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G.Skill Aegis DDR4 3000 16GB (2x 8GB) Desktop Memory - AU $133 Delivered @ Newegg


I've been on the hunt for some DDR4 to start building a new Ryzen system. Came across this deal from Newegg which is a cracker of a deal. A lot cheaper than other 3000mhz ram with not much difference in timings

From my research, it appears these are hynix single sided die, but amongst the only in the sub $200 price range that appears on MSI's B450 QVL list. Many good reviews saying 3000mhz is doable with an XMP profile. No heatspreaders but allegedly this doesnt make a big difference with ddr4's low voltage, and generic heatspreaders are $3 on ebay.

No comparable au reseller, some around the $150 bracket but those are single 16gb sticks rather than 2x8gb

Note: price on page says $132 but I got charged a little over $1 extra in tax for some reason.

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    damn this is is so cheap

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      Yep. I cant justify spending over $30 for some heatspreaders in a comparable kit. Im now hoping a good ryzen 2600 and msi b450 deal comes up else I have an expensive boomerang that doesnt come back!

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        I’m really keen to see the ryzen 3700 this year, I will be upgrading from FX-6300

        • Ryzen 3600G if there’s such a thing :)

      • Nice find OP. Out of curiosity what MSI B450 mobo are you looking to pair this RAM with? I've been looking for the MSI Pro Carbon but struggling to find stock. Feels like most decent B450 boards are getting hard to find.

        • I'm looking at the MSI B450-A Pro. Same features mostly compared to the Tomahawk, and I dont need RGB or a second M2 slot. Anything from the B450-A pro, gaming plus, tomahawk, carbon pro or x470 gaming plus really.

          Super useful link for anyone interested in the VRM capabilities of the B450 and X470 boards


  • Not Samsung b die right?

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      Yeah they are hynix. I looked for samsung b die, and it seems one has to spend $100 more to get b die

      • It seems Ryzen 2 is much more forgiving on hynix anyway. I took the gamble last year on pricey 2x16GB Hynix 3000 and it's been sweet.

        • I think the improvements have actually been in the motherboards rather than the CPUs. I think the 4XX series boards are more forgiving.

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    Wouldn't surprise me if the heat spreaders actually increase temperatures.

    • +3

      A heat sink is not a device with the "magical ability to absorb heat like a sponge and send it off to a parallel universe".

  • I built a Ryzen 3 2600G system last week, MSY had a lot of RAM out of stock so I went with Kingston HyperX 2x4GB for $99 which seemed to be compatible with an Asus A320 board.
    Hopefully 8GB will do the job. Don't have the know how yet to find out if the RAM is operating in dual channel or not…

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      It will work in dual channel if you have 2 sticks, it's as easy as that :)

      • +8

        Two of the same sticks and they have to be in the correct RAM slots (assuming you have more than two slots).

        Slots are usually labelled on the board or in the manual failing that. eg There'll be slots A1,A2, B1 and B2. Using slots A1 and B1 would mean no dual channel.

        • +2

          imo 8gb won’t be enough it might be sufficient for a console but considering the os and other background prosesses leaving u only around 5gb which will affect performance esp aaa titles

        • Err, A1 and B1 is dual channel. A1 and A2 (or B1 and B2) is not.

          Most motherboards would tell you to use A2 and B2 in two stick cases though for whatever reason.

      • The Asus RAM QVL lists many types of RAM as not being capable of Dual Channel, hence my doubt.

    • hey mate.

      I'm just wondering which part bulit ur custom pc from Msy ?

      • Assembled it myself. the main thing I'm concerned about is bending the motherboard when plugging stuff in. Seems to work okay.

    • +3

      no way would i build anything but the most basic of systems with only 8gb of ram in 2019.

      • It is a budget build, I even tried to recycle RAM from another computer not realising DDR3 RAM can't be used on a DDR4 board. In hindsight I could have got 16 GB for a similar price (assuming I could verify compatibility) had I been patient.

    • +2

      Explains everything.

      "How Much RAM Do Gamers Need? 8GB vs. 16GB vs. 32GB"


    • +1

      CPU-Z will confirm Dual or Single Channel operation on the Memory tab from a software level.


      • +1

        Indeed it is dual channel.

  • Good find OP, though I'm looking for 32GB at the moment.

    • +10

      I assume you're being sarcastic. However, in the off chance that you're not, allow me to do the maths for you… 4 x 8 = 32.

      • +10

        Math doesn't help on a 2 slot board.

        • +17

          If that was the case, the logical comment to make would be "though I'm looking for 16GB sticks at the moment". Also, while not impossible, it's very unlikely the average user requiring 32GB of RAM would be using a 2 slot board. I stand by my original comment.

