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Edifier S350db - 2.1 Lifestyle Bookshelf Bluetooth Studio Speakers $310 + $25 Delivery or C&C (Silverwater NSW) @ Skycomp.com.au


Ok everyone, checked for Skycomp thread on whirlpool. Users said thumbs up.
Current standard store prices $349. RRP $379.
Not much of a bargain but…

For the bass heads.
Thought this would be a genuinely priced alternative for those who looked at Soundbar + sub combos (YAS-207)
or a upgrade from Logitech 2.1 systems.
(Yes like many of you I started with a trio of Logitech speakers, only I am no longer a bass head)
Read on to see if it’s for you.

Edifier is more appealing to lovers of older style conventional type speakers.
Basically you are compromising DSP trickery (virtual surround/modes/clear voice) & simulated omnidirectional sound of the Yamaha for raw clarity & directional output.
Drivers are similar to YAS-207 (with mid/high range drivers separated from 8-inch subwoofer bass driver), and instead of various modes has conventional treble/bass/volume knobs & comes with remote.
Yes the s350db suffers from the same sub cross-over issue as YAS-207 where cross-over is fixed at 160hz and deep voices will come through subwoofer. (Sub should be placed directly in the centre behind or in-front of the TV to avoid deep voice dialogue sounding off centre)
Both subs extend down to 40hz.

The sound should be clearer than Soundbars being as the drivers will face directly towards you & through titanium dome tweeters (highs may be a bit sharp/bright. I prefer soft dome tweeters myself [ala Edifier r1700bt]).
s350db sound is clearer all round compared to r1700bt, especially noticeable in the bass and mids.
s350db mids much clearer and more forward likely by off-loading low frequencies to subwoofer.
(as per comments in this YouTube video the r1700bt mids sound recessed compared to highs and lows)

s350db instead of YAS-207 is for the person who prefers more analogue & old-school function & design, but still wants something up-to-date and new.
Price is cheaper than YAS-207 and I think they line up quite well in terms of specs. (s350db 40w x 2 + 70w, YAS-207 50w x 2 + 100w both 8-inch sub)
If anything I would say YAS-207 is more directed at home cinema vs s350db would be more enjoyable with music.

My guess is with the market shifting towards more conventional 2.0 bookshelf’s with small drivers, Edifier saw the market for 2.1 systems shrinking. They took conventional 2.1 computer speaker design, and added elements of their bookshelf line (better build+driver quality/sound adjustment knobs/Bluetooth/multiple inputs etc).
These are sold out on the official Edifier website. I predict they will not break lower in price or go on sale as there are not many units being produced to begin with (small present day market).
Heres another video by Z reviews on YouTube on the s350db.


Edifier S350db - 2.1 Lifestyle Bookshelf Bluetooth Studio Speakers $310 C&C @Silverwater Sydney +$25 Delivered @Skycomp.com.au

- R/L: 160Hz -20KHz
- SW: 40Hz –160Hz

- R/L(treble): 15W+15W
- R/L(midrange and bass): 25W+25W
- SW: 70W

INPUT TYPE: PC / AUX / Optical / Coaxial / Bluetooth Apt-X

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    +1 for write-up

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      Thank you. It’s 5am and I am wide awake.

  • SKycomp's item prices are nice but for those not near Silverwater, postage is a killer though.

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    I thought I’d share my opinion on the Edifier r1280db, a well hyped cheap powered bookshelf-speaker.
    I prefer a more flat sound signature, and the cheaper Edifier’s are not particularly flat sounding speakers.
    r1280db’s while they may sound good for their size have a boosted bass, most likely from front port design & DSP (the manufacturers desire to create impressive bass for the driver size) and the highs are rolled off quite severely.
    I can see how they can be impressive to some (notably with soundstage/relatively flat mid-forward sound compared to most mainstream products) but I see them more as a stepping-stone speaker, which is also kind of reflected in their price.
    Customers who are interested in trying new waters/do not want to commit with a large expense.
    As long as those who own them enjoy them & are encouraged to listen to music, I would say job well done by Edifier.

    My interest in Edifier comes in with the Airpulse a100. While they are quite expensive and out of my price range, they are more realistic with my preferences.
    I am truly looking for a good powered 3-way design, but there are none-to-very-little options.

