Price Guidance for a New Hyundai i30 Active

I'm shopping around for a new Hyundai i30 Active Auto (preferably with added SmartSense) in SA.
What would be a realistic bargain price for it? Does 25K drive-away sound reasonably good?
Would appreciate if someone who recently bought it shared her/his buying price and experience.


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    Per the calculator on the Hyundai website the RRP driveaway for post code 5000 for an i30 Active petrol in auto is $25,485 so $25k is only saving $500 off retail. I would have thought you could negotiate lower if you try a few different dealerships.

    Adding SmartSense ups the RRP by $3.5k. To be honest I think these technologies are nice to have but I wouldn't pay extra for them. People have managed to drive cars for a long time without technology like lane keeping assist and driver attention warning. Saying that, if you are a bad driver, don't watch the road and reguarly play on your smart phone as you drive, maybe its worth the money?

    • Thanks mate, this is mostly to be driven by wife and she believes she's a much better driver than me :) $3.5K is a lump sum but the car is probably gonna stay in the family for 6-8yrs, so maybe it's worth it. The goal is though to get it all for under $26K, including SmartSense.

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        If you're competent drivers, I'd question how much you'll get out of these features. There are even plenty of car review videos where lane keep assist fails to read road paint. And unless you're narcoleptic or plan to drive for long hours, do you really need driver attention warning?

        Sure, $3,5K amortised over 6 years isn't that bad, but if you likely don't need it at all, that's $3.5k more in your pocket today.

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    $26,490. So seems you'd be doing well if you got a new one, not demo, for $25k

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    Have you looked at demos? Usually a couple of grand to save there.

    • Haven't looked at demos, but might do. A couple of grands might cover SmartSense.

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        You can get some pretty good deals with demos, only downside is you might be limited on colour.

        Like I got a Elantra Elite, RRP at the time was about $27500 , and I talked them down to about $23000, with full 5 years warranty from when I took possession. So I only paid about $500 more than an Active, but I got all "leather", push button start and keyless entry, all the outside trim, etc. Only downside, was it was black, which I like, but I really loved the metallic blue.

        EDIT: and it only had 25km on the odometer.

        • That's a steal. Did you visit all the dealerships to find it or just stumbled upon it? Usually it's more like 250-500km which is still nothing IMO but gives missus a mental feeling she's driving a rental.

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            @uk3000: I found it the night before I was going to go in and buy an Active. A ad banner popped up on my browser with demo specials for one of the dealerships about 30 minutes from home. Clicked on it, was a good car, but it did say it had about 500km on it. I was fine with those kilometres. When we were filling out the paperwork and after I had talked them down another $500 and got them to give me accessories at cost, that say they had messed up and it only had 25km on it. Win for me.

            I like the dealer, they treated me well, and when I took it in for the 1 month service, I had a concern about something and the head mechanic actually came out and looked at it with me and spent about 20 minutes talking to me and looking at the car, nice bloke. So I will continue to get my servicing done there even though they are not the closest.

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    How to get a good price on a new car from a dealership…

    Search CarSales and find the cheapest available new car in your state. Call up dealerships near your house and ask if they can beat the price. In case the cheap dealership is far away, have a story ready ie my brother over there and I'm going to visit this weekend. Always best if you can call end of the month/quarter because dealerships get desperate to hit sales targets. You should have already agreed on a price before you go to the dealership.

    Looks like brand new starts at $22,990.

    • thanks mate

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    Just bought a 2018 plated I30 Active Auto + Smartsense with 114km on the clock for $25g drive away a couple of weeks ago. Included metallic paint, floor mats, window "stylevisors", chrome door mouldings & window tint. Actually the window tint was included because the dodgy salesman had told me that it was a brand new car…. It may have been unregistered but with 114km, had also been test driven & not what I considered brand new. That said, very happy with the purchase & price paid (I did a lot of research + live in a regional area). Only minor annoyance so far is that the LDW system seems a bit over zealous & I usually keep it switched off (or maybe I'm just not as a good driver as I thought?….) Hope this helps.

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      that helps thank you!

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        Good luck with your buying experience. I'm sure that you will be very happy with your purchase.

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    Hello, I just bought a brand new 2018 i30 active auto today- the very best I could get it at was 21,730 however this did not include smart sense or extras.

    • Well done, a bargain! Can you share how you negotiated this price?

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        My guess is;

        By buying an in stock, old stock, last years model on run out with manufacturers bonus at the end of the month and telling the dealer they are there to buy a car today and signing a contract and parting with a deposit.

        Always check what cars they have in stock. These cars are burning holes in the dealers margins and they will be happy to move them. You might be limited on colour and options (ie: white car with no sense pack), but they would be more inclined to do a deal to move stock cars than to special order one in for you.

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