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Nvidia Shield Media Player with Remote $181.85 Delivered @ Kogan via Amazon AU


Yet another Nvidia Shield deal. This one is the Shield plus Remote for $181.85 from the Amazon AU but sold by Kogan.

I got a whole heap of warnings about posting Kogan deals but I do not work for Kogan. Ordered one myself as I have got an Amazon gift card.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Does anyone know what sort of power cable would come with this? thanks

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      Kogan is an official NVIDIA reseller in Australia so I assume AU plug.

      • Ok thanks

      • I wouldn't assume that with Kogan unless it specifically says au plug.

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      That said I believe inside the box are tips for powerpoints across the world.

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    I'm still waiting for the sub $200 xbox one S to come back……

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      I was considering one as a home theatre media player a while back, but from what I had gathered they're not really a great option. I was reading that there were issues with dolby atmos and 4k HDR mkv playback. Not sure if things have changed though.

      I was considering a shield for a while, which I reckon is hands down best media player you can get (at least out of the box). Certainly the most powerful. But I got sick of waiting for a sale, so ended up going with a Minix U9H and flashed it with LibreElec - boots straight into Kodi Krypton, and has auto color-space switching which the Shield cannot do (due to android limitations)

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    Mine has been rock solid. Destroys the MiBox

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      Record the death-matches and put them on youtube, i've never seen android boxes fight.

    • Even though the product is called a Shield, you are not supposed to use it as a rock to destroy other objects.

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        How else shall I crack open my walnuts? With my head?

    • I have a mibox that I use to watch netflix and kodi sometimes. Is it that much better? In what ways?

      • This may be irrelevant and it is a while since I used my (user destroyed DOH, plugged power cable into incorrect port), mibox but the Shield can play complex files without issue (eg I always had trouble with "10 bit" anime encodes, no worries now). A con though is that the apps are restricted to seemingly shield approved ones (assume you can sideload(?) others but that is too geeky for me so I've never chased it up).

        Note I have never used Netflix, have Kodi & SNMP (spelling?) on this. Don't game.

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        Works great as a Plex server.

      • Shield has a gigabit LAN port. If you have an external Plex server, the Shield has no trouble with 4K rips using the LAN port. Wifi would struggle with high bitrate 4K streams on a mibox. I don't have a mibox and unsure if Netflix 4K works on the mibox but Netflix 4K is not high bitrate.

      • Only if you want to play high bitrate content. It might struggle with 4k HDR remuxes due to the lack of a gigabit LAN port - you need excess of 50Mb/s for a 4k HDR remux. So it really depends on your needs.

    • Depends on requirement. It can be overkill for alot of spaces that mi box or Vodafone TV work just as good

  • Are there any deals with the controller?

    • None.

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    6% cashback from shopback

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      or 5% from Cash rewards - thanks OP.

      • Yep just remember that if paid by an Amazon gift card, even if only partially, it gets disqualified from cash backs. I was going to use cash rewards but had to use the free gift card given by Amazon for a Prime delivery that took twice as long as their 'guaranteed' delivery date. Not complaining… the gift card was essentially free money!

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    Thanks OP, bought.

  • Please don't mind my lack of knowledge here, but why has this product been so popular on OzBargain so much?

    • Supports 4k Netflix and has better hardware than any of the other media players. Only things really better are xb1/ps4 or a PC.

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        I have this and the PS4, for streaming I would say this easily beats the PS4. It's quicker, easier to move amongst streaming providers, and runs as my Plex server (which is so much better than streaming from my PC in the other room).

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          I have Xbox One and I too say this easily beats that too.

        • What do you have on your plex? Is it instead of having Netflix or Stan or whatever? I have plex, but never really use it, because lack of content. Do people still torrent movies?

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            @AlexG: Torrenting isn't as common these days, cause you can stream a wide selection of movies at good quality, relatively cheap and most importantly effortlessly.

            But if you want bluray quality, especially UHD HDR bluray, streaming aint gonna cut it. So torrenting bluray rips or paying $40 for a UHD bluray are your only options.

