Brighter twist and lock bulbs?


My room light is very dim… It can handle 60w, but this isn't bright enough. Looking to get warm white light for my room but would like it to be as bright as possible.

Usually get the LED lights which have 60w, but outputs much higher… but it is not enough

Any recommendations?


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    They're all twist and lock. Are you referring to GU10 or Edison or bayonet?

    Is it not bright as a whole room or certain spots?

    What is the application of the lighting? Just ambience or reading?


    Bayonet. I have bedside lights for low ambience but would like a bright light like the GU10 for my room (warm) and bathroom (cool). I have it for the walkway/tv/dining area but my room light is very dim.

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      The different fittings doesn't mean it is brighter. GU10 is just more focused but the output may be the same. If you're using it for overhead and currently have a single B22 bulb, you can use a socket splitter to turn a single B22 to several B22.

      No rewiring required. Just make sure your cable is rated for the change in draw. If you're changing a single halogen to three LEDs you should be fine.

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    You can get a 2000 Lumen Phillips bulb from woolies or Bunnings but its probably way to bright they come in cool or warm white. If you go crazy bright make sure it has free flowing around the bulb and not enclosed. The newer line of Osram bulb look awesome the heat sinking on point lol but i don't see them online at Bunnings.

    I have a 1400 lumen Aldi bulb in my room and its better than daylight lol. I prefer this bulb over my Phillips 1500 lumen bulb in the kitchen because this bulb doesn't step down as much when hot.

    Check out these. Twice as bright as a 60w incandescent.

    Preferably around 3000k and a high CRI of 80+ would be best.

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    By them from Bunnings, that way if you're not happy, they're easy to return. I would grab a few in different wattages and colour temperatures and see what you prefer.

    If you have a batten fitting, I've also used these in the past and happy with them:

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