          • +1

            @jenna12: Yes I could have worded it better but I am looking for 16GB sticks. Although unlikely for the average user but I'm building a flight sim rig so no ram is too much ram.

        • Either does maths.

      • I can do with another 2 x 16GB to go with the 2 x 16GB in my quad channel RAM mainboard. Adding 2 or 4 8GB instead will result in suboptimal flex mode.

    • +1

      Here you go. 😉

  • +16

    Heatspreaders do absolutely nothing - apart from acting as a marketing tool to sell fancy looking ram for more. DDR3 didn't need them either.

    I mean we've gotten to the point now of adding bloody LEDs on the things. Heat clearly isn't a concern

    • +1

      While an Intel or AMD CPU will overheat without a heat sink, RAM can usually operate at it’s designed operation without a heat sink.
      If you overclock RAM, it will generate additional heat - especially when you increase the voltage.

      So if you don’t plan on overclocking yep it’s pretty useless.

  • Just ordered it, thanks a bunch OP. Saved me a good $50 on my new build.

  • Can I use for ryzen ?

    what is mean Intel Z170 Platform Memory??

    • +3

      The memory was tested at it's rated specs on an Intel Z170 chipset motherboard.
      I bought this memory months ago during the spend $70 get $30 off deal and got 2(8Gb) sticks separately on different Accounts .
      My Asus X370 motherboard and Ryzen 1700 were rock solid with some old 2400 Kingston Hyperx with tighter timings . Now I'm getting a BSOD every 2 or 3 weeks with this ram @3000mhz . The Kingston would pretty much insta fail at anything but the slightest overclock , so dropping the G.Skills speed would probably make it rock solid .
      Maybe these sticks are not matched or maybe the memory controller on my Ryzen is not great hard to tell without proper overnight testing that I can't be bothered doing .

      The 2000 series Ryzen supposedly has better memory compatibility so YMMV .

      Also it took almost a month to arrive …

      • +1

        Note that Ryzen original series memory issues are pretty much non-existent now anyway. There were quite a few at launch, but many bios and AGESA updates later, pretty much anything you throw into a Ryzen board will work.

        Just built six Ryzen machines for work recently, with mixed RAM (we bought the cheapest RAM we could, and couldn't get all of the RAM the same), and we encountered no issues at all on any of the machines (Ryzen 5 1600 and B350 boards). My machine at home is running 2 x 16GB DDR4-2133 RAM running at 2666mhz without issue.

        Not sure why you are having newegg delivery issues either, mine generally arrives 5-6 business days, which is a lot faster than Umart has been recently!

        • Obviously they had a huge influx of orders with the sale . I think I paid $110Aus for the 16Gb .
          I had 4 orders and the first arrived at about 7 days the last 2 took almost a month . I haven't ordered from them since .
          As for 1000 series Ryzen memory issues around 3000/3200 I'm not alone .
          Thaiphoon and "DRAM Calculator for Ryzen" are quite helpful .

  • I got 2400 32GB ram(4x8). ROG x399 MB with 1920 threadripper. Things a beast as it is. Would I see any difference? Read the threadripper loves the higher end RAM.

    • +2

      In general, little to no difference, however it depends on what applications you use.

      The only noticable performance increase is in high framerate games (200+ fps) where minimal frame timings (time to update on screen output from one frame to the next) get increasingly small (sub 4ms).

      So unless you have a gaming monitor that outputs at 240Hz, I wouldn't recommend the upgrade.

      Even 2400MHz should be fine on a 144Hz monitor.

      • Thanks heaps for that.

  • Will this work on any old computer from 4-5 years ago?

    • +3

      I’ve been in the IT game for over 20 years, and still sometimes make mistakes when buying RAM.
      If you are asking about it’s suitability for “any old computer”, then I would suggest not rolling the dice on buying RAM and hoping for the best.

    • +3

      most computers from 4-5 years ago are still using DDR3 ram so no, probably not

    • +1

      DDR4 came to mainstream CPUs with the launch of the Intel 6 series in late 2015. Check your specs in the system part of windows or download hardware monitor to check but I would say it's unlikely.

      If you're running AMD then then the answer is a flat no.

    • What is the processor and motherboard part #?

  • Looking at the Newegg listing these do come with heat spreaders. Tempting at that price but they won't get used until mid year when I look to update my mini itx build.

  • Nice cheapest ddr4 3000mhz ram I've found is $189 for 16gb ripjaws gskill C15.

  • Damn, was hoping these were 16GB sticks, I'm looking for 128GB of DDR4

  • Is this compatible with my motherboard? Gigabyte H170 - Gaming 3?

    • +1

      Yes, though it'll run slower due to your motherboard limit (Support for DDR4 2133 MHz memory modules).

