Suggestions for a Budget Phone with The Best Camera

Hi guys,

I am in the market for a budget phone (<$500) for the missus. I myself own a Google Pixel 3 XL and am super impressed with the camera quality and the overall pure Android experience but those phones are a bit pricey so looking for a cheaper alternative.

The following are the key requirements:

  • Best camera
  • Band 28
  • Preferably with NFC

Any recommendations?



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    The LG V30+ that has been on super special around $480 recently might be one to throw into the mix.

    Will have to wait for another deal to come along as it's expired now.

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    Maybe the Pixel 3 Lite when it comes out

  • Pocophone within $500 but without NFC

    • i think the stock camera is subpar

      need gcam mod

    • Has no B28.

  • Your wife is a lucky woman.
    $500 for a budget phone, while you have the latest and greatest.

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      Haha…she prefers iPhones and I'm trying to steer her away from anything Apple. A phone worth $500 be a "budget phone" going by the iPhone prices these days. 😜

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        Why not just buy her the best iPhone <$500?
        I agree that an android will give you better value for money, but at the end of the day, will she really be happier with a better camera, or getting what she preferred?

        • She already has an iPhone 6S+ but feels the need for a better camera.

          • @batrarobin: Oh, I see, that complicates things a bit.
            You're looking for something with a better camera than an iPhone 6S+ and under $500.
            Definitely can't be an iPhone then. The only model I feel that was a big upgrade in camera was the iPhone X and that's around $1k.
            I've very little experience with phones so hope someone else can find you one.

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        A bit over the $500 budget but the camera has great reviews

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      OP probably has much cheaper handbags…

  • Can anyone here confirm whether the camera sensors are getting better, or if it is just the software that is getting better?

    I've used iPhone X and I can't really say it is that realistic when it comes to the colours. I mean it does things in low light which makes it more clearer, but that's not how it looks like when I look with my eyes.

    But generally the more you pay the better it looks…

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      A lot are software based but they are also getting much better low light performance (iP X much better in low light than my SE which has same camera as OPs 6S), which I would think must be hardware. Then there's also the multiple cameras for multiple focal lengths too.

      Having a wide angle selfie front facing camera is a nice bonus too.

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    I upgraded my wife's phone from an iPhone 5 to a Google Pixel 6 months ago with this deal. It was the first Android phone she's ever had and the transition was seamless. She loves the phone and the camera is fantastic. She took it on a 2 week holiday to Paris (left our DSLR at home) and was stoked with how well the photos turned out.
    May be able to find another similar deal for a Pixel or Pixel XL or maybe even consider a refurb Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL to keep it in your price range.

    I'd highly recommend getting a phone with stock Android. I have a Xiaomi phone (also came from an iPhone 5) and definitely notice how much smoother stock Android is on the Pixel.

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    check this out people:-
    Energizer releases mega phone with 50 days of standby battery life

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