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GoPro HERO7 Black $399.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay


Seems the price has dropped since yesterday. (Was $420 with discount)

Original PGUYS20 20% off Storewide at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

Mod Update 12/03 3:45pm: Relisted again - Credits to doweyy

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              @aspirepranesh: Yes. This site is purely about posting things that are a lower price than they were before. That's the whole point of the site. To tell people about things at a lower price.

              • @DonWilson: I dont disagree with that part. When it is an active sale with the same code on a posted product, I don't see why the mods don't have any consistency.

                In the past, I have seen mods delete a new post bcoz they decided to update the prices on the existing post since it was a part of an existing sale. Again, it's the consistency that annoys me or the lack of it.

  • Damn. Ordered yesterday at more expensive price.

    Anyway to take advantage of the cheaper price? The good guys 30 day price guarantee doesn't apply to their eBay store.

    Did click and collect. Haven't picked it up yet.

    • You can send an eBay message to cancel the order. Then, order another one.

      • Do they cancel/refund quickly? Do we need a valid reason to cancel if the order has already been confirmed?

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          Just say change of mind. It’s within their policy.

    • Same here. Just waiting for a reply. I did buy with gift cards to complicate things. Do we get refund back to the gift card ?

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      I cancelled a TV aerial with them, then reordered at a cheaper price. The refund process was hellish, long and energy-sapping with lots of intervention from eBay. I bought a Hero7 Black for $425 inc postage yesterday . Not sure it’s worth the trouble reordering.

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        I just tried to do the price guarantee. 17 mins of my life I'm not getting back.

        First they said the good guys weren't on their authorised list, then they said I was outside the 48 hour period when I wasn't.

        They got me when they realised I bought it at a discounted price and won't match ebay with ebay.

        Bezos is looking more likely to get my money every day.

    • Just pick it up and return it to a different store, and then buy another one from Ebay. That's what I didi when I bought my Hero 5, price dropped almost $100 within a week

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      I just picked up from store. They gaveTax adjustment Notice of $20 as a gopro price change. Said would be in my account in 3 days..


      This is from the Tax adjustment Notice..

      • Oh nice! Did you order yesterday?

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          Yes…ordered yesterday from 20% deal..saw this price drop overnight..
          Thought..hmm..I should have waited a day..then picked it up today and showed ozbargain page price to try my luck… :)
          Happy days..

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    Cheapest I have seen. Thanks op.

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    with TRS, that comes to about 355. I got it for 410 after TRS in January, damn.

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      Sorry for the dumb question but how does TRS work and how to avail it? Thanks

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        Basically, you bring the item plus the tax invoice with you to the airport when you're flying internationally. After immigration, there will be an area where you go, present the items, and they'll refund the GST on your purchase.

        Note the requirements that
        * you purchased the goods in the 60 days before you leave Australia
        * your purchases are from a single business with the same Australian business number (ABN) and total AUD 300 (GST inclusive) or more. For example, if you bought items from one business, even on separate invoices, that together total AUD 300, these items could be eligible for a tax refund under the TRS

        • Thank you for the detailed explanation. Now I am wiser! 👍

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          Is the only time TRS restriction the 60 days prior to leaving?

          Need to know if you can purchase ahead of your trip, ie before you are even in the country, and still claim TRS when you leave?

          Heading to Australia for a week early next month, so am now within the 60days prior to leaving 🤔

          Wonder if I could purchase via eBay, set up click and collect, and not collect until early next month / 3 weeks time.

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            @Jaxson: Yes, that's correct. Your plan looks fine to me, I would recommend letting the store know when you order that you'll be picking it up in a few weeks so that they don't cancel it when no one shows up soon after ordering.

            • @naisuda: Awesome, so you don't actually have to be physically in the country to purchase goods eligible for the TRS scheme, just within that 60 day prior to departure time frame.

              That sounds pretty good! Thanks.

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        in addition to @rayle's answer =>

        just download the TRS app, fill in the details, and show the QR code at TRS office at international airport, you will get GST returned. But there is a catch, your receipt has to be >= 300 and if it exceeds, you have to declare while returning back (if you return with those items) and might have to pay GST back.

