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Over 50% on Select Yamaha AV Gear + Xbox One S 1TB $199 (OOS) @ Radio Parts


Following the recent OZBARGAIN deal, we thought we'd follow suit! Same Yamaha deals and a handful of more XBOX ONE S that were on offer.

Deal is live NOW! One per customer limit on all offers and strictly while stocks last! Offer expires Wednesday Feb 20.

HTR-2071 5.1CH 100W AV RECEIVER $249.00 (MSRP $449.00)
HTR-3071 5.1CH 100W BLUETOOTH RECEIVER $289.00 (MSRP $499.00)
HTR4072 5.1CH 115W HDCP2.2 AV RECEIVER $449.00 (MSRP $799.00)
HTR-5072 7.2CH 115W 4K ULTRA HD AV RECEIVER $699.00 (MSRP $1,049.00)
NS-IC600 6" 110W CEILING SPEAKERS $194.00 (MSRP $449.00)
NS-SW100 10" 100W SUBWOOFER [BLACK] $245.00 (MSRP $499.00)
RX-D485 5.1CH 115W HDCP2.2 AV RECEIVER $505.00 (MSRP $899.00)
RX-V685 7.2CH 150W HDCP2.2 AV RECEIVER $755.00 (MSRP $1,199.00)
YAS-408/BAR400 MUSICCAST BAR 400 SOUNDBAR $629.00 (MSRP $799.00)
YSP-2700 7.1CH SOUNDBAR & WIRELESS SUB $975.00 (MSRP $1,499.00)

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  • +1

    Cheers bought the xbox.

    • Xbox seems to be out of stock already!

    • Same. Great deal.

    • +1

      How many did you buy? XD

      • Sorry - just the one :)

  • Looking for Xbox One X, you going to stock those anytime soon with a deal?

    • Unfortunately no. This was a one time deal.

  • +2

    Sorry guys. As you'd guess. All the XBOX units sold out pretty quickly. But if you are in need of AV gear, our Yamaha prices are unbeatable!

  • Can anyone share their experiences with either of these sounds bars? Are they worth the money? Worth paying the extra for the premium model?

    • +2

      I've been looking at YAS-408 for a while. It's pretty much same as YAS-207, but with built in MusicCast. And you can use it to connect wireless surround speakers. Had a listen at HN, sounds not that bad. It's expensive though, and when you add wireless speakers you are getting into JBL 5.1 or close to Sonos price range. HN stocks them all - best go and try them out.

    • +1

      I have a ysp1600, it does double duty with a 55" tv and a 130" home theatre set up. It does a decent job of you keep your expectations reasonable. It alleges it can do surround sound from the sound bar, and can at times give a good illusion, but it's not real surround sound. Having said that I'm happy with it and have no intention of upgrading

  • Any set of entry-level speakers to match with the receivers?

  • -1

    Looking for YAS-408 soundbar, any hope for a better price?

    • Just in case, the YAS408 is part of the deal and at $629 is the cheapest you'll find it in Oz right now :)

  • -2

    Should the AV gear and Xbox deals be separated? It seems like the Xbox deal is thrown in to get visibility.

    • The XBOXes actually came together with our Yamaha order. Another AV store in QLD did a similar deal last week. We thought we'd follow suit :)

      • No problem - thanks for the post.

      • +1

        Seems like a good marketing strategy to me, have no issue if they offer the cheapest price on one product to get us to look at their other deals as well and hopefully purchase something.

        It's online, I see it completely different to different to advertising something as in store only when they have little to no stock and then once you're there, hope you buy something.

      • +4

        10 units minimum - meets the deal rules. Nothing to complain about except that you missed out. Win some, lose some.

    • @shortyx

      And why not? They are business, not a charity.

      • All good - I was just thinking that a post with just the AV receiver deals may not have hit the front page if the Xboxs weren't added.

        • +1

          It may not have - xbox seems very popular at that price point.

  • Any chance for a good deal on the Yamaha RX-V2085 or RX-V3085?

    • +1

      Honestly, if you shop around, you will find that our prices on those models are almost impossible to beat. The 2085 is pretty tight with the margins, for the 3085, shoot me a private message and I'll see what I can do. Not much legroom though.

    • Someone didn't do their homework

  • Good prices on the AV receivers. Would have bought a V685 if I hadn't bought one for the same price last week on the similar deal you mentioned….

