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30% off 1 Pair, 40% off 2 Pairs of Full Priced Sunglasses @ Sunglass Hut (in Store or Online)


30% for one pair, 40% for two or more

Code: FD1

Available in store or online!

Cash rewards for further savings :)


Excludes CHANEL, Maui Jim, Off-White, Valentino (Online), Celine, Tom Ford, Gucci, Christian Dior, Alexa Chung, Carerra, Oliver Peoples.

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  • I'd like two pairs of full pairs

    • I’d suggest two pairs of half-full pairs.

    • Make sure to buy the insurance for your pairs.

  • When does this start? Just tried the code online and it does not work.

    • Just used it, it works.

      • Yep thanks - confirmed working now. Must've been on the US site!

  • Thanks, been waiting for one of these.

  • Not working on Maui Jim's

    • Never mind - I see the exclusions listed in the attachment. Maybe update the description.

    • +1

      T&Cs at the bottom state not available on Maui Jim.

    • +1

      They never, ever, ever work for Maui Jim :(

  • It's back!

  • +8

    Small hack which I found out by accident. Buy 2 at 40% and then return one. They do not charge you the extra 10% on the first pair when you send the second pair back. Also sending the item back is quick and easy and it's also free.

    • +9

      People on this forum are messed up … 4 +votes for @dlakers3peat .

      If people start buying stuff just to return it, the merchant is taking a hit on the return shipping, not to mention the admin work etc AND it's dishonest.

      I make a joke about a refund and I get 5 -votes and counting.

    • -1

      nice will confirm once i carry this out

    • Was anyone successful with this method?

      • The person who posted it was.

  • +1

    Subcorp benefit has 9% off sg hut giftcards.

    Input any amount ublike coles/ww where its a set amount available to buy.

    • any way to get it without suncorp account?

      • Yeah,
        Be either a aami, shannons, gio, apia, cil or suncorp acc holder

        I applied for an everyday basics account with $0 in it just for the rewards.

    • +1

      Do they allow payment with the giftcard when buying at 40% off?

      • Also keen to know. Also, what's the turnaround time on sg hut GCs from Suncorp? Also what happens if you return something from a GC - cash or GC? The buy two return one approach described above might be worth the hassle :D

      • +1


    • Can't use egift card online.

  • Yay! It's back indeed.

  • Damn, excludes brands that I want.

  • Thanks!
    Needed REAL eye protection for ages. 'speed dealers' from holiday local pharmacy died. Dr Karl has me paranoid about the UV my eyes are copping.

    I was going to ask bang-for-buck suggestions, but my face only seems to accept certain models. In store, it is!

  • So if I bought at full price last week, could I go in-store for a refund, then buy them back again at 30% off?

    • +1

      This is what I just did in store, they processed the discount straight back into my credit card. Took about a minute all up.

  • Thanks, got 3 pairs!

  • +1

    Excludes CHANEL, Maui Jim, Off-White, Valentino (Online), Celine, Tom Ford, Gucci, Christian Dior, Alexa Chung, Carerra, Oliver Peoples.


  • can someone confirm if this deal is available in store? or just online only.

    • +1

      It says in the title 'in store or online'. Just put the promo image on your phone and head to the store(s).

  • Tried with a pair of Ferrari Ray-Bans and code doesn't work, even though it's not part of the exclusion list.

    EDIT: Take that back. Yesterday was not working but today code is.

  • "Excludes Maui Jim"


  • What's the big deal with Maui Jim?

  • Anyone from Melbourne want to do this with me instore during business hours? Emporium has the best range from my experience but I'm cool with doing this anywhere in the CBD. I'm after a pair of raybans.

    • +2

      Why do you need another person??

      • Purchasing two pairs gets 40% off

        • -1

          If a pair that you bought with another person doesn't fit or has a defect, and the purchase was made under the other person's name, how would you return it? Do you start looking for the other person and ask them to give you their details so that you return it? And how about a refund? Would they transfer the money to your account after it's refunded? I would rather buy one for 30% off if I can't afford (or don't want) to purchase two for 40% off. Otherwise it's too much headache.

          • -1

            @AussieDaddy: They indicated that they would like to do it instore. Are you assuming they wouldn't try them on first when doing so? Are you assuming they wouldn't inspect them first?

            • -1

              @ryzza22: Still, that doesn't answer under whose name the order will be made, nor how they'll go about returns in STORE if a given pair shows some fault during the warranty period. It's understandable if it's a family member, a friend, or workmate. I don't see how one can go about that with a stranger.

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