        • So if you are just going on holiday overseas and returning to Australia, there is really no benefit to using the app and if fact, disadvantages you if the app prompts you to declare

        • I think by exceeds you mean the $900+ range?

          • @v00d00 AU: Yep you can bring back $900 per person and stay under the GST threshold.

            • @eDust: Yeh that's what I assumed. So you can claim TRS for products under 900 on the app without an issue about bringing the product back into AUS and needing to declare it.

              I don't have too much time in Sydney International, so speeding the process up via the app is something I'd be wanting to do.

        • Anyone knows Goodguys using different ABN?? if I buy two items from a different store still I can add up to make over $300 and get TRS??

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    For anyone buying, it might be worth noting that the GoPro Plus deal is still live for 50% off accessories :)

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    Very good price, even better if you can TRS it and use eBay gift cards as well!

    • Yeh I'm thinking this, plus 2 extra batteries with a shorty grip from GoPro online…with TRS, comes to $417.

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    You can also get batteries for $23.20 with this deal.
    Other accessories also available)

    • -1

      They're $17.97 delivered on the GoPro store with the 50% for GoPro plus deal as per doweyy's comment above.

      • get them from TGG. Gopro dont post batteries.

      • +3

        They won't deliver batteries here as they ship from Singapore.

        My brother tried with 2 orders recently, and they cancelled/removed the battery from the order.

    • If the batteries and accessories were all under the one invoice, would the TRS cover all pieces? Rather than just the base camera unit.

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        Don’t even need to be same invoice, you can trs from multiple invoices from the same store over a period of time.

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    Thanks OP! Got one and this deal is very good even without TRS. Next is to buy SD/Mount/battery…my wallet hurts

    • Which SD card will you get? I also bought a Gopro this morning (at the $499 reduced price! Yay!) and will start hunting for a 32-64gb card.

      • +1

        Have been using those U3 Samsung evo plus without any issues.

        • I have a samsung evo plus 64 and sandisk extreme 32. If the card is empty the camera runs without issue; however it becomes irresponsive after i fill some stuff (like doesn't turn off, buttons and touch doesn't respond, becomes slow). Is it the issue with card or camera? I know samsung one is not in recommended list but sandisk one is in and even though camera behaves bad as card gets filled up.

      • I bought this SD card from JB: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/sandisk/sandisk-extreme-microsdxc-...

        It is one of the recommended cards on GoPro website: https://gopro.com/help/articles/block/microSD-Card-Considera...

        I got it to price match to a deal on Amazon for $50

        • +1

          Thanks for the tip mate. Got it for $45 from jb's price matched with Amazon.com.au.

          • @dockersrule: Thanks both. I can only see it available on Amazon with free shipping over 49. I know my local JB always gets you to go to cart to get final shipped price. How did you get the $45 price match?

            • +1

              @Tgb: I showed the JB staff my phone with the $45.29 price on amazon.com.au. One staff member had a good look at the page and didn't notice that it was an international product and that it had to be over $49 for free shipping via prime. Win!

  • Awesome deal.
    So I bought mine from Amazon for $462 after Amazon price matched for me on 23rd of Feb. Would you suggest I return that and get this one saving $62?
    Or do you think Amazon will drop its price too and then just call them up for store credit?

    • Amazon Australia doesnt have price protection, they don’t offer store credit.

    • you can return if you are ok with it.

  • Just wonder if JB hifi will beat it if I go to store and ask them?

    • JB has different price matching policies from item to item and store to store. So its best to call them up and confirm

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    Is this good for filming porno's?

    • +3

      Yes but recommend the handle so you can go through the legs for rear view.

  • Heard this gopro can also take 256gb microsd. Is that right?

    • +1

      Yup. All of the Hero 7s can handle 256GB.

  • Would like to hear peoples experience after buying.. every time I've gotten something from goodguys ebay its been close to a month for delivery, or just a refund after a week.

  • Are you bloody serious? Bought this morning, and just picked it up. Open OzBargain and it's ~$20 cheaper.

    • +8

      Sometimes it’s you snooze you win…

      • +1

        Usually it's you snooze you lose… :(

  • I have a perfectly working Hero 5 Black. Im trying to resist!