        • I managed to snap one of these up earlier today just wanted to ask how you run this as a plex server as it only has 16gb onboard storage? Can this be upgraded or do you just have a hard drive connected via usb? Thanks.

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            @woodsy175: External hard drive via USB. Works like an extension of the internal 16gb. Even with an external it can run enourmous file sizes (50-60gb) for 4k DTS-HD without any issue.

            • @drycleanonly: Sweet! Thanks for the info @drycleanonly
              Cant wait for it to arrive now :)

            • @drycleanonly: can u transfer files to the external HDD over LAN? or do u have to unplug it and go to the PC?

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                @mmd: Over LAN, transfer speeds depend on your wifi speeds obviously.

  • Duration of sale?

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      About 12 mins if this mornings shitfest was any yardstick to go by…

      • what happened this morning? and why are there so many popular kogan deals

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          Someone dun goofed at Kogan and almost the entire site price structure had a 40% discount applied. People started posting every single stock item Kogan was selling as a deal. About 10 mins later it was either marked as out of stock or expired on posting. Kogans website got borked so hard that it slowed down to dialup speeds.

          People are already complaining that the purchases they made are not being honoured and are getting refunds.

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    I got a whole heap of warnings about posting Kogan deals but I do not work for Kogan

    Seems like something a Kogan employee would say 🤔

    Jokes aside. So what’s the deal with the Shield? What benefits has it got over it’s competitors? Reviews sort of call it the Apple TV of android. Is it meant to be something like the best game streamer on the market?

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    I'm pretty deep in the Apple ecosystem, but I've heard that the shield can support AirPlay, etc. with 3rd party apps. How would this compare to the Apple TV 4K?

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      Same. Little bit over it though to be honest after the whole “no headphone jack/lightning cable/type C USB” stuff. Be interesting to see what happens in the future though with intel/amd and whatever Apple decided about their chips.

  • Seems to be sold out

    • Man, I just got here ): Looks like I missed it by 5 minutes.

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        Same! I've been waiting of a shield deal since Xmas… Snooze = Lose at OzBargain.

  • Is it easy to network to this via WIFI to copy files to it?

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  • Can anyone recommend a tv tuner card for this please?

    • If you really need a unit with a tv tuner card the Vodafone tv for 72 bucks delivered has one built in

      • Thanks. I just need to be able to watch free to air TV while using a protector. I will do some research on the Vodafone TV.

        • It's a fantastic product for the price. Like the Shield, it does 4K quite happily.

          But the FTA function in the VTV works well. It however has fairly basic function. No recording for FTA for instance.

          However, compared to the Shield the VTV runs an out of date version of Android, but has no impact on its capabilities.

          Shield would be better if you plan of using it to play any games.

          • @DogGunn: Thanks for sharing. I'm not really into gaming. Is the VTV good to watch media from a USB stick as well?

            • @trev likes bargains: I can't say that I've tried much content off a USB stick since I tend to use either internet streaming or viewing the file off the network, but I have tried a couple of 1080p files off a USB 3.0 stick, and it played fine via VLC.

              Need both VLC and a file browser to use stuff off the USB, but that's an easy get from the Google Play Store which is built in.

          • @DogGunn: Doesn't do 10bit too well.

            Shield is constantly updated too.

            • @serpserpserp: The VTV does 10-bit H265/HEVC fine, even at 4K. But it can't handle 10-bit H264 very well because the hardware decoder doesn't support it.

          • @DogGunn: I am pretty sure someone in the last VTV thread posted about recording capability, I haven't tested f2a yet because mine isnt near and antenna outlet

          • @DogGunn: The VTV can record, it just crashes if you try to play it back. Top quality product.

    • I run a tv tuner via a tvheadend server running on a raspberry pi, libreelec is plug and play for cheap $30tuners. This allows me to watch free to air on the live channels app or through kodi on the shield.
      Not much support for USB dvbt au tuners directly on Android tv.

