' issues doesn't suddenly induce a bootloop onto the V30, sorry to break it to you.

      • -3

        Just saying a poor track record on after sales service and support.

        I mean just pointing that out as something to consider.

        As for the phone itself. It's on discount for a reason… to clear stock for upcoming models.

        I'm not saying it's not a good buy but only if you really want that Quad DAC and 128gb storage

        Just don't expect it to perform as good as Oneplus 6 which costs a bit more

        Its selfie camera is actually worse than their bootllooping G4.

        For a 2019 phone 6gb is required I reckon. But then again this phone is an old one so 4gb was the standard. Even Pixel 3 tries 4gb but a lot of people do not like its heavy RAM management

        Updates from LG will be a real issue here. You won't be getting updates if at all for this old model.

        LG always only care about new flagships. It's old model usually don't get updates after a year or so. Unlike Samsung and even Huawei

        The phone itself shouldn't have been priced @ $799

        It's deceiving to see it as a bargain cutting down to $479 from $799 but the reality is it wasn't worth $799 in the first place

        • +2

          Then I suppose it just comes down to where your priorities lie.

          If the "selfie" camera is relevant to you in any way, then that's really something. Personally it's just a decorative sticker for me, and hence I'm not willing to spend a dime on giving it better specs that I'll never utilize.

          Similar applies to the 4gb vs 6gb ram. If you're looking to play some first-person-shooters on your phone instead of your computer, go ahead, the OnePlus 6 is probably the phone for you. I am guessing that more than 4gb won't be anywhat significant to the general population, though.

          You seem to be placing yourself as a rather specific user. If the OzBargainers out there are indeed Instagram users that need that "selfie" camera, and also gamers that need their 6gb then yes, I do encourage them not to buy this phone. But to answer the "Unsure why this phone is so popular" statement, it's because we're different users than you are. This phone suits our needs.

          Note that the OnePlus 6 in its sales history is $200-300 more expensive than this offer. I, for one, am not willing to spend that much for on ram that won't get used, and a camera that won't get used. To some people these features will indeed be relevant - I acknowledge that to them, you're right, this isn't the phone for them.

        • +2

          forget about Quad DAC and 128gb storage….Can you suggest any comparable local stock phone with SD835 and AMOLED screen?

        • +1

          Personally, I have found service and warranty support for Au purchased LG handsets to be very good.
          It is one of the reasons I have stuck with LG from the G2 onward.
          I dropped my handset off to them in Auburn where they needed to change a pcb part of the handset under warranty, walked down the road to Costco for 45 min, came back and it was done and ready to go.
          When I thought I had broken the screen of the v30 (It ended up not being broken), I rang them up and they said they could repair it and maintain the water resistance, and again it would be done in a fairly short amount of time (I cant remember exactly how long and think it would have cost around $230 from memory).

          TLDR; Wanted to add that my experience with LG service up to now with Au handsets has been fine, and better than what I had expected.

    • +3

      The bootloader is unlockable, and I'll be putting LineageOS on which will take care of the lack of updates.

      As for the phone itself, none of its flaws bother me and the features it has are what I'm looking for. I don't think there is anything else at this price that I could say that about.

      • This is also what i wish to do!

        Can I ask how do you plan on installing LineageOS? I have been in two minds about this deal because I cannot seem to find v30 on the lineage downloads page. I assumed there was no lineage OS support for the v30 as yet.

      • With LineageOS, will there be any issues with certain apps if they detect that you have a custom ROM such as some banking apps?

        • +1

          Possibly, but I haven't had any trouble with my current phone (with the exceptions of the 7-11 fuel app and Foxtel Go app of all things).

        • Also keen to know. This will be the deciding factor for me. Otherwise will just be waiting for Android Pie by end of Q2 (apparently).

          Edit: Found this quote: "Thank you! With the new ro props feature my banking app (ANZ goMoney) no longer detects that I'm in a custom ROM (LineageOS) and I can finally use the NFC wallet feature!" from March 2017. No idea if it is secure or if it still works

          Edit2: Seems you can disable root access :https://techfuzz.net/remove-lineageos-inbuilt-root-system/

        • +1

          Yes banking apps and Opal etc

          However you can get around it by masking. I recall there a rooted app that hides it. You can specify which app sees you are using a rooted device

          You do this at your own risk. If you lose money etc you are literally using a rooted phone and you can't argue it's nothing to do with it

          As for NFC, many payment apps like Google Pay and Samsung pay etc they can detect root or custom rom as well.

          Unsure if you can hide away from them.

          IMO I can't be bothered dealing with it. Hence I would pay a bit more for a proper supported phone that I know I do not need to root and unlock bootloader.

          • @neonlight: Appreciate your insight as I feel many people have not realised that there is a significant issue down the track with LG being unreliable with updates.

