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Kingston A400 SSD 120GB $29.56, 240GB $42.36, 480GB $79.16, 960GB $191.16 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Apus Auctions eBay

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    would this be a decent drive to add to my PC for additional storage? only looking to store things like Steam games etc.

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      For storage, use a regular HDD. Use this for running your OS.

      With Steam games, the only difference is loading times, and even so, the HDD is only part of the equation.

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        With Steam games, the only difference is loading times

        It can be a pretty sizable difference though, if anything if I had to choose I would put the games on the SSD and OS on the HDD - computer only ever hibernates so start up time is a non-issue

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            @misu p: Okay, but which part is wrong?

            • @Brouw3r: Maybe he was talking about me.

            • @Brouw3r: You are forgetting not everyone keeps hibernating. It's very rare I do it, and even then I turned it off from time to time to restart it.

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          SSD doesn't just boost startup time. Personally I suggest putting everything on SSD except for media files (videos, pictures, etc) and backups.

        • Just no…

  • How do these compare to the 860 EVOs?

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      860 EVO is way better. Faster and much more reliable.

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    Thanks nocure.

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    Data Transfer (ATTO)
    120GB — up to 500MB/s Read and 320MB/s Write
    240GB — up to 500MB/s Read and 350MB/s Write
    480GB — up to 500MB/s Read and 450MB/s Write

    Good for Read, slow for writting