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Ticwatch E Smartwatch $137 Delivered @ Kogan


It's the last day of the Kogan Chinese New Year sale as they have the Ticwatch E at $137 delivered right now.

Specs Include

  • 1.4” OLED display
  • GPS built into the watch band
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • IP67 rated water resistant
  • Powered by Wear OS
  • Battery life: Up to 48-hour

No NFC, which might be a drag for some people.
Their Ticwatch S with it's better GPS is also on sale at $173 using the same coupon - https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/ticwatch-s-knight-smart-watch-m...

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    There is no NFC on the S either

    • You're right - I stand corrected.
      Will update the description above.

  • Hi does anyone know about the microphone and taking calls. I've read it's android only which is no problem for me. Does the phone have to be close by and if you have the watch is it clear to hear the other person. how easy is this to text too. Does this also have the pedometer, stopwatch, sleep tracking etc

    • I have the Ticwatch E and you have to be close to the watch near your mouth to for the other person to hear clearly, and its speakers are tiny anyways so you have to have it up close to hear what they're saying. For distance is the usual bluetooth distance I guess, I've used it at home a couple times and phone was in the adjacent room (closed door+ brick wall) and it still work,I dont think it'll work further than that though. I find the watch a bit laggy at times too. Pedometer, GPS, HR sensor, stopwatch yes- bult in. Sleep tracking no, you have to get an app for that such as sleep as android but they dont automatically detect you sleeping so you'd have to open the app everytime you go to bed.

  • 48 hours, so long!

    Give up just for it.

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    Is there any way to extend the battery life. I read about turning off the always on display and using the flick wrist feature.

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      If the OLED is completely black it's using no power then every additional pixel that isn't black uses more power. White uses the most power. Choose themes accordingly.

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    I've got this watch.

    I haven't used the watch to make and receive phone calls since I first got it. I only gave it a few tries just for the novelty value. I turned it off to preserve battery life but recall it seemed to work well enough.

    Texting on screen is pretty difficult… I reply with voice input instead.

    Tichealth is the default system app suite for activity and HR tracking (Not sure about sleep tracking). I use Strava mostly for activity tracking but I've given Google Fit another go recently and its not annoying me this time around.

    The wrist flick feature is laggy and hit and miss… I have the always on screen set down to 20-30% and that will get me thru a standard day (I don't mind charging it every night). If I have a long day or heavy use I'll turn off the always on setting and just get thru the day.

    I actually bought two of these. One for me and one for the wife. Hers hasn't missed a beat, but I got a couple of Friday arvo watches… The first had a gps failure after about 6 months and it was replaced very quickly but helpful staff. The second was d.o.a with a software issue that prevented it from downloading system updates. Customer service on this occasion was terrible and I had to fight and pester for over 2 months to get a working watch.

    Its far from perfect, but its pretty good value… Especially at this price.

    Hope this helps.

    • Have you used yours for running?

      I'm trying to find out if it will cover up to a marathon distance (4.5h for me) on a full charge using the strava app (or similar)

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        I dont think it will last that long. May be without gps it may.

        I track my 30 minutes walk with GPS (without phone connected) on google fit. After walk, it reduces battery upto 25 - 30%

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        For 2-3hr+ inbuilt GPS use, you are better off buying a dedicated sports watch with some smart functions eg Garmin/Suunto. Not buying a smart watch with fitness functions.
        OLED screen + gps kills batteries. Sports watches use screens like kindles (memory in pixels?)- constant GPS and heart rate monitoring will last 24hours.

        Or buy two watches if you do a lot of physical activity.

        • Yeah - see I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too.

          Everything says I should get a Garmin, but I really want something WearOS based so I have some of the more advanced notification functionality.

      • +1

        I had the S and used it a lot for running. For a while I used it with BT earphones with google play music stored offline on the device while running.
        It was okay overall, but not fantastic. If you want a general 'roughly how long did I run and where' it's fine, but I find after about 5-6km, sometimes after only 3km the gps tracking would get quite bad. It would still follow you, but you'd notice a beautiful straight line tracking the path for 2-3 km, and then it would broadly follow the path but become a bit erratic and jaggered. I ran for quite some time with both the watch and a phone, for runs in the 9-10km range they were regularly within .2 km of each other at the finish, but the ticwatch was jaggered for the last half. Not a massive problem, but if you want to closely track increment improvements then I'd say you'll get annoyed by this inaccuracy (all strava).

        I had my S for 7 months, it died. They sent a no questions replacement (without waiting till the received the dead one). The replacement worked perfectly for 2 weeks and then just wouldn't charge, so died. I sent it back last week and am hoping for a refund.

        I imagine with a marathon, the battery maaaay last, but I wouldn't trust that it would stably save the whole route well.

        Nice looker, function well, just needs a smidge more battery and CPU.

        I wouldn't buy again myself.

        • Any idea what you will replace it with yet?

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            @BaryGusey: Mmm. I'm sticking with an (old/running dedicated) phone and using my flipbelt for running. Better GPS, more music, faster interface, better battery life than any watch out there.

            I'm seriously looking at the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ for my daily tracking and basic phone notifications but haven't decided.

            Some of the Garmin watches at $800+ sound robust, but then a) they're $800+ and b) the custom software where you're supposed to transfer mp3s over a cable, no thanks.

            • @nzcoops: Thank you; I might just try to resist for now.

  • The Ticwatch Pro seems to be good value through Kogan currently as well.

  • Where do you put in the lucky code? Mine seems to be prefilled for some reason

  • Does anyone know if the smart watch can display what's app with android phones ?

    • +2

      Yes, you can receive message notification from your phone and reply to them but cant initiate message.

      • Thanks ordered 1 for my partner

  • Obviously cheap as the E2 has been released with bigger battery

  • Too short battery life. Pass. Yes not expensive but will collect dust after few weeks.

    • I've got the S, I wear it all day and when I take it off at night it charges on the bedside table with the phone.
      Pretty simple solution.

  • Ordered a PRO.

  • How do you input the code?

    • PRO doesn't accept the code

  • Check out, and put code in "discount" box

  • Can't wait to see a PRO edition deal.

  • +1

    I've got this watch pretty nice, and good for how i use a smartwatch, viewing notifications, agenda, occasional fitness tracking and directions.

    Main thing its missing is NFC, would love to be able to pay with it.

    It's got this magnetic charger that it comes with in the box, but I designed a 3D printable mount you can slide that into that gives you a drop in charger that doubles as a bedside clock. My design incase anyone gets this and has a 3d printer handy https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2832818

    • Lovely, tried same for my LG urbane watch on this site but bad luck, didn't work. So back to old style.

    • Thank you - I'm actually thinking about the pro or C2 instead but the idea is still helpful.

    • Just get a tag, with NFC chip, that slips onto the watch strap.
      Like this https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/mobile-wallets/p...

      • That's nice, but little insecure

    • Thats nice work, such a simple solution.

      Wouldnt be interested in setting a price, knocking one up and posting it out to me would you?