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iPad Pro 11" 64GB/256GB/1TB Wi-Fi $1099/ $1295/ $2094 or 64GB/256GB/512GB Wi-Fi + Cellular $1295/ $1490/ $1757 @ MediaForm eBay


Discounted Ipad Pro 11 deal. Will also work for Ipad Pro 12.9" (Just change 11 to 12.9 in the search field (use desktop view if on mobile). Discount is about 11% of the RRP. Enjoy!

Original PASSIONATE 20% off All Items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    Great, when 20% off is 13% off because the store jacks up their prices!

    Nevertheless, still decent.

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    Listing does not say if local AU stock or grey.

    • Bought a 12.9" from last 20% deal. Local stock with tax invoice. Already TRS.

      • Was it bent?

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      Mediaform is an Apple authorised re seller. Check out the logo on https://www.mediaform.com.au/ and the FAQ.

  • About $100 cheaper than educational pricing, nice!

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    Oh nice. With the saving I'll be able to buy a spare in case the first has any pressure applied to it whatsoever.

    • If it's not bent out of the box you would have to be dumb to bend one, non issue for normal people.

      • True. All those people who got one bent out of the box clearly opened it wrong.

        • now you are just trolling, nothing better to do?

  • any retailers match eBay coupon code sales?

  • I will never give Apple another $ after what they did to me w/ a 10.5" iPad Pro that broke (screen would just go dark) after 2hrs use.
    I was forced to send it in bcos there were no Genius appointments for 2 weeks, so I told the Philippine support operator I was sending it in as new, bcos i was expecting a replacement unit. 10 days later they sent me back the exact same broken iPad but without the box or accessories.
    Then they point blank refused to give me a box or accessories.
    After MANY weeks I got an old refurb, but never got a box or accessories.
    Opened a case w/ Fair Trading, they wouldn't/couldn't help bcos Apple told them I was only supposed to send in the "Product".

    My 2012 Nexus 10 still going strong w/ daily use.

    They've joined my boycott list:
    Harvey Norman

    • If you bought it from Apple and screen went like that after 2 hours use you could of just used their 14 day return policy for a refund, more to this story.
      Apple refurbs come in a white box and have same warranty as new, have bought plenty myself, if its a replacement swap over you don't get accessories.

      Should of asked to speak to someone in Australia at Apple care and got a case manager.

      • NO they come in a plain box.
        Here I just pulled it out of my crap draw to take a photo, just for you…

        I spoke to Cooper, Andrew and another guy in Australia after they returned the same broken unit.
        If you want to discuss w/ Apple I'm more than happy to give you my case numbers and the repair ID.

        Here's the letter they sent me after I made a 4 youtube videos demonstrating the issue…

        • yep plain white box, why didn't you use the 14 day refund policy?
          I have just had a 3 year old 27" iMac screen replaced under warranty and a 1 year old iPhone 8 replaced with refurb in plain white box.
          Apple service is second to none.

          • @DisabledUser260423: I didn't use it for 2 months as it was bought just for testing an iOS application.

            Why am I not surprised you've had to repair sooo many Apple products.

            The box I showed you was from the Chatswood Apple store, and it was similar to the box Apple sent me back the same broken unit… show us your white box.

            Prior to my Apple experience the only defect I have experience with my 100's of tech devices has been 1 Dell XPS PSU which broke after 23 months and they just FedEx'd me another, no questions asked.

    • -2

      lol, think you may be the problem or have very bad luck.

      • +2

        Ah, classica Apple fanboy response "it's not Apple, you're the problem"… for anyone who hasn't adopted the ecosystem, this is what you can expect.

        Maybe I was unlucky but so were all the other people w/ dark/blank screens.

        • also i had a year old 10.5 iPad pro with a white spot replaced with a refurb in plain white box, you are doing something wrong.
          Refurbs are just as good as new FYI.

          • @DisabledUser260423: OMG even more replacements… I wish I'd known of you before buying the iPad.

            • @raybies: teenagers don't look after stuff ;) personally have never had a iPhone problem and have had probably 40, iPad 10.5 white spot was a common thing and was on my wife's and we didn't notice till went to sell it to MM, they picked it sent it back and i swapped with Apple for refurb then sent it back to them.
              that's mobilemonster.com.au if you didn't know.

              Never a problem with apple care over the phone, can't test for their stores as live 5 hours from one.

    • -2

      They've joined my boycott list:
      Harvey Norman

      Never had a BMW.
      Bose surround sound system lasted for over 21 years only got rid of it for Sonos.
      Telstra customer for 30 plus years, best service in county areas. no probs.
      No problem with HN either use their IF all the time.

      sounds like you are the problem

  • I was contemplating between the new iPad Pro vs the old 10.5'iPad Pro. For an uni note taking/media device, I can't justify spending $1000+ when it bends so easily!! Looking back at iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6s, Apple made the 6s MUCH stronger than the 6 after the bendgate, hence I assume, the next iPad pro will also have a similar structural reinforcement. For now, I bought a brand new 10.5' iPad Pro 256gb for under $800 on gumtree. When Apple decides to improve the structure of the iPad, I won't lose much from selling the 10.5'and will happily upgrade.

    • lol do you sit on your iPad's, i have had a new 11" for few months and no bendy :) $60 a month with 7gb off telstra, best iPad i have ever owned and i have had them all.
      I wouldn't buy a 10.5 because of white spot, google to see.


      • Nah I don't sit on my iPads, but to be honest, the 10.5 bends just as easily as the 11. The difference is I bought it for cheaper, so less heart ache haha. But thanks for bringing the white spot to my attention, it seems like Apple can't make a perfect device like they used to…. As well, speaking of imperfection, some iPad pro 11 have touch screen problem after glass screen protector application, so yea …

        • A screen protector for a iPad is not needed. I do on iPhones as i buy and sell so like to keep them scratch free for re sale. But saying that have never ever used one and have never scratched a iPad since IP1.
          Once you go FID it's hard to go back to a home button.

          • @DisabledUser260423: Like you said, I use screen protector on all my products so that i can keep them scratch free for resale. Face ID is nice (have one on my iphone x), but its not a deal breaker for me haha. To each their own~

            • @Dentom: Yeah i had the 2 X and hated FID on it, it's way better on the XS/XR and 11" iPad. Much improved.

  • The price I'm getting is 1103?

    • Looks like prices have been raised.

  • Getting $1490 for the 256 GB WiFi + cellular. Did the price rise?

  • Will be interested when they're about half the price…

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