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LG V30+ (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $479 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi (In Store Only)


On the look out for a new mobile and this deal is on front page of next weeks JB Hi-Fi catalogue for the LG V30+ at 40% off their current price.
From a quick search it appears to be the cheapest price for local Australian stock, maybe even cheaper than grey import…

Some Features

  • 6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
  • F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
  • Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • RAM (GB) - 4.0
  • Cine Video Mode
  • Point Zoom
  • Wide Angle Cameras
  • 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
  • 128GB Storage
  • IP68 Certified
  • Dual Sim
  • NFC and Band 28 !
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
  • Headphone Jack

Price History

Catalogue Front Page

Edit 31/1 1am: No longer available online, in store only.

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  • +8

    Price guarantee refund was processed without issue. Very straightforward.

  • Walked into Tuggerah Store at 9am, bought one, thanks

  • +2

    Went from December 2018 Security patch to August 2018. Nice one, LG.

  • +1

    Just got one at Burleigh store on Gold Coast….they had a couple in stock.Robina had 1 left this morning but have 6 coming in.

  • In stock at JB Brisbane. One in mall.

    • 3 left. Stock just came in.

  • Does anyone know if this phone comes with the b and o h3

    • No, the phone comes with unbranded generic earbuds I have never opened or used, USB-c charging cable, fast 16W charger, black cleaning cloth and some small black envelope containing stuff I have never opened.

      • Aww that sucks thought lg included them

  • +3

    If you are looking for better earbuds than the ones included with the v30, I have found the Xiaomi HD earbuds to be very good (especially with the tweak to enable high impedance mode (included in the xda anxious module, requires root), they have been available for $25 before

    Note I am not an audiophile though and the sky is the limit with other options if you are, just the above ones for me have been enjoyable.

  • Would consider this if the battery was ait bigger then the Note 8. Not sure it would perform much better.

  • Got mine. Yay!

    • how does it compare to pixel 2 xl?

  • keen to buy one in WA.

    • Malaga should have like 10 of then comning in so prob opt in and ask them to give you call when they get it.

    • bought 1x from mobileciti.

  • +1

    FWIW, I went to Elizabeth St store in Melbourne, they didn't have any, but they have some coming in. I paid up front, and they'll contact me when it arrives. Would have liked one today, but I want the phone in general, so it's still worth it for me to do this. I'm sure it will be offered at other stores.

    • +1

      Interested as to when they arrive. Can you keep us updated please?

      • I had the same story from Chadstone but then their stock arrived that arvo - they're probably all spoken for now though.

        • If youre still keen, knox has about 5 in stock

          • -2

            @CaptainNewspeak: Thanks but I'm good. I actually have 2 now - I'm trying to offload one for cost price in the classifieds.

  • Question. Anyone using this with Amazon Prime Video. Says it is only SD????

    Streaming Video Quality: UHD/HDR/HD on Sony Xperia XZ Premium mobile devices; HDR /HD on Samsung Galaxy Note 7/8/9, Galaxy 8/8+/9/9+, Galaxy Tab S3, Sony Xperia XZ1; SD on all other Android devices

    Weird. Supports HDR on Netflix!

    • Prime is like that. They do not officially support Android except for the nvidia Shield. One of my TV boxes only gets SD, but my Samsung Tab S3 gets HD. You might be able to get around it by using a web browser instead of the app. I used the web browser trick to get Stan going when it complained my Android STB was rooted.

      • S8 is HD as are most Samsungs and some Sonys.

  • +1

    In WA. Just picked up the last one in stock at Carousel. More stock coming but don't know when or how many.
    None in stock in Cannington but expect a minimum of 5 units later today but most likely tomorrow.

  • 2 Stores have gotten back to me saying they'll hold it. Anyone from Western Sydney want 1 let me know.

    • Me me please!

      • Still up for grabs if anyone wants (cost price with JB hifi receipt.).

    • Are these grey import? Difference between this and the OP JB deal?

      • +10

        Not sure, it says Australian stock.

        Also on their ebay store - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LG-V30-Plus-H930DS-Dual-Sim-4G-3...

        Works out to 432ish with Pixies code.

        • Ebay - not available anymore.

        • Those sold out quick!

