This was posted 2 years 9 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off 147 Stores for eBay Plus Members, 15% off for Non-eBay Plus Members @ eBay


Maximum 3 code redemptions per eBay account. Maximum $1000 savings per transaction.

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    The same stores who price jack historically- nothing to see here folks!

  • Absolutely crap prices on Lego :/

    • +6

      Increased price by $500 is that a joke?

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    Thanks for post OP. But seriously, eBay needs to fix their shit up. Just make it 20% off for everyone regardless of plus member or not. Also more than half of stores does regular 20% off now and then anyway. Such a blow being a plus member, but glad I am not continuing anymore.

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    Some good Yamaha AV Receiver prices @ Radio Parts for eBay Plus members
    RX-V585 $562.4 delivered
    RX-V685 Black $698.4 plus $10 shipping
    RX-V685T Silver $698.4 plus $10 shipping
    RX-V1085 $1282.4 delivered
    RX-V2085 $1522.4 delivered

    • Good find…..not happy that the code's not working for me on their NS-IC600 6" Ceiling Speakers..can't work out why.. Had my eye on these for a while..

      • Maybe because the code doesn’t start until 10am today?

    • +2

      big surprise all out of stock

      • I messaged them as I was looking at the RX-V2085 and got a reply.

        Unfortunately not all products in our catalogue are available as a part of this promotion, therefore we have had to remove them from the marketplace.

        Apologies for any inconvenience,

        Is this even legal to do??

        • +2

          yeah its same like saying sorry even if we received the same $, but because you pay less we cant allow it

  • GoPro Hero 7 Black jacked up from $509 to $609 :/

    • Oh really, was looking at getting one (and claiming TRS when I go on a cruise soon) but might just wait it out now…

      JB have it for $499 currently, sale ends on 13th.

      • $499 not bad… wish Amazon had it for $444 again.

        • Yeh, I think earliest I can purchase & claim TRS will be the 14th… So JB & this ebay deal are out lol but at $509 non-jacked price, minus TRS is still good.

  • +15

    I am sorry for the neg OP, but this price jacking thing has to stop

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    First time i see that dcxpert jack the prices :(

    • +1

      Noooo! Not you too DCXpert.

  • Many stores [ never heard most of them ] but the quality sellers are missing. Quantity VS Quality.

  • Is there an easy way to get discounted ebay vouchers? About to buy a monitor I think :)

    • Just buy it from Umart will probably be cheaper 😂

      • Actual just searched, wireless1 has it cheaper right now on ebay with 10% off.. Might post a separate deal..

  • Did anyone come across any 'unjacked' S10 deal?

    • I think the Goodguys 10% through their own website was the best so far ?

  • -3

    It should be illegal to sell refurbished items

    • +3

      Why so we create more landfill then trying to fix perfectly good products that might need something simple to fix ?

      • If I'm paying full price I don't want a refurbished one, simple really

        • +2

          Well you never said that in your first post did you ?

  • I need a new TV (50-55 inch) and a front loader washing machine
    Haven't had to buy this for >10 years but say 1-1.2k for the washer and 1-2k for the TV
    Any value/amazing deals to be had? (of course any price rises might negate any possibility)

    • "Any value/amazing deals to be had? "
      if there are. please look and share if you find it.

  • +13

    +1 for ebay offering an EBAYPLUS deal thats actually "value"
    +1 for ebay increasing max discount to $1000
    -1 for Ebay to LIMITING the sale to overpriced stores
    -1 for ebay supporting stores that continue to price jack. VERY FEW bargains to be had

    Guess we're back where we started.

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    When are mods going to do something about these eBay bots?

  • any Dyson hair dryer?

    • +2

      yes there are.

      • from which store…

        • from one of those 147 Stores… maybe…

          • @ChiMot: @wingzeroaa Upvoted your comment ChiMot. It's much easier to type "Dyson" into the search link provided at the top of the comments than to write "any Dyson hair dryer?" and expect someone to do it for you. Then if you want to be sure that you are getting a good price, type the item name into OzBargain (or a price search engine) to see if it has been (or is currently) sold cheaper. Just an idea.

  • +8

    Give Ebay plus members an actual saving advantage over the regular 20% off sales by offering 25% off? or gimp the regular 20% off for regular users and offer Ebay plus members what everyone got last time?

    • If ebay Plus members get 25% off, the prices will be jacked by 22%, leaving those without ebay plus paying even more than they would if there was no sale.

  • +5

    Sitewide or it’s not a ‘bargain’ with all this price jacking.

    Seems eBay is making hay while the sun shines until they get told/forced to quit this deceptiveness.

    • +3

      Yep. I don't mind 20% off, doesn't need to be higher (but welcome of course) but does need to be site wide, max $1000 saving.

    • its site wide discount and at the same time, site wide jacking are in place.

  • Shield water filters, I see you here Jacking. Your filters are trash anyway .. wouldn't use one for free.

  • -1

    Is the code working? Can’t seem to get it working PLUSMORE

  • Was hoping to pick up some SandDisk Extreme Micro SD SDXC Extreme for a good price, but Amazon AU is still cheaper.

  • I will wait for 20% off + no price jack for plus members

  • Is anyone getting this error? This code can't be applied to your order

  • +3

    Thanks, just picked up a Yamaha YAS108 for $162.

    • Radio parts? I was trying to get a screenshot of that for price protection. Maybe you can pm me your receipt?

      • +1

        Yep, link sent.

        • Thx

        • Hey, any chance you could pm me your receipt as well please? Can't find the yas108 on radio parts even listed on eBay right now.

  • Got the WD Red 8tb for $324 not sure if its a good price

  • Greenie vote revoked. Posted a deal for an item from RADIO-PARTS that was 100% available literally minutes after 10am and even had '20% off' added to the image but magically became 'out of stock' minutes later but without any extra units added to the 'sold' counter. Nice move RADIO-PARTS!

    • +1

      I had something in my cart from radio parts past night and it wasn't available today :( Not sure if sold out or removed but a real PITA

      • Yeah. Not good form at all. Ah well, I prefer paying more to help those who are genuine sellers so it looks like Radio-Parts wont be seeing any of my money again. Do they think they're the only people who sell this stuff of something? Pfft.

  • +2

    OLC magically went from having large amount of stock of [SPECIAL] AU Model* Samsung Galaxy S9 256GB Black UNLOCKED 2Y Samsung Warranty* for $979 to being out of stock today … sure it is. For reference:

  • +1
    • Are mods able to revoke commenting rights for people to lazy to wipe their own bums? You clearly have fingers, and therefore the ability to search in Google, Staticice (or a multitude of other price engines), and/or OzBargain to validate the "bargain" factor before deciding on making a purchase.

      • +1

        I did a research, and reviews are ok, but not sure about the price for the current date, just asking for suggestions, if anyone come across this one,

        • As above, searching sites like OzBargain will give you historical prices. Searching google and price comparison sites will give you current prices.

  • I assume the prices were jacked for the 20% off and not the 15% off.

  • +4

    the price jacking and stock shrinking that goes on with these ebay sales is getting out of control. I had a laptop picked out that I wanted to buy and there was plenty of stock available last night, but now it's down to nil and ebay shows that their last sale was several days ago. there is also still plenty of stock available in the seller's other stores, so it's a clear case of removing the product from sale. ebay should be investigated by the ACCC.

    • -1

      should? why exactly? the accc now support Australian cartel operations because there are so many of them that they have to be seeing them -clearly they are under instructions not to act. its great to be paid not to do anything -its the emperors new clothes in all their glory operating across Australia.

  • +4

    2 items I was looking at at Radio Parts had stock that magically disappeared at 10am.

    • -1

      Thanks for negging this! I originally greenied this deal but had similar issues with Radio Parts so could only revoke my vote but not neg it unfotunately as the system doesn't allow that :(

  • Did this start yet ? I see no deals..

    • There are not many good deals due to price jacking. The phone I was watching went from $500 to $570 the minute it was on.

  • A lot of stores 24 hrs ago totally different prices/products on offer but the good news is some of the bigger # ers didn't have time or could be bothered amending prices so 1 st few seconds of this deal was the quick finger's battle field :)

    Now probably some decent deals in Ebay Plus items just over $15 where merchants can screw Ebay on postage .

  • +3

    Everything I have been watching has either disappeared or become out of stock… awesome

  • +1

    LOL. This is a joke. Attempted to apply code to Hero 7 BLACK and code is not accepted. What a joke!

  • +2

    Item I was watching went from 580 to out of stock at 10am

  • +1

    So many positive votes purely because '20 % off'. Looking at some items I know the price off, EVERY item was jacked - the best deal I saw was probably about a 2% saving.

    • -1

      So… You're saying all 289,041 listings were increased before the sale, you can't be serious?.

      • +3

        No I'm not saying that. I'm saying that all the items I looked at were clearly jacked. That definitely doesn't mean that all items on sale were jacked but my limited research additional to every other comment seems to be decent evidence that this isn't a great deal. I'm also not saying that OP sholdn't have posted this, not their fault that stores price jack - but the neg is more to raise awareness and try and get something done about it.

  • Can anyone please clarify how eBay plus free postage works? I've added a few items to cart and had the code applied, but postage is still in the final amount.

    Regular postage, not express or anything.

    I thought eBay plus says free postage for 'ebay plus items'?

    • What items have you added?


        Hisense P6 50"

        When I follow that link, postage says free (took a screenshot too), then when I add to cart & log in with my eBay plus account, it jumps to $25.

        • It appears it's not an "eBay plus" item.

          • @nocure: Then how come it's in the 'ebay plus' sale?

            And regardless of eBay plus sale or not, just clicking the link without being signed in (e.g. through private browsing), postage is stated as free?

            Not having a go, just genuinely wondering.

  • Can anyone suggest a cheap solar panel kit that's part of this deal? Just something that i can fiddle with to say power a light bulb in the window.

    It needs to be a complete RTF kit - panel, battery, etc….

  • Was looking at the CR10S 3D printer from FloraLivings, it was $889 and now has been jacked up to $1034. So, the 15% discount brings it down to $878, much better off using the 5% off code.

    • Jax Wins!

  • FUTU got anything good HDD wise ?

  • Are you finding more and more ebays selling things that will arrive in 1-2 weeks (item in oz) and after that time passes you mail them and they say hey we don't have it in the factory?

    They offer you a gracious cancel of the order and ebay doesn't give a crap. Took me 3 months to get a tablet case due to this multiple times!

  • Looks a good price for the DJI Spark with remote controller at $629 minus to discount

    • I wouldn't pay more than that for the whole flymore combo. There's a guy on eBay

      • And what does this guy do? Is the price brand new?

  • +1

    Under $19 for the Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank 2s Dual USB Quick Charge 2.0

    Under $28 for the 20000mah version

  • I bought an iPad from AUSLUCK, but they jacked the price by $100. :(

    It's actually funny, because the non-jacked price is still listed in big print in their item description, but under ebay's price it's $100 extra. When they jacked it, they forgot to edit the item description to update the previous price.

    It's still cheaper than before the 20% off, but it could have been $80 less.

    • +1

      Ausluck are actually bastards.

      The iPhone XS 64GB has an Apple RRP of $1629, but Ausluck lists them for $1799. ebay should crack down on sellers listing items at above RRP.

      It's only 12% off the RRP.

      Another seller, my-phonez is selling way above RRP.

      $2069 for 64GB, or $440 above RRP.

      I actually prefer that they remove their listings. At least when they do that, they are being honest in not wanting to sell it discounted. Jacking prices above RRP is very dishonest.

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