    • +4

      Drop it into lava

    • +2

      Update: I really wanted to take the deal but I needed a reason to upgrade. I started looking for one and found this Hero5 vs Hero6 vs Hero7 comparison of an Aussie youtuber.
      Now I'm convinced and pulled the trigger.

      Thanks OP.

  • Anyone wanting to return their previous purchase to save money with this deal do so with caution. Tried to return one I bought last week for $471 that's genuinely faulty (have photos) of it glitching out and freezing but not allowed a refund unless I bring in my sd card and they validate it's not the sd card and see the glitch (photos not good enough). Otherwise they charge a 20% restocking fee.

    Edit: after the girl at the desk said "customers just dont pull out the tab that's why it lags" and proceeds to try and open the gopro with her long fake nails before handing it back to me to ask me if I knew how to open it. Opened it for her and she tried to rip out the tab on the battery after I told her not to. Only stopped when another guy working there told her it doesnt come off.

    • A restocking fee is only valid if it is a change of mind return, otherwise if the item is faulty they should help you go through the warranty process or at least provide a full refund.

      • +1

        They have a 14 days change of mind

      • +1

        He said unless he can personally sight it as it glitches out he will only take a "change of mind" so I asked him if I should stand at the counter until it glitches and he laughed and said of course not, make it a change of mind - that incurs a 20% restocking fee.

  • +2

    Bought one, cheers OP!

  • Anyone know if doing C&C, is the invoice dated when you pick it up or the sale date?

    Need to squeeze 2 extra days to be able to claim TRS… Still, seems to be the best deal lately even without taking TRS into account.

    • I bought it yesterday..picked it up today. The date on the invoice is stated as today's day.
      Dont know whether thats store specific..
      Because at some shops (my local SCA) Invoice is printed early and kept with goods.
      But if GG process is simillar at all GG shops looks like you can order online and wait 2 days to pickup and claim TRS..

    • +1

      My invoice was dated as the day after I ordered even though I didnt receive a text so only picked it up a few days after. Seems like its dated to whenever they pick it and put it aside

      • Interesting… Maybe if I order Late on the 12th, I might get lucky & they won't pick it until the 14th (earliest date for my TRS).

        Or I wonder if they would print a fresh receipt… "I need it today's date for warranty purposes"…

  • I bought one last Friday from JB Hifi for $499 thinking it was a bargain but didn't open it feeling it would become cheaper elsewhere due to the new dusk white edition of the hero 7. Just ordered one for $399 picking it up tomorrow and will return the one to JB Hifi saving $100. Thanks OzBargain.

    • +1

      Last week it was $427 with two accessories included

      • +2

        I see what u did there

      • I know, I missed out on that deal.

      • (if you're a student)

        • or if you know how to ask around

  • +1

    Thanks… ordered one

  • Looks like the deal has ended. When I tried to apply the code, it says the code can't be applied to this order. I don't know why.

    • Tried just them and code worked

    • Have you used up all of your 3 allowable redemption?

    • I get the same, have not used the code for any other purchases. Have tried PC and MB:(
      edit: resolved by creating new account.

  • +2

    Thanks op, just purchased. Now can anyone advise which accessories I need to buy to mount this to my motorcycle helmet?

    • Take a look on gopro website I think they still have 50% accessories. I might get this too for my motorcycle.

  • Got one for myselt. Thanks OP!

  • what is the best one for making youtube videos/ family outings ?
    Go pro / sony/go pro silver ??

    • +2

      Dji Osmo Pocket + extensions

  • Thanks OP, bought one. Had to get it with $5.26 delivery fee as none available via c&c around Sydney.

  • I am getting error saying "This code can't be applied to your order". I am using Android app
    Please help.

  • shit I got mine from the catch.com promo, but I got the extended gopro stick and wet bag for free

  • How long does it take for a GG store to confirm pickup. On eBay it said it will be available by 2pm today but haven’t heard anything from the store yet.

    • Well, depending on where you live it's 11:45am at the latest right now. You won't hear anything until it's ready at the store which could be up to 2pm.

      If you haven't heard anything by then, just call the store.

    • +1

      Order last night,, got pick up ready notice around 10am, going to collect now

    • Got the collection notice now. Thanks fellas 🤟🤟

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