        • +1

          $432.. jeez

        • +2

          Back in stock briefly - I grabbed one.

          • +1

            @Naed: Me too, 432, buyers remorse time, wonder if I’ve jumped too soon and price will drop further ?
            Had planned on a note 8 or s9+ but jumped on this due to ozb hysteria!

        • More than 10 available now.

          $441.52 using PIXIE code (inc. postage). Never used them before though, so dunno what their warranty/return process is like.

        • They were back in stock. Had one in my cart. By the time I filled out payment info it was gone. Annoying. Wish it held the item in your cart for a set period so other people couldn't swoop in!

          • @wisepage: Go to Amazon. With cash back via Shopback it is $437.

        • More in stock here?

  • I am now interested in this.

    I have an LG G6 H870DS back in 2017 for about $500 odd which has been a great phone for me overall. I purchased it grey import specifically so I could get this model as it's a dual sim. Wasn't available in Australian retailers.
    When I first saw this deal I assumed this model was single sim which is often the case for Australian models but I just checked the specific H930DS model and it's dual so I'm interested.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the upgrade from the G6 to V30? Worth it?

    • Yeah same here, upgrade from G6 to V30 now or wait for G7….

      • Compared to the G6, v30 looks and feels more premium with the polished aluminium, curved front and rear glass, AMOLED screen, slightly lighter, and thinner body. v30 has glass optics and a f1.6 main camera.
        The G6 screen glass is planar.
        To me the v30 felt faster in operation than the G6, 835 vs 821 CPU.
        G7 is narrower so may be better if you prefer narrower handsets, but the v30 feels better in the hand (I have had both).

        • Cheers I'm almost sold… must resist :) my G6 is only 8 months old

          • @jacknomiz2: Yeah it is still a great phone with a nice display. Hang onto it.
            I havent had a G7 (although they are narrower than v30), my above comment meant for G6 vs v30

            • @DisabledUser58080: I'm thinking of resisting… the Amazon deal for $430 odd is a good deal though.

              But do I really need to make another carefree purchase courtesy of ozb…

              • @DisabledUser230012: Yes we do :)

                • @jacknomiz2: Resist :)
                  You may not feel better, but your wallet will.

                  • +1

                    @DisabledUser58080: Ok I caved in after 2 hours of deliberation :) Got one from mobileciti deal. Bad OzB….

                    • @jacknomiz2: Are they dual 4g? If so that's a big upgrade for me.

                      • @DisabledUser230012: Not sure, but I doubt it…

                      • @DisabledUser230012: Both do 4G, but not simultaneously. Simultaneously one is 4G the other will be on 3G

                        • @DisabledUser58080: So g6 and v30 same in this regard?

                        • @DisabledUser58080: Another one I thought of… Does the 2nd sim port come at the sacrifice of the additional sd card same as the g6?

      • G7 battery is less and notch dont touch the G7 its a downgrade. Get the v30

  • I just got one close to me at opening, if anyone wants one at Jb Hifi Joondalup Home ( WA - next to bunnings ) let me know i will let you know the name it is on hold under :)

    • Can you send me a message with the name if it's still available?

      • yep still available, can't message you though… new user.

  • My JB called as they got more stock

  • this phone is not dual 4G, isn't it? Not sure how long AU 3g network can last.

  • I picked up the last one from JB-HiFi in the EnEX building in Perth.

  • +1

    On Amazon now for $487. With SB cashback brings it down to $429. Wow! Kinda wish I hadn't got it at JB first thing this morning. That is just me being greedy though lol.

    • Thought the same. SB is limited to $50 cash back. So actually $437.

      • Oh true

    • Whats sb cashback for the ignorant like me.

      • +2

        shopback. its like cashrewards

  • Got one, decent specs and phone.

  • Anyone in Brisbane missed out? I am planning to take mine back to JB now I got it from Amazon instead. Receipt and cost price of course.

  • Now those that have it, what are you doing in way of screen protectors? Review on so many protectors are terrible due to the curved display. Some protectors not even covering the full display. Anyone found a particular brand better than others?

  • +1

    Thanks for the Amazon find, just purchased one at $437 (after cashback from SB). Having stock run out at JB this morning turned out to be a blessing.

    Will use the $50 saved on a good case!

