Prowling Owl from Bunnings to scare birds and rodents

Anyone used this or the other noise making owls to shoo off birds. Do they work? Have planted some seeds and don't want the birds eating them.

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    Nothing I've tried in the past seems to work satisfactorily enough to justify the cost.

    Why not just purchase some bird netting? Works for me.

    • The area we want to protect is under the clothes line, so partner doesn't want to put any netting. She hates netting. I believe its the only proper option or chicken wire.

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        My roof has a few of those toy rubber snakes (about 30 cm. long) near the air con unit and tv antenna. They were there when we bought the house and they work a charm. Houses nearby have big piles of bird poo under their antenna's, but not us. Worth a try!



    and it concluded that fake owls were effective bird deterrents but only for a limited time.

    • Maybe moving the owl around the area might help as well. There is one that makes a noise with a movement sensor, but not sure how good the sensors are. Don't want it going off randomly as close to sons bedroom. That would be annoying for him.

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        As per my link

        Change the owl's position every few days.

        That would be annoying for him.

        I don't think your son will give a hoot

  • i never understand HOW these work.
    they are supposed to scare rodents and birds, but birds and rodents cant see well in the dark. owls can. birds and rodents have never seen an owl in their lives, how do they know to fear them?

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      Do real owls swoop at rodents at night.

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        yeah but the rodents just "disappear"
        so all their rodent friends think steve just vanished. they never see the owl.

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          It's instinct

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    Friend has one of these on his roof, doesn't do squat

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      Have you ever seen a bird eating seed on your friends roof?

  • If you have some old CDs just hang a few at different heights fro the clothes line the movement and reflected light scares some birds away

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    We had a problem with crows making a lot of noise in the early morning.
    I hung up one of these with low expectation, but it has worked.
    I think that the motion of it swinging helps.

    • Do they even eat chocolate?
      You wouldn't mind sharing would you?

  • My back neighbour has put shiny ribbon around their veranda posts from post to post and haven't seen birds on there since they did. We have tried the owls (big plastic one, the flying one), they don't work.

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    A friend had a trouble with crows. He said after he shot a couple the rest wised up and didn't come back.

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