            • +3

              @forrester: All good. I'm just pointing it out for people who just quickly jump on the bandwagon like most deals. There are many considerations before purchasing a smartphone, shouldn't be one of those you just jump on without thinking and have that buyers remorse just cause it's a popular deal and you do that impulsive purchase. I'm glad you appreciate what I've tried to let others know. Not everyone understands where I'm coming from

      • Ok that's fine. But literally you buy a new phone and to make full use of it you need to hack and root the phone and install a custom rom to function…

        I guess that suits you but I don't have the time to do that

        I used to do heaps of rooting and custom roms from HTC desire heydays. It can turn to a hobby. It is annoying though everytime you need to re-root after OS updates what not and you don't get any warranty unless you restore back to factory with no traces like Samsung Knox

        Lineage OS in particular I currently use it on my Nexus 7 2013 only because there are no OS updates and the default OS is sluggish

        • +2

          Not sure if I would say that I need to install LineageOS to make full use of it. At least, no more so than any other phone. I understand that LG is slow to release updates, but if I have to use Oreo a bit longer than others then I don't see that as being the worst thing in the world. If you want more regular updates without having to install another ROM then I guess this isn't the phone for you.

          • +1

            @CeleryMan: Cool. I get what you coming from. If you got the time go ahead and enjoy the device. I guess everyone is different and have different priorities in life. I no longer spend time rooting and playing with custom roms. If I can afford to I rather spend that time with family and other hobbies

            For the record I've done so on HTC desire, desire HD, Samsung S2, S3, LG G3, G4, Nexus 7. Mucked around with rooted apps, nand backup, customisation fiddling with boot screen all sorts of stuff.

            I enjoyed it but time have changed. Don't have the spare time for it

            • @neonlight: Me too. I no longer do that stuff. Just want a phone, boot up and forget.

  • Just got the last one from Strand Arcade Sydney. They said they have 10 coming in today but have already put 5 peoples name down.

  • Got the last one at Broadmeadows, Vic. They said they have 6 on order.

    • I am about to come to Broadmeadows store.

      • Good luck. Doubt they'll have any but you might be able to place one on hold.

  • No stock at epping plaza vic great start JB

  • Are there security updates happening on this phone. Even my S8 has those regularly.

    My concerns (based on too much Youtube):

    Poor selfie camera
    Poor slow Mo quality
    Poor image stabilisation
    No security updates
    Slower to get to Pie then the s8. Maybe.
    Potential incompatibility with everything: car, fitbit etc - https://www.fitbit.com/devices

    Actually maybe there has been a software update fixing the above?

    • The only thing you need to worry about is:

      Selfies and low-light photography, it's not the best, but then, are you spending $1,000 for it?

      Security updates, last one was 1 August 2018.

      PIE is expected Q2 2019.

      • Thanks. So image stabilisation is ok now?

        • +1

          No OIS is a hardware limit. Upgrading OS does not fix OIS

        • Image stabilisation was a concern in reviews. So, unfortunately, this hasn't changed. Their advice was to stay still while taking the photo, so you spend a little more time. But results are fantastic.

          • -1

            @RocketSwitch: dont know what you guys are on about, the V30 does indeed have OIS…

            • +1

              @homersyd: No one said it doesn't have it, reviews said it's poor.

              • @RocketSwitch: Mainly want OIS for video….

                • +2

                  @boxall: It does include digital video stabilization, but the reviews suggest it's not the best.

                • +1

                  @boxall: FYI - OIS is really made for photos, EIS however is made more for video.

  • How do these phones handle the heat? My V20 turns into a kettle and throttles right down to useless.

    My next phone will have heatpipes in it…

    • +1

      That's a common issue with LG V20. Supposedly the thermal paste in it is either sub par quality, or not enough used.

      People put their own on and it seems to fix the issue.

  • Bought one and used $450 gift card.

  • Got the last one from the Melbourne Central store…. Thanks OP!!! 😊😊😊

  • My cousin was at the Narre Warren store 10 minutes after they opened, 3 people came in and bought the lot. Staff there told him they were sold out at every store in Melbourne so I assume there's people doing the same everywhere.

    • +1


      • The Trinity of Broden?

  • fwiw cost of A grade refurbs is ~$200 USD on ebay.com - i got one recently while there and quite happy with it

    • Got a link?

  • +3

    Don't even bother boys, i've called up 6 jb hifi's in Sydney and none in stock.

    EDIT: Make that 10 stores.

    • Just picked one up from Macquarie Centre store.

      When I checked yesterday, Castle Hill and North Sydney stores also had stock.

      • I called macquarie centre at 930am and they said they had none, Also called both Castle Hill stores too.

      • +1

        I got to North Sydney at 9:05 and they were sold out. Apparently they had a queue outside before opening.

