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Office Work HP 2TB SimpleSave External Hard Drive only $108 for sale


HP 2TB SimpleSave External Hard Drive

Only $108 at Office Work

I think it's a good deal

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    Also at Big W from Saturday at the same price - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/43230

    Get the officeworks 5% price beat to get it for $102.60

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    i'd be buying usb 3 these days though…

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      I wouldn't. USB 3.0 is very short-term, with Light Peak (Thunderbolt) in most new PC's and accessories by the end of the year.

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        USB 3.0 is backward compatibile with USB 2.0, so you can buy it now and use it now… they are not much more expensive anyway….

        if i need to buy a disk in a years time, then I'll worry about thunderbolt then…

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        Many desktops still have PS/2 ports on them. USB3 will be here for a very long time.

        An expensive new high-speed interconnect brings absolutely no benefit to devices like keyboards, mice, webcams, etc. Even now, USB3 is faster than external mechanical hard disks and flash drives. Once ultra-high-speed flash drives become affordable, USB4 would probably be out. I bet Thunderbolt will become like Firewire - rather pointless for the majority of users.

        …unless manufacturers somehow manage to price Thunderbolt devices the same as USB3 devices. That didn't happen with firewire vs usb2 though. What advantages does Thunderbolt have over USB3 (say, over the next 2-3 years) to the average computer user anyway?


        Anything co-developed by Apple can go to hell.

        Light Peak will at best, become a staple of Macs, and at worst suffer the same fate as HD-DVD.


    I'm in need of another 2TB External HDD, This fits my price range. Has anybody ever tried an external from HP before? I've previously had a cheaper brand HDD fail on me and lose all my data, so im wanting something i can rely on.


    I got one and its very beautiful with piano paint materials and blue LED light


    Very good pricing.

    If you look at StaticICE, the $105 barrier has to yet to be cracked when it comes to 2TB, USB 2.0 HDDs.

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