  • So all gone already! I just saw this 😭

    Any other deals?

  • -1

    Always baffled why these Android TV boxes are so popular. I’ve tried a couple, but the UI / general stability & experience on my ROKU is just soooo much better.

    Roku gets no love here, will find a deal and post it :)

    Any other ROKU fans here ?

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      Android TVs are not popular, the Nvidia Shield is popular.

      It's like saying I've used a Samsung and HTC phone therefore the Pixel is crap. Doesn't work that way. Try the Shield and get back to us.

      • Yeah it really is king of the Androids. I own 2, never looked back. Except for controller problems with the first gen unit.

      • But Nvidia Shield is an Android TV. It runs on Android TV OS.

      • Well actually the VTV, MiBox and Shield are all popular. Would you consider all those Android TV?

        • I’ve got the Mibox, it’s good but the whole experience of my Roku is miles ahead. Roku is far more ‘wife friendly’

    • Android TV boxes are fine. In fact just bought a Foxtel Now Media Box for $99 which is one of those Android TV boxes. It plus JS USB OTG and Archos Video Player (with the added codec pack for Archos) and it works so good for playing videos from a USB External Drive through the USB port. Yeah that's how i got it to work with hard drives with NTFS volumes. Cheaper than the Nvidia Shield. Yep and it supports 4K and plays 10bit fine.

  • Got the NVidia shield on Boxing Dayas a replacement for my WDTV Media Player. Its great out of the box, did have to tinker with it a bit (some audio/video lag issues). But it has been pretty good thus far. I've not used it a lot over the last 2 weeks due to watching the tennis instead. But have been prepping my external hdds with many tv shows and movies from my collection (doing my dvd clean up in January)

  • Back in stock, but at full price of 249.

    • fuuuuckkk. been kicking myself for not getting one during the boxing day sales, and didn't see this one till too late..

      • Me too, spewing…

      • Yeah, was ready to instantly buy this. Will continue to wait and I'm sure something will pop up.

  • This vs xiaomi mi box ?? - no gaming

  • +1

    Great for "retro gaming"

  • Already sold out, very disappointed

  • Anyone compared to the Xiomi?

    • +1

      I now have two shields - why - its the best and fastest and most capable streaming device available. A great visual interface, voice input that works properly, 4k, plays just about any video file you throw at it without shudder. Gets continuous updates. My first one is now three years old and is still compatable with the latest model because it was built with fast cpu and video processors from the start. Dont waste your money on the cheap clones, I should know because i've bought 3 to see how they compare over the last couple of years, and in comparison they are rubbish. Do a youtube search on the shield and comparisons, the shield is rated the best, no matter what review you watch. I have zilch to do with Nvidia, just love the shields.

  • Back in stock - just ordered one.

  • can any of the MOD'S bump this deal up please. its back in stock

  • Ordered one as well

  • Not missing out this time, ordered!

  • Ordered it. Any good deal on the controller

  • Am tempted. The (forced) Oreo update turned my Xiaomi Mibox into a doorstop. Can't play Google Play movies without constant sound dropouts, and the remote constantly unpairs.

  • Ordered one too. Retroarch emulation is very sweet on this.

  • And price jacked back up!

  • Son of a B, missed it yet again…

  • Back on

  • Missed both times :(

  • +1

    How do I keep missing it!!!! 😭

  • I ordered this a few minutes after it was posted, it was just refunded. How disappointing. They gave me a $10 voucher that is valid for a single day…. thanks Kogan.

    • I am the OP and ordered shortly before I posted the deal here. So it might be that this was a result of pricing error. I still haven't been refunded though so hoping for the best.

      • This is very odd, I ordered last night and Amazon has updated the order to shipped with aust post tracking.

        • What price did you pay?

          • @Rambomst: 181.85 is what is charged to my credit card

    • +1

      Yep mine got refunded also. Really disappointed in Kogan for this. What was the cheapest this has ever been? Was it really a pricing error? I would be interested if anyones orders actually went through.