    • Thanks, I was considering the 1280DB vs the Logitech mX Sound, which is obviously a very different approach and significantly lower powered (but $106 at Bing Lee). I love the old school approach of the 1280DB but its size is so much hefiter for what will be PC speakers for me.

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      This is a long winded way of saying shit speakers, but I can see why you did it.

      • They are good for their price and target audience. Flatter more natural relative sound than most computer speaker systems which were popular in the past (Logitech/creative/altec lansing etc).

        Edit: have heard/read certain good things about certain Logitech subwoofers (decent drivers), but that’s about it.

    • One issue with the Airpulse a100 is the horn/waveguide design. Apparently it is very limiting in sound dispersion vertically, so you could go from standing up to sitting down and have the sound change dramatically. For this reason, sibilant high end, and exorbitant price, I will be passing on them.

    • Coincidentally I just took delivery of some r1280dbs today and am pretty impressed. I'm no audiophile, and these are added to a tv which previously had no additional speakers, and they are unsurprisingly a huge improvement.
      With some eBay vouchers I only paid $100 for them.

      So yeah I basically fall directly into the category of buyer you mentioned and they totally do the job for us :)

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        Good to hear. Everyone’s perspective is different, and when you find that something to enjoy it is an important and special experience. Particularly with music, which I think is a crucial experience. It’s a pity that music is fading in terms of significance. We should encourage experiencing music and have it be a more significant part in life. Looking at space, one could say it’s just a black sheet with holes in it. When there is so much more to discover (often about yourself) and experience.

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    There are much better speakers than the edifier. I find they sound tinny.
    Get some second hand powered speakers like an Audio engine A5+ and then when you want to upgrade you won't lose https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/254441-sold-fs-adelai...

    • I agree the cheaper Edifiers sound a bit thin (I prefer a bit more warmth and body to the sound with flatter response), but what we find so, could sound transparent and open to others.

      Have owned the smaller Audio Engine series, not impressed with the sound, quite severely V-shaped.
      (This seems like a common theme with 2-way speakers,
      often notice the mids are scooped out in favour of more low-end. And lack of mid-range driver makes the tweeter shine noticeably.
      To combat this you often need a flat sound signature and some effort in speaker design and engineering in the cross-over department)
      Initially the amount of bass is impressive, but that wears off quite quickly. They died quite quickly, although this was a few years back (the model was Aux/RCA in only, no Bluetooth) and Audio Engine may have changed a few things for their newer products.

      For my personal preferences I am looking at very flat-sound signature, most studio-monitors do this quite well (although there are still some with coloured sound).

      • Sounds like what you want isn't what most powered speakers present in this price range. I sold my high end hifi system and now I'm strictly headphones at the moment because my young kids are asleep whenever I want to listen. I did consider these https://www.rio.com.au/product/unity-audio-the-rock-mkii-act... to hold me over until I can justify having something more expensive. They carry warmth, emotion, openness.
        If I was you, spending under $1000, and looking at your criteria, I would be considering a separate amp and speakers in the secondhand market. This is effectively that with the amplifier built into the sub-woofer right?

        • Hi thanks for sharing the link. And +1 to Rio Sound & Vision in Melbourne.

          Yes the product you linked would probably be the (albeit too expensive) passive-speaker alternative to what i’m looking for (I have been looking into compromising 3-way design with 2-way ribbon tweeters, as they have higher typical crossover frequency, pushing the upper mids to the woofer for more body to the mids). As I am a mids first person.
          I will now explain how I have come to look for powered-speakers.

          Firstly I think that connections/components are your enemy. As with every cable, connection and component there is more risk of interference (noise etc) and inadequacy/quality/compatibility of each element (faulty/noisy component or cable).
          Less components = less risk of issues + easier to diagnose + less to fiddle with.
          I am not TOO serious about this but it is in the back of my mind, and I prefer simplicity over everything as I am quite obsessive.

          Second there are slight noticeable differences between certain amps & speakers and their respective pairings (cold/warm amps, cold/warm/soft/bright speakers etc), and i have not spent enough time & money on HiFi to know what particular components I am looking for. HiFi can be a tricky and long-term expensive area to jump into. I am also a believer in diminishing returns when it comes to certain prices & series of products. (Also worth adding I find most passive-bookshelf’s sounding too coloured -from Elac’s to Kef’s to possibly what you recommended.)

