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Boost Zume 5 (ZTE BLADE B112 LTE) $14.50 @ Coles (in store only)


cheap burner phone

125 x 64.6 x 10.8mm
127 grams
Android [6.0 Marshmallow]
5MP camera & 2MP front facing camera
4.0” WVGA (480×800)
1.0 GHz Quad Core Processor
4G: 700/1800/2100/2600MHz
3G: 850/2100MHz
GSM/EDGE: 900/1800MHz
3G up to 7.5 hours
Up to 290 hrs
8GB On Board (Expandable up to 32GB)

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  • Can this phone be unlocked cheaply? And is it possible to get root?

    I would like to experiment with a cheap android phone before switching from iPhone.

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      I hardly think that this is the phone to experiment with if thinking to switch to android. the experience on a phone with these specs would put anyone off switching from android.

      id suggest going into a store and playing with a phone better yet getting a cheap $100ish phone with android one.

      • Phone snob :-)

      • Don't have $100 for a "toy", so that isn't an option. Less than $20 is the budget. If you can point me to a better phone, I'm happy to consider it.

        • I would recommend going to JB Hi FI or something like that and having a mess around with the phone I have ( Samsung galaxy s8+ ) if they still have it in store that is

        • A $15 phone, although excellent as a backup or burner phone, will most likely be a "toy" and not a genuine representation of current or recent iterations of the android software.

        • To put it short. If you buy this phone, you will not be impressed at all, unless your iPhone was an ancient one. To compare like with like you need an android in similar price range to compare, though even a $100 phone is quite good to compare nowadays. Best thing to do is to play with one in a shop and see if you like it, or even better, borrow one for a few days from someone, as 5 minutes playing with it still can put you off if you only had iPhones.

  • google eBay unlock ZTE B112
    if zte dongles are easy to unlock then mobiles will hopefully too

  • Going to check my perth metro coles and will test for Aldi use.

    None at Coles, but BigW has some and will pricematch with proof.

    The add says 3G, the specs say 4G, no idea which is right.

    • +1

      it has 4G

  • Price matched with local BigW, but DON'T TELL THEM that Coles is out of stock, barely got managers approval to honour Coles price. I'm new to price matching rules
    Used Egift card so almost $13.

    • If anyone uses Inner Health Plus probiotics x90. Chemistwarehouse (~$56) Price matched with goodpricepharmacy.com.au on sale for $39.75. Bargain.

    Thank OP.

  • ALDI sim doesn't work. Network locked.

    Also the model is ZTE BLADE B112 LTE

    $2.77 for unlock at https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Unlock-Pre-Paid-ZTE-B112-Boost-Z...

    Haven't tried yet so maybe nogo.

    • +1

      After getting the unlock code with your link, it works with other networks.

      1. Switch off your ZTE phone. Do this by pressing its Power button. …
      2. Remove the SIM card from your phone. …
      3. Place the SIM card you want to use with your ZTE phone. …
      4. Turn on your phone and wait for it to boot up. …
      5. Enter the unlock code.


      1.Turn on phone without any sim card
      2.type 9838284# or ###82509# or *983865625#
      3.Enter the Unlock CODE you received
      4.phone unlocked.


      • put the original working SIM back in (ie, the "accepted" Telstra one)
      • switch the phone on
      • menu, settings, security, network unlock
      • enter the 8-16 digit code
  • So does any coles have this? I can’t see it online.

    • none left in my local syd inner west.

    • You can try pricematch at BigW, just don't mention Coles is out, or they can refuse to supply.

  • Does anyone know hot to get the Network Unlock screen.
    It appeared on my first boot. Since I started 2nd time bootup, there's no bootup network unlock keypad, and none of the B112 phonecodes on Utube and other sites work on my phone.

    I'm needing the method and phone code (eg. #89701*888#) for this particular aussie model/batch I guess.
    Yes I've hard reset phone, & tried everything I can think of.

    Any ideas?

    • have you tried to insert an Optus or Vodafone Sim? That should trigger the screen to come up.

      • Yes a Kogan sim, but it goes straight through to the main screen. No prompt given.
        There's apparently a flaw here. Guess I'll just take it back to the store.

    • Read my post above, which is 12 hours before your question.

      • Thanks fatice.
        I've tried all three ways, the bootup only broughtup a unlock screen on first boot, never again.
        I tried the three number you gave, and another three-ish numbers from the net, nogo.
        And there is no "menu, settings, security, network unlock", Network unlock isn't in security.

        I can't enter a code and no idea what can be done from here, I guess return the item.

        • +1

          possibly the phone is already unlocked. Does it show Kogan service in the status line on the screen?

          • @Philipp: Nope. Kogan sim doesn't register, but oddly I just put in an Optus sim and got the Unlock pad.
            So solved but no idea why most options don't work on this model.

            I like the phone overall though for mere Strudel money.

            Thanks very to you guys for trying to help.

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