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Miami, Florida $782 Return from Melbourne on United Airlines (Feb-Aug)


Destination: Miami

Airline: United

Valid Departure Dates: 21 February to 21 March, 6 May to 27 June and 29 July to 26 August 2019 (plenty of availability)

Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Melbourne – $782


  • These international flights are one stop via Los Angeles.

  • Baggage allowance consists of 2 pieces at 23kg each.

Frequent Flyer:

Mileage Plus (Star Alliance)

This cheap airfare is booked in “K” class and earns 50% of miles flown.

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  • +2

    Also available:

    Charlotte (CLT) - $811

    Phoenix (PHX) - $836

    via Scott's Cheap Flights. But Miami is definitely the most interesting of the 3.

    • +4

      Strongly disagree. Phoenix is probably one of the best and most under-rated destinations in the USA. Miami, and Florida in general is not pleasant.

      • Agreed! Gateway to amazing national parks in Arizona.

        • +3

          Few hours from the South Rim and GC National Park. Flagstaff is also a really great spot. Overall Arizona is epic. Desert Botanical Garden is also a must.

  • +1

    Ultra music festival

    • 21 February to 21 March is the sales period - Ultra is just outside of that

  • +1

    United's Mileage Plus miles earning is based solely on the cost of the ticket, not the number of miles flown. That changed back in 2014 or so. I think the OP was looking at the "specialty" tickets section of Earning Miles on United's website. I don't think these tickets qualify for that label. It's actually better to earn the 50% than it is to earn the 5 X fare (or higher if you have premier status). You will not earn many miles with a $800 fare. First off, they convert the fare into USD, and some taxes do not count. They use the "base fare" and the 5 times (or higher) multiplier. United was by far and away a better frequent flyer program pre-2015, and even better before 2012. Back then, I'd fly twice to NYC, and in doing so, I'd earn enough miles for a return trip back. Nowadays, the frequent flyer benefits are on par with Qantas, and maybe even a bit worse.

    • +2

      All true, but keeping someone in the air at 1000kmh for $20 an hour is a pretty good trick.

    • thanks I didn't know this!

  • +10

    "If we cannot beat our competitors, We beat our customers." - United Airlines

  • +3

    Good price but below average on/off flight experience.

  • +1

    We usually see around this price into LAX. Basically you are getting across USA for $0 - nice… Wish was available from Brisbane.

  • Wow,crazy price to the East Coast.

  • For this price I would be willing to tolerate United.

  • +2

    Good price, but Miami is a very overrated destination - it's an even faker Sydney with a man-made beach and terrible public transport. This flight would be great for a Florida Keys holiday though as flights to Miami are rarely this cheap.

    • -1

      Or as a launching pad for another cheap flight to somewhere awesome in the Caribbean or Mexico!

      • +1

        Launching pad you say.

        That comment is heavy with meaning.

    • Key West is on my bucket list, what's the average of flight prices usually? Would Miami be worth just an overnighter seeing as you're flying into there anyway?

      • Grab a cheap limo and head straight for South beach, well worth a couple of days even just wandering around, it can be expensive but you can avoid that and it is truly unique, you could take a short cruise, lay on a beautiful beach if that's your thing, hire a pushy, people watch on Ocean Drive, I'm tempted to go back at these prices, and head to the caribbean afterwards, do it!

        • Sounds pretty good to me! Cheers for the tips

  • The dates I looked at had a 6~ hour layover spread across two separate stops each way, just something to keep in mind

    • +1

      You'll need about that for clearing immigration at the TSA

  • +1

    Disneyworld 😍

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