          So I prefer to focus on just pure clean sound from powered-speakers which have been engineered/designed and paired with specific components to achieve the sound the manufacturer intended. (This method of speakers loaded with amps, with analog signal from dac is the simplest/purest form in terms of components)
          My general sound profile preference seems to line up with studio monitors. Particularly Mackie MR624 with their class A/B amplification, and Adam T5V with ribbon tweeters. Both are bi-amped & around $699 for a pair. I intend to connect the monitors via Mogami Gold XLR cables from a SMSL SU-8 DAC/Pre-amp (version 2 and later model) receiving TosLink optical digital from an Apple TV for streaming music via AirPlay. All up should total around $1100.

          The Adam’s take it when it comes to outright sound preference (ribbon to woofer cross-over beats out soft-dome to woofer). I actually think these entry level-studio monitors have been tuned with personal listening in mind, as they do not have the 100% flat neutral sound for mixing of let’s say Genelecs.
          My everyday sound preference is quite particular I think, most others would probably think “that doesn’t sound great” but to me it sounds glorious, and vice versa.

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    jv questions..do i need to get bookshelf first?

    • I don’t understand your question. You can do what you want with your money. It helps to listen to a few speakers in person before purchasing if you are un-certain of what you are looking for.

  • How do these compare to audioengine a5?

    • +1

      I had the A5 before the S350DB.
      I sold the A5s due to the lack of inputs and that I could never get the positioning right to completely appreciate the sound from where I typically sit as I had limited space.
      Though, from a distance, the A5s were great.
      I agree with sessionzero, the S350DB lacks some midrange when compared to the A5 but, still generate great sound, especially in such a compact form factor.
      I feel that bass is where the S350 shines. It's clean, punchy and not overwhelming.

  • +1

    I've owned these for a few months now. Sound quality can be a subjective thing but to me they're quite good considering their size and price. Very compact on the desk with only a couple little satellites and you can have the sub tucked away. Sub isn't boomy and adds nice low-end. However I previously had Audioengine A5s, and most recently Mackie MR5s (when the A5s died), and preferred their sound to these Edifiers. In my opinion they're slightly lacking in midrange.

    • The Mackies being studio monitors would sound a lot flatter than the Edifiers. Especially after A-B-ing them.
      Edit: also you may be sacrificing the mids on the s350db by having bass set to high.
      As for out-right mid-range I prefer a set of 2 good speakers without subwoofer myself. And yes ‘for the price’, this is the main factor here.

    • +1

      Hi just had a thought, if you would like to hear more in the mids on the s350db, maybe try lowering the bass, and lowering the treble slightly, then increase volume. Also you mentioned you had them on a desk, speaker placement is very important have you tried raising the L/R speakers up on books/stands to ear level?

      • Some good tips, will have to give them a crack.

  • For the other bass heads out there looking for a powered subwoofer. I would keep an eye on this @KG Electronics eBay, and for the corresponding 20% off eBay code when it is available. (PUPGRADE just ended)

  • Heres another video by Z reviews

    Here's another expletive-laden, nausea-inducing head-mounted cam job from Z Reviews.

    • Yes I consider him more of a pro-enthusiast (edited). But I find in many reviews he gives us all the quirks and nuances that others simply don’t mention (more than just sound and specs) even if it is in a degenerate kind of language I find what he has to say relevant.

      • I cannot watch his videos without becoming nauseous. I can only listen to what he had to say and take a peek when he demonstrated something interested. I avoid his "reviews" because they are unpleasant experiences.

  • Hi everyone, just to let you know the S360db was recently released in Central Asia.
    It apparently has a different sound signature (with less piercing highs/like their 2.0 bookshelf line up) and has the planar tweeters from the recently revealed Edifier S3000pro.
    The S360db is also priced significantly higher than the S350db apparently.
    Also worth noting that the S360db and S350db have similarly designed woofers to Edifier’s Airpulse series (top of the line).

    Here are the sound demo’s I came across on YouTube:

    • Also the S360db has a 2.0 mode when you turn off the subwoofer, the bookshelf play the low frequencies instead
      (so the bass is quieter, kind of like a night mode for soundbars).
      Also the S360db’s subwoofer is wireless.

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