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BAUHN 65'' Ultra HD Smart TV $799 | Bluetooth Headphones $39.99 | 45" Full HD TV $333 | Nokia 5.1 $199 + Full Catalogue @ ALDI


BAUHN 65''/165cm Screen Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR + Bonus Easy Remote $799.

Bluetooth headphones - $39.99

45" full HD tv - $333

Nokia 5.1 16GB phone - $199

Full catalogue

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    Where is this deal? you just linked to the website where there's no info of it yet?
    If it's in a catalogue, please upload pics.

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    Includes a "bonus easy remote". A major selling point…. in the 80's & early 90's maybe.

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      I think it's an additional simplified remote for the elderly etc isn't it

      • Well it does look pretty basic so you may well be right.

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        Yes, it's 2 separate remotes.

        Assuming it's similar to the previous 60" model Aldi sold a few months back, it will have a 'standard' full remote with ~40 buttons, and a basic remote that just has a D-pad and a few major functions. It looks much like an Apple TV or Android TV remote.

        It's not a bad idea - most of the functions on a standard remote are 'set and forget' and you rarely need to mess with them.

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          does it also have the cord to plug into the TV? to prevent oldies from misplacing the remote?

    • Haha sounds like car sales in the 90s - FREE AIR!!!

  • Do the Bauhn TVs usually do HDMI-CEC?

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      Yeah the 2016-04 and later 2016 models I have at home have HDMI-CEC so prettt sure this will

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      My 49" 4Ker bought about a year ago does.

    • Yes - I own the 55" version from October 2018. This is almost identical (the GUI pictured in the instruction manual is identical to mine), only difference is that it's a 65" panel. Mine does HDMI-CEC perfectly (power/volume/input switching)

  • Never heard of a 45" panel. Where are Aldi getting these from??

  • You should line up latest next Friday if you want to get one.

  • gone are those days where people used to line up for aldi tv.

  • Any chance you can post the full catalogue?

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      Ok. Will do so soon.

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      Uploaded - in OP.

  • Where can i find full specs for this 65 inch tv?

  • So the catalogue is part of this deal?

  • Does anyone know if the Nokia 5.1 is the 3gb Variant?
    EDIT: Just realised it isn't since it is 16GB, any way to delete comments?

  • +3

    Is no one going to mention the AA rechargeable GLITTER batteries?

  • Does anybody have the specs on this and can advise the refresh rate?

    I am guessing 60Hz but am willing to be surprised.

  • How about the high pressure water cleaner? Any good?

  • Oooh I was wondering when Aldi would get around to a 65" version of the 55" version from October 2018. I picked up the last 55" variant back in October and am quite happy with it.

    The Instruction Manual has been posted on the Bauhn website. The GUI is identical to the 55" variant.

    Interestingly, the manual doesn't detail things like Contrast Ratio or Brightness (cd/m2). This comment for the 55" variant has lots of specs info - it's quite likely the 65" model is similar (3000:1, 260cd/m2).

    You will want to adjust the picture settings, here is what I am using on mine:

    Picture Mode: User
    Colour Temperature: Nature
    Aspect Ratio: PTP (Pixel-to-Pixel)
    Noise Reduction: Off
    Advance Settings

    MPEG NR: Off
    Dynamic Contrast: On
    Film Mode: On
    PC Mode: Off
    Overscan: Off

    Inside of Picture Mode: User

    Contrast: 90
    Brightness: 49
    Colour: 46
    Sharpness: 0
    Backlight: 90

  • Merged from Bauhn 65 Inch Smart TV (Wednesday)

    resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR) quality
    Netflix and YouTube pre-installed
    Panel size: 65"
    Resolution: 3840 x 2160