  • Thank you, finally the price is low enough for me to buy another 16GB RAM to be added on top of my current 16GB.

  • Good deal. Would buy if i wasnt still on ddr3. Also holding out for ddr5.

  • Hi Fellow Ozbargain users,

    I am a PC components novice and use my pc for mostly FPS games eg Siege, CS and recently Apex.

    This is my current build:

    Ryzen 5 1600
    AsRock AB350M
    Crucial 8GB RAM 2133MHz DDR4 Ram
    GTX 1060 6gb

    Would this ram work with this system? As I have been thinking of upgrading.

    Thanks in advance.

    • check your motherboard, some only support ram speed up to 2400mhz

    • +2

      Yeah, it should. The ASRock AB350M supports DDR4 3200+.
      You'll have to remove your existing RAM and replace with these as your motherboard only has two slots for RAM.

  • Would these be compatible with the Dell XPS 8920 systems?

  • Can someone more experienced please answer this- I have a corsair led ram 2x8gb (cmu16gx4m2c3200c16) in a gigabyte ga-ax370 gaming 5 board, currently its running at 2934 MHz. Will I have issues if I put this ram in? Thanks

  • I have used these ram in MSI B350 Tomahawk.

    You will get 2933mhz if using xmp. With MSI memory try it! function, you could get 3066mhz without changing timing, 3200 with looser timing.

    Generally, you easily get 1 notch up, 2400 to 2666, 3000 to 3200 etc with most recent Bios(A320 motherboards, I am not sure. never used any of those)

    If you are happy with 2666mhz, most 2133 or 2400 could easily oc to that speed

  • Don't understand this comment "Many good reviews saying 3000mhz is doable with an XMP profile"

    If it's rated DDR4 3000 XMP then doesn't it have to do 3000mhz cl16?

    • +1

      Depends on motherboard's QVL, how did initial tests conduct. They wont retest after each bios update.

      That XMP profile is guaranteed for Z170 platform, btw

  • Does anybody know if this will work with a Biostar A320 Motherboard??

    • +1

      what is the exact model?

      base on A320MH pro model, any G skill Rams over 2400 will get down clock 1 notch with XMP at least, such as 3200,3400 to 2667


      With recent Bios, you have to try it

      A320 chipset is the bottom of the barrel, least feature and mainly targeting OEM, running most of things at stock.

  • Can anyone tell me about Newegg warranty with aussies
    I’m assuming they are grey import.

    • States these are shipped from USA, I'm assuming you'd need to ship them back to Newegg

    • it doesn't exist i tried to solve something with them last month and if its past the 30day period they don't care.

      I wont be using them again unless its something i cant find and i really need it.

  • If I currently use 2 x 8GB of Kingston HyperX Predator 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, and I have 2 spare RAM slots, can I use this set of RAM in the other 2 slots? I am just concerned as this RAM is only 3000MHz so not quite a match for speed so not sure if it will cause any issues?
    P.S. Using MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON Motherboard

    • +2

      You'll have to run it all at the speed of the slower RAM. It may overclock to 3200MHz, but more likely than not you'll have to run it all at 3000MHz.

      Be aware that mixing RAM models and speeds isn't guaranteed to work, so you may or may not run into problems.

  • If you just want cheapest possible then these will be ok. They won't work well for Ryzen, but they will be ok.

    • I thought Ryzen worked well with 3000MHz+ ram. Why would this ram not work well with a Ryzen (I'm thinking of getting a 2600)?

  • I'm having nothing but trouble with a set of 16GB gskill and this motherboard.

    Won't handle 3200mhz with my ryzen 2700X no matter the amount of tweaking done.

    It's stable around 2930mhz.. not happy as i paid the premium for this ram and its giving me the shits.

  • Since its sold out. Anyone interested to purchase this ram off me? Impulsively purchased this and I dont need it. Its still out for delivery and can send invoice also. Asking what i paid for. I am based in Sydney.

    • Turn on PM's in your settings, I might be keen on buying this from you, I'm in Sydney as well.

  • Back in stock but $140. Still a decent deal

  • I received my ram today, arrived at the same time as my b450 tomahawk and 2600. Set to 3200mhz cas 16 in bios, no problems at all. Very happy. Didnt boot any higher but ive hardly tried and its diminishing returns

  • Mine turned up today, invoice says unit price $85.06?

  • Revive the deal. Back in stock! But at a price of $139.7

  • Anyone that ordered this the day it was posted and still hasn't received it yet? My ram was tracked at Melbourne on the 20th it cleared customs and was handed over to partner carrier.. Delivery is to Sydney and it's been 8 days since the 20th and still nothing.

    • Contacted newegg through live chat and asked them whats going on, and they told me to contact them back on Friday if I don't get it..

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