  • If anyone in WA is interested - I just cancelled the one they were keeping on hold for me at Rockingham JB as my husband managed to get one for me at Armadale JB (last one) - so Rockingham may still have some stock

    Just wanted to check - do these come unsealed? Just the box and the LG sticker seal but no plastic wrapping?

    • Some people have commented above, just the sticker seal with no plastic.

      • oops - correct, didn't see
        Good to hear :)

  • +1

    What screen protector do you guys recommend?

    • Just buy a couple so you have a backup when you break the first one. But seriously, I am wondering the same thing (my Moto Z Play screen died on the weekend hence my urgency to get this deal).

      • +1

        I went naked with my last phone because on the phone before that i just got cheapo ebay glass ones. They made the screen quality not as nice and phone looked a bit uglier. Don't mind paying for something a bit better this time which keeps for a while.

    • I am using this one at the moment. LOCA bonded screen protector, match the screen curve and has no airgap because of the LOCA. Comes with LOCA, uv lamp and screen (but no instructions)

      shipped to me in 10 days. $6


      • Awesome, will give it a go. Cheers Pete

      • How easy is that to install?

        • It is not as easy as the traditional glass protectors, LOCA gets out while you line it up and press it down to work out the bubbles.
          Probably wear latex/nitrile protective gloves and some kind of UV safe eyewear just to be sure.
          Best to mask off the speakers, microphpones, usb port, sim tray, buttons, (rear camera glass just in case) etc before applying the LOCA, trim masking so it wont get under the protector.
          use isopropyl alcohol or metho afterwards to clean up residue that is still on the screen or edges afterwards.

          5 min UV cure with the supplied lamp resting about 150-200mm above the phone (you need a micro USB cable and USB power supply)
          took about 15 min or so - ends up looking like this

  • Just picked up the last one in stock at the JB in Indooropilly, QLD.

    They also offered a $200 JB voucher if you port to Telstra prepaid ($45/m for 12 mths I believe), which you could take ff the phone cost. I didn't bite, but worth noting if you're keen on Telstra's coverage etc.

  • +3

    The biggest issue with LG and Samsung is their lathargic and short winded Android update policies. After burning through many LG & Samsung Android phones over the past 10 years, I got sick of the 9-12 month late rollouts and 1-2 years of major upgrades and moved to Oneplus - never looked back.

    • who cares about updates?

      Phone still works.

      Your phone isn't going to get hacked just because Samsung or Optus haven't released the new Android update quickly. Calm down, petal.

      • +4

        Great logic. Yeh, I love having all my personal data, banking information, passwords etc available on a device which is exposed to major and easily exploited security holes (KRACK etc) and my phone hasn't had a security update in over 18 months - it's a really comforting feeling. Also, running Android versions which are 2 years behind the current major release when your phone is 2.5-3 years old is awesome too.

        • -2

          Take the tinfoil hat off. You sound a bit hysterical

          my phone hasn't had a security update in over 18 months

          Buy a different Android phone.

          I'm an engineer. I understand software. I don't care. Why should you?

  • Anyone having problems with the camera? It says Camera unavailable no matter what I try

    • sounds like a DOA…take it back to shop

      • Will do, cheers

  • My wife went to Malaga WA this morning at 9am (was there when they opened) and was told they were sold out, we managed to get one from Midland which only had 2 in stock. Poor effort from JB

    • Please explain.

  • I couldn't find any $487 link on Amazon. Could someone please share the link? Thanks :)

    • This is it, but the good price only shows when mobileciti has stock. Currently only 2 other more expensive sellers have it.


      It's been coming on and off the good price all night as they drip feed stock into the Amazon system.

      • thanks very much will keep an eye out for it

  • The power of Ozbargain got me! I had zero intention of buying a mobile phone yesterday but today thought I might start investigating what phone to get for my daughter to take to school. Then I see this deal had gone gangbusters so I couldn't miss this. And I'm someone who takes ages to decide on anything.

    The first JB I tried was out of stock. Was told they would be getting 7 in soon and I could buy one now to make sure I would get it. Then was told that the closest JB to this one (6 min drive away) had 2 in stock. So I quickly headed over to the other store and to the surprise of the sales guy and me, he managed to find the last phone out the back.

    Hope I won't regret the purchase.