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Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card: Bonus 60K Velocity Points by Spending $1500 Each Month for 20k Points Monthly + $64 Fee


Seems like a good deal with a low fee - 60,000 Velocity Points for $64 + $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher by making an eligible transaction

$64 card fee for first year, then $129 from the second year
Receive 20,000 Velocity Points for each month you spend $1,500 on eligible transactions for the first 3 months.
First $1,500 each statement period gets you 0.66 Points per $1
Up to 44 days interest free
Minimum income $35,000
Minimum credit limit $6,000
Points will be credited to the Primary Cardholders Velocity Account up to 60 days after the qualifying purchases.
New customers only
Offer ends 31 March 2019

Referral Links

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When the referee takes out a Go Account using a referral link and makes a purchase within 30 days, both parties receive 5,000 bonus Virgin Money Points.

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  • They've got a 90K bonus offer too, but requires to spend $3K a month for 3months.
    Couldn't find out how much was the yearly fees…

    • $289

      • Yep it's down the bottom

    • +1

      The annual fee was too high at $289 so I didn't post that one up ;)

      • They seem to run the same card at 120k points often enough as well. The fee is somewhat offset by a $129 virgin flight voucher and a couple of lounge passes to go with it. They also let you cancel and reapply to recollect the bonus for some crazy reason (I have collected three times in a row now…) but presumably they'll figure that out at some point in time!

        • They let you cancel what? How does that work?

          • +1

            @spiff: I've held the High Flyer card for 2.5ish years now.

            • first time, I got a bonus
            • 11 months later, I was going to cancel, saw that they had a new promo, so called, cancelled my card, reapplied and got a new sign up bonus as a "new customer"
            • 11 months later again, rinse and repeat

            Generally there's a "you can't have been a customer for the last 12/18 months" condition on sign up bonuses. Virgin doesn't have that (last time I renewed, anyway).

            • @ely: You're right, couldn't find that (usually standard) condition anywhere. So technically you could cancel after the first 4/5 months assuming you've got your points and then repeat if the offer is still on.

              • @spiff: You can certainly try it on as soon as you've met the eligibility criteria and banked your bonuses. They don't run the 120k promo all the time though, so it may not always be an option, and they may possibly refuse to approve your new application. However it has been fine the two times I've cancelled and reapplied - I literally did it in the same phone call each time, although they bump you through someone that tries to convince you to stay ("I know, great card, I'm about to reapply"), then someone to do the cancellation, then someone to process the new application.

                I've retained the card for as long as possible each time because it does actually have a good points earn (1 point/$ spent, only beaten by ANZ Rewards Black during a bonus transfer period, for non-Amex) and because they also do a 0% balance transfer offer - this time around I stopped using the actual card (got the ANZ Black, using that) and took the balance transfer to leave on my mortgage for an extra nine months. Will pull it back out to pay off the card and cancel (and maybe reapply) once the card comes up for renewal.

        • they are digital lounge passes though. still good, you can't sell them though.

          • @bohn: True, but I tend to use the credit to buy a flight or two on sale and use the passes then.

  • +2

    Title is a bit misleading - I was excited as I thought it was 60k upfront plus 20k per month with $1500 spenf infinitely, turns out it is up to 60k if you spend $1500 a month for 3 months.

    • Agreed. The wording used in the heading is a little ambiguous.

  • +1

    The lounge passes are only for the high flyer card - the one with the $289 annual fee.

  • There is also an offer for the same card that only offers 20,000 points on signup but an on going discounted annual fee of $50 instead of $129.

  • These are handy as they're Visa but unlike the Amex cards you cannot use Apple Pay or Google Pay :(

  • Any thoughts on the comparison to this offer from points hacks?


  • I couldn't see anything in the fine print about 12 months exclusion, just says (under note 27) "Offer is not available to existing Virgin Money Credit Card holders (including upgrades)." Guess all clear for anyone who have recently closed their cards?

  • How do you guys meet the minimum spend considering that BPay payments and payments to government or semi-government entities are excluded?

    Maybe I'm not a big spender but I think I would struggle with these payments being excluded.

    • +1

      Pay family's bills and get them to reimburse

  • Lots of exclusions here, be careful. Ie, they call council rates, motor reg semi government. Only use if you are about to pay insurance policies etc. Then ring, clarify and take agents details. I had to challenge them via the FSO … got my points!

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