        • +1

          Pretty much all the stores i asked said they were only going to restock around 4-6 phones each, Castle Hill said 10 but all said the lists were full to put names down. Pretty funny that in all of Sydney they were selling about maybe 100 phones (being generous) and said it was a reasonable quantity. Anyway looks like we're all getting pocophones.

  • Stock available in the Frankston Bayside store

  • There are two left at Rouse Hill

  • Got the last one from Elizabeth Street store, thanks OP.

  • Will it support wireless charging, heard australia version doesn't.

    • Yes. I have the AU model and can confirm it supports wireless charging, including fast wireless (I think 15W)

      • Legend, now i have figure out on justifying my upgrade from s8

  • I have one on hold at my local store but after reading through some forums I have concerns over Bluetooth issues on Oreo. I use a number of Bluetooth LE devices including a Garmin Sports watch and a Tile tracker. It sounds like the Oreo update resulted in problems with Bluetooth audio while using these. Anybody happen to know if a subsequent patch has fixed this?

    • Is that just an oreo thing or LG thing? I'm on an s7 with oreo and don't have any bluetooth audio issues.

      • I think it's a problem specific to this phone.
        See https://www.reddit.com/r/lgv30/comments/8pkfdc/giving_up_on_...

        • I read the thread and a few times people say it started when Orea came along. Just wondering though, in the thread, is that an issue using V30 or V30+? or both pretty much the same phone?

          • @Widget: From what I've read V30 and V30+ are identical except for extra storage on the V30+. I've bought the phone in hope that they've fixed it - or if not hopefully it will be resolved when they release Android Pie (supposedly Q2 2019).

  • I have had no Bluetooth issues and have used it since May last year

    • From what I've read, the Bluetooth issues only occur if you have any apps running that make connections which use Bluetooth LE - e.g. Garmin Connect or the Tile app.
      Do you know if you're using any of these?

      • I run Garmin Connect with a Vivosmart HR and it works without issue,
        audio playback via bluetooth without issue to car head units, bluetooth speakers and headphones
        audio playback on USB-C via Android Auto without issue

        • Thanks for responding - really appreciate it. Sounds like they have fixed the issues.

          • @drongodave: No problem. I dont know if the Vivoshart HR is BLE though. The band pairs directly from the Garmin app.

  • +3

    Haven't turned it on, but damn is it a nice phone. Build quality is extremely good.

    I don't get why people say it's old. What are the major differences between 835 and 845?

    They're mostly marketing numbers. If it was fine for flagships then, it should be fine now. Some of us prefer not to get sucked into all the hype and shell out $$$ for something that will lose support after 2 years.

    • What earphones does it come with

      • Stock standard, black, LG branded headphones. In-ear with a few ear tips. Has inline controls and Mic.

        • What i thought it came with b and o h3s like before

  • Ordered pickup with Chaddy last night - Order confirmed at 8am this morning - they just called and said there was a stock level glitch - my left eye started twitching but luckily they are going to find me stock somewhere. They also said they have 10 on order so I can nab one of those if there are any issues finding a store with stock. I reckon you'll be able to work with stores to find stock over the next few weeks.

    • on the topic of support, LG are notoriously slowww on updates

      • okay - that wasn't really the topic of my post but sure - I experienced that with Samsung too when I had my Note 3. I don't care so much about updates - Q2 2019 for Android Pie is fine for my purposes (and I may just install a custom ROM anyway if android Pay will work)

  • Got one from Adelaide St Brisbane. They had 2, I was first in the door and claimed one and they already had someone on the phone to put a hold on the other. I think they have 4 more coming at some stage. Thanks OP!!!

  • Just got 1 from MacArthur Square, Sydney. They have 1 more left.

    • +1

      Hey mate, did yours come plastic sealed or just the little black label sealing the box? Mine didn't have any plastic just a little worried…. Cheers

      • +3

        Black label

  • +1

    Seems like they have very little stock in Melbourne… don't think they would pass the "reasonable quantity" test would they?
    And my local store refusing to do a back order at this price.

    Advertising techniques
    Bait advertising and special offers

    Bait advertising is the practice of offering items for sale at low prices to attract consumers to a business.

    Bait advertising can be a legitimate form of advertising. However, it is illegal to engage in this conduct where goods or services are advertised for sale at a discounted price, and they are not available in reasonable quantities and for a reasonable period at that price.

    • In my opinion it's pretty reasonable, most stores I've talked to have another 5-ish coming in soon. One of the staff at Greensborough informed me that the stock might even be coming this afternoon/tomorrow morning :)

  • +1

    For any South Australians, I bought the last (only?) one from Melrose Park. The guy said they still have them at Noarlunga and a few stores out north. I needed two, so I paid for a second that they will transfer from another store.
    They also have a few more units on their way, but they didn't know when they would arrive, and their system wouldn't let them put my name on one of them.

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