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SCA Microfibre Cloths - 2 Pack $2.00 (Save $7.49) @ Supercheap Auto (Club Plus Membership Required)



2 day sale from SCA.

Limit 2 per customerThanks ricky123:)

SCA Microfibre Interior Detailing Cloths - 2 Pack


Lint Free
Super soft microfibre
Use wet or dry
Size: 40cm x 40cm

SCA Microfibre Buffing Cloths - 2 pack


Super soft microfibre
Gently removes wax & polish
Streak free finish
Size: 40cm x 40cm

SCA Microfibre Glass Cloths - 40cm X 40cm, 2 Pack


40cm x 40cm
Soft & Smooth Microfibre
Streak & Lint free finish

Notable deal

Gripwell Ratchet Tie Down - 4.6m, 454kg, 4 Pack $29.99 ..Save $32
No Club plus is needed

Also available at SCA eBay store

Securing your cargo during transportation is essential in avoiding damage to your vehicle or your load. This Gripwell Ratchet Tiedown set will give you the ability to secure your load across multiple points. Each tie down has a durable heat treated J-hook and O-ring to make it easier to attach to a range of anchor points. Once the tie down has been placed over or around a load the ratchet mechanism can be can be cranked to draw the tiedown taut. The mechanism will automatically lock in place each time it is cranked so it is easy to lock down a load. Along the edge of the tie down is Gripwell’s patented Anso-tex edge guard that prevents the webbing from fraying or cutting. The Gripwell range comes in different sizes and with a variety of lashing capacities. The four tiedowns in this set each have a length of 4.6m, a width of 25mm, and a lashing capacity of 454kg.


25mm wide Duraweb webbing, 4.6m long
Lashing capacity of 454kg
Pack of 4 ratchet tiedowns
Gripwell tiedowns use a patented design that protects the webbing against fraying & cuts
Suitable for small to medium sized loads

Have a nice day

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  • +1

    Thanks OP!!

  • Are these cloths any good?

    • +1

      For paint absolutely not. For general use they are ok

      • I figured the same. Grabbed 1 of each, the glass ones look decent enough

      • Any recommendations for polish removal on paint?

  • +2

    For that price who cares?

  • +1

    4 for 3,50$ at chemist warehouse

    • +4

      I also get all my car care products from Chemist Warehouse.

      • +4

        Doesn’t matter where from, only price matters. Money is the most important thing in life. Money money money. It’s all about the benjamins baby. Cash money yes oh my gawd

        • +1

          The pursuit of bargains is relentless and compelling.

    • How are they for drying the car?


    • No limit really, if you buy online buy as many as you like in lots of 2x per sale, if buying in store just buy 2 at a time as many times as you like.
      I've found most SCA's stores will sell you as many as you want in one sale anyway.

  • +11
  • Thanks OP
    Bought club membership for $5
    Got $10 loyalty credit
    Bought 2X Interior detailing, 2X Glass and 1X buffing cloth pack only for $5.

    • -1

      Link to said products?

      • +1

        Links are in the post itself

        • lol oops, my very bad!

  • TBH, if you are after a decent all round microfibre cloth you can't beat the Costco ones, $22 or so for a 36 pack, best deal around. They are great for a lot of car uses as well as around the home etc. Of course, you need to be a member to get them!

    • I have two packs at home on rotation. They are good quality and are cost effective. I use it once and recycle for home duties or other rags.

    • +1

      Okay for general jobs but not really suitable for paint beyond first application. For a 80/20 blend they stiffen far too much after being washed and that makes me question if they really are 80/20. Overlocked stitching mars paint so while I use these towels, never do I use them for paint or sensitive trim.

  • +1

    dinner sorted

  • Brake cleaner and a microfibre cloth, if that won't beat a shower then I don't know what will.

  • Cheers picked up 2 of each.

  • Thanks OP, I grabbed 2 sets of the Microfibre ones

  • The ones for Glass Cloths have gone back up to normal price when added into my shopping cart, even though it says $2 member price at the product page.

    • Try clearing your browsing history, it worked for me last time I had a pricing error on the website.

    • Ihave the same problem, clearing history didnt work,it must be sca system err…

      • yeah same here. it's only on the glass cloths too.

        • +1

          It's working now

  • Collected a set of the 3 cloths today and straight away ordered another 2 full sets. Far better cloths than the Bunnings multi packs. Like that they are embroidered too.

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