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[VIC] Free Black Sugar Fresh Milk, Lychee or Grape Green Tea, Today (29/1) from 5PM @ Gotcha Fresh Tea (Melbourne)


Gotcha Fresh Tea in Melbourne is giving away 100 Black Sugar Fresh Milk, Lychee or Grape Green Teas from 5PM today.


➖Offer valid Tuesday 29 January, 2019 at 5:00pm only
➖Offer valid at Gotcha Fresh Tea 59 Elizabeth St, Melbourne store only
➖Free Black Sugar Fresh Milk, Lychee Green Tea, or Grape Green Tea [MEDIUM only] available to first 100 people in line only
➖Surprise voucher available with free drink to first 100 people in line only
➖Surprise voucher valid until the end of February 2019, redeemable once per person

59 Elizabeth St, Melbourne

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  • First 100 only ew

    • But valid until the end of February 2019…

      • read it carefully, the "surprise voucher is vaild until the end of February 2019"

  • Black Sugar Fresh Milk looks amazing but is wayyy too sweet for my liking

  • No cheese foam tea?

  • pearls extra I presume

  • Btw, I have tried all bubble tea places and gotcha is definitely one of the worst ones with chatime.
    Taste like water, so you might as well drink water!
    Gotcha should say "Gotcha" for every customer that buys their drink because they managed to scam another person

    • More or less chemical may make the taste different…

      • yes and no, but one thing is for sure, they definitely don't know how to make a good bubble milk tea and their ratios are way off.
        I know what goes in a cup of bubble milk tea because I buy from the suppliers and make it at home myself.

    • -1

      Depends who is making it, I've had it plenty of times and it's been pretty good, unless you get a crap worker on some occasions who makes it off ratio.

      • yes but I've had a few times at different stores and all were consistently bad. If I only ordered once it might be an exception but a few times from different places hoping it would taste better but nope, they let me down again.
        Mind you, every time I order it's usually minimum 6-10 drinks so how can they all taste bad every time?

    • +1

      What bubble tea places do you recommend? I go to Chatime for the Thai milk tea, haven’t found another place that has it yet. :(

      • +1

        The Hong Kong Milk tea and Thai Milk Tea at Tmix Melbourne Emporium is super tasty and addictive!!

        Their Dragonfruit Fruit Chiller is also really good…

        Chatime: The Guava Tea is my favorite!!!

        • awesome! thanks for the recommendations.
          I've tried most bubble tea places but not Tmix yet, I'll be sure to go soon!

      • yeh Thai milk tea is quite rare unfortunately. If you happen to be in the south east area in Springvale, Kung Fu Tea sell it. Most of their milk teas are quite good most of the time, only rarely it's a little disappointing.

        • Does the Thai milk tea really taste different???

      • I also love the thai milk tea at jardin thai on flinders.

  • So… did anyone go?

    Also where do you go for taro milk tea? I've tried 6 brands so far and like gongcha, tea royale, sharetea and epic tea. For unknown reasons I want to try all the brands.

    King T is my closest, but their brulee teas taste like any regular milk tea :(
    This Gotcha just opened up a block away so I'll defs check it out soon.

    • Tmix does Taro Tea but I didn't quite like the taste that much (it was definitely Insta-worthy though with a lovely light violet colour)…

      • Was it chunky?

        • Nope… not chunky… It had more of a paste like texture…

          • @AbbyL: Is it meant to be blended?

            • @anastasiastarz: Sorry… No idea… I didn't like it that much anyway… So, blended or chunky - it didn't really matter to me…

              That being said, the Taro drink was heaps better than the Durian one… That one was god awful!!! There was no way that I could get myself to drink it… Ended up binning it straight away…

              • @AbbyL: Thanks! I wanted to get that one, but he was with me and not cool with it. Did it taste fake/toxic, like fake durian?

                • @anastasiastarz: It was the first time I tried Durian…

                  Unfortunately, to me it tasted and smelt like crushed garlic… The smell was just tooooo strong and unbearable!!!

                  • @AbbyL: Well done on not dying! XD My friend (who's white on the inside) says it's definitely garlic.
                    I might give it a good though. Fake durian to me smells like gas leak shoved up my nose.

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