This was posted 10 years 5 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Total War: Shogun 2 (Limited Edition) £17.85 ($27.50)


Best price on gamecafe is $35, this works out about $27.50.

The Total War: Shogun 2 Limited Edition delivers instant access to exclusive and free content to both the single player and multiplayer modes of the game.

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  • How long would this take to ship to Australia??! :)

    • ok i got an email from them stating 20 working days for overseas and under 10 for uk :)

  • does anyone know if we can activate the product on steam in Australia?

    just that I had bought left for dead 2 from asia and wasn't able to play it

    • I bought mine from thehut which is English as well and am able to play on steam.

      • thanks…love this series

  • Amazing game. Well worth it!

  • +1

    Ok i've placed my order… hope i get it soon :) would suck waiting 3-4 weeks and then steam has a sale on the game for $25 bux :)

    • I've just placed my order too. It'll be too bad if steam decides to have a sale =(

      • I got mine from a UK site, can't remember date and it took almost 3 weeks. Was a very depressing 3 weeks wait as well

        • You get what you pay for - FREE Shipping = SUPER EXTRA SLOW snail mail :)

  • +1

    Cost me $27.35 AU cause the aussie dollar went up today !!! YEY

    • I was undecided at $27.50, but with it being 15 cents cheaper now I'm more tempted :P

  • Superb game, the coop campaign really stands out. Be prepared to forgo nights of sleep though! Just one more turn, then before you know it the sun is up.

    By the time this game arrives the patch will be out with DX11/AA/bug fixes :)