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South Melbourne Market Dim Sims 6 Pack $6 (Was $12) @ Woolworths


Steam a couple of these, splash a bit of Franks Hot Sauce over them, lunch sorted.

At $1 each, its the cheapest I've seen them.

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  • Since they broadened their outlets to various shops and it seems now supermarkets the quality has dropped a lot.

    Not as good quality as they were a few years ago.

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      I'm with you. I remember queuing up at the South Melbourne market years ago and getting a massive dimmie. They're smaller and not nearly as great now. Or maybe there are just more places calling their dimmies 'South Melbourne Market' dim sims.

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    still almost 4 times the price of the cheapest woolies generic dim sims ($10/kg vs $2.70/kg)

    i'm usually fussy/discerning about food, but i don't think these are much better than the generic ones.

  • How is Frank's Hot Sauce compared to my current favourite Sriracha ?

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      Both trash compared to Cholula.

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        Them's fighting words.

        (FWIW, I rate Cholula, and have a bottle sitting in front of me right now. But to me, it is a completely different product from Sriracha.)

        Source: I have about 30 bottles of different chilli-based sauces.

        • Might have to do a hot sauce challenge, haha.

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          Agreed. Of the 'standard' hot sauces available, I just rate Cholula highly. Sriracha would still be my choice for dimsims if not the mushroom soy they used to always have at South Melbourne market.

          Lots of people love Frank's but to me it tastes like spicy water.

          • @Hardicus: Yeah totally, I'm with you: Cholula is definitely one of my favourites in that high vinegar Louisiana-ish style, for sure! Definitely prefer it to Franks!

          • @Hardicus: You can get mushroom soy from colesworth.

        • Can I ask if you have come across/had Infinity Sauce from firefoods.co.uk?

          • @humptygotup: Nah, I haven't tried. Would be curious to taste it!

            • @caprimulgus: This is the 'bomb'. I am a chilli nut, and this is the hottest sauce I have had. If you get a chance well worth it. No vinegar filler, just pain. I can honestly say if you want a really hot sauce, fork the euro for this one, you use so little it will last for donkeys age!

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    These are at supermarkets?!?!

    Holy Jeezbus.

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    Over rated.

  • god damn if you have with some hot sauce for lunch then i pity you

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  • DS4L

  • Where are those big yellow dim sims :-(

  • Learnt something new today


    Turns out it's a Melbourne thing

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