  • What time on Wednesday will these finish? Ceiling speakers are a great deal - need to wait till pay day after getting the xbox.

    • +1

      Wednesday the 20th, 23:59pm.
      So basically Thursday :)

  • Is NS-SW100 compatible with YAS 106?

    • Sure is. There's a RCA subwoofer output on the YAS-106 and a RCA input on the NS-4SW100.

  • Can you please guide me to buy a decent Av receiver which goes best with
    Jamo speakers:
    S506 Front speakers
    S500 Centre Speaker
    S502 Rear Speakers &
    SUB259 Active Subwoofer

  • That HTR-3071 is appetising, comes with DTS-HD Master for a good price, the only thing that can rival that is the RX-V385 for $380 (which I have been thinking about getting), and even then I think the HTR-3071 is the better receiver?
    Seems like a really good deal.

  • Can the Bluetooth receiver simultaneously play audio from 2 different sources at the same time e.g. 1 Bluetooth and 1 TV source?

    • +1

      if you mean play from a Bluetooth source in one zone and then the TV source in another zone, then the RX-V685 and above and can do it.
      if you mean play the two sources on the same speakers, then the answer is no as that creeps into audio mixer territory.

  • The search box sucks :)
    You have to know the exact name of the product, otherwise too bad.


    Fixing it will probably increase your sales, as customers will be able to use it :)

    • +1

      Yes, searching is a little bit of a headache. Even for us! We are in the middle of a major redesign actually. Mobile friendliness and search is a priority. Now if only the sale can last that long :)

      • +1

        Awesome. For any future posts it might help if you include direct links to the products, just to make it a little easier.

  • i have yamaha yas -107 soundbar. looking for a subwoofer to pair with it. will NS-SW100 10" 100W SUBWOOFER [BLACK] linked above work with it.i will be using this in a mid size lounge..dont need anything too powerful. decent enough

  • +1

    Would love to see a deal for the yas108

  • Hi Rep,

    Any deals on higher end RXVs or aventage?

  • No 9.2 systems in there :( I'll keep vigilant!

    • +3

      I'm waiting for 18.4

      • +1

    • +1

      Our pricing on the higher end Yamaha's are still one of the most competitive in Australia. I urge you to check out the range on our website. We sell more Yamaha's than even the bigger guys like HN and GG which gives us an advantage.

      • +3

        I buy this on ValentinesDay… I have no more Valentine.

      • They aren't badly priced at all I agree. The jump from 7 to 9 is large though :)

  • +1

    Mr. Rep man, Sir….

    Compel me to pick up a WXA-50 with a price I’m not likely to see again for a long time, and you will have yourself a sale in the morning my good man.

    • Also I see you have some B&W 607’s in store as well… If you could please also separately advise a combo deal for both these and the WXA, I could get excited very quickly.

      Currently weighing up the 607’s against some Dynaudio Emit M10’s or Definitive Tech D7/9’s

      Thanks again.

      • Hey, reach out to us at [email protected] and we can come back to you with an offer. Doesn't look like you accept PMs so unable to send from here. Just mention XFACTOR in the subject, so I can have it tagged for my attention.

        • I’m also going to flick you an email if that’s ok.
          Looking at a 685 plus a wxa-50

  • 6" in ceiling yamaha any good for Dolby atmos 5.1.2?

  • If only 50% for WXA-50

    • Yep. Never gonna happen. Nice dream though. I picked up a ysp2700b from good guys cranbourne today for 923. The WXA50 for $560 with the nsaw392b price matched 249 on radio parts… but the best was the ysp5600 which I had to have…which they did 1880.

      Very happy chappy here, when the wife and kids isn't home to tell me to turn it down….

  • Good guys cranbourne have all the Yamaha stuff and have matched or beat every radio parts price I tested them on. Bought 3 rooms worth today…musiccast me up baby yeah….

  • HTR-2071

    website says $289, this post says $249

    67 in stock.

    Not sure what I'm missing here?


    • The model numbers are too similar so I understand the confusion. The HTR-2071 is indeed $249. You are linking to the HTR-3071, which is $289 as the post indicates.

  • Awesome service @op - Ordered the Xbox Thursday, arrived country NSW Friday morning!

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