This was posted 2 years 9 months 4 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Yamaha WXA-50 2ch 70W Wi-Fi/LAN/Bluetooth/MusicCast/USB/DAC Amplifier $458.40 Delivered (eBay Plus) @ Radio-Parts eBay


Has to be the lowest price I've ever seen for these amazing little Amps.

Perfect for near-field monitoring but also suitable for many other applications including permanent installs and even just as a general decent Hifi Amp to press any old speakers into service. Utilising B&O 'ICE Power' D-Class technology so they're very compact, very efficient and run very cool. Connectivity options galore and with very decent output specs… 70 W per channel @ 6 ohms across 20Hz-20kHz with a very respectable 0.06% THD!!

UPDATE! As per my comment & screneshot below, RADIO-PARTS decided to pull the item even after adding the '20% off' overlay on their eBay listing!! Very poor form guys, VERY poor form indeed.

Original PLUSMORE 15-20% off all items at Selected Sellers on eBay Deal Post

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    • Damn it! They've pulled it from sale!! Knew it was too good to be true. I should've bought a heap of them earlier when I saw the item was still up… and that was after 10am and the reason I created the deal. Hmmm. I think a boycott is in order. Sorry all.

      • they have done it to all Yamaha receivers as well

        • There were more than 10 available too! Yeah, screw those guys.

      • Really sorry to have put you in this position SteveAndBelle! Lesson learnt, we promise!

  • For all interested, here's a screenshot from cache of the item as it was listed just after 10am this morning. It even includes a pretty '20% off' overlay!!

    That cached link now says it's magically out of stock Sorry 'Radio-Parts', I don't think I'll ever do business with you again. Pretty poor form.

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    That’s shit! Was going to snap a couple up for sure.
    Thanks for posting.

  • I wonder why they pulled these listings as I though that the eBay pays the difference for any eBay discount promo rather so they're still getting full amount of the listed price.

    Perhaps someone should report or file a complain with eBay so they're not included in future eBay discounts in the future.

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      Vote with your feet as many others do here and simply boycott the seller and as many future eBay 'sales' as you can. Proof of that working is the fact that eBay sales used to only ever attract hundreds if not thousands of upvotes but you can see nowadays there are more & more OzBargainers instantly downvoting them and I'll be adding myself to that trend now too as I have first-hand experience.

    • I didn't TL/DR my post below, so I thought I'd directly reply. eBay covers a minuscule amount of that 20% off. The sellers wear the vast majority of that. Then you also have the regular eBay fees on top that makes selling some products unfeasible.

  • Hey guys, just want to explain why we've had to do this and I hope to give you an insight into those reasons. Unfortunately, the consumer electronics market is dominated by ever decreasing margins. Sometimes just the eBay commission alone is higher than our margin for certain products. So by simply selling it on eBay means we are losing money on that sale. We are OK with this most of the time because, of course, you win some and you lose some. During these promos though, unlike some who believe it to be the case, it is NOT eBay who bears the brunt of the cost, it is actually the seller. I have a feeling I'm not supposed to divulge the exact breakdown, but I assure you, sellers are responsible for more than half of that 20% discount. So, the average eBay fee + our share of the "20%" off can, in some cases, introduce hundreds of dollars of loss on just that one item.

    So if you are wondering why we participate at all, the answer to that is simple, we have 7500 products listed on eBay, during the promotion period we "delist" about 500 products that are making us lose significant amounts of money, but we are still selling thousands and thousands of products at up to 20% off.

    I think our mistake in this instance was perhaps leaving the removal of these "not available" products to the last minute. And we had a blanket rule to apply the watermark to all our product images (27000+ in total!) but what we should have done was exclude the product images for those products that have been excluded from the promo. Which we will fix tomorrow I promise!

    One final note, please do check out our Yamaha products even outside of the sale period. Our prices, you will find, are one of the cheapest in Oz.

    Some products, like the WXA50 give us almost no leg-room to work with due to the aforementioned low margins, but for other Yamaha products, please send us an email at [email protected] and include OZBARGAIN in your subject and we can see if we can offer you a good deal directly.

    I sincerely hope I've been able to give at least some insight. I'm not going to sink as low as to make it obvious that there's a large number of sellers on all the marketplaces who have to resort to this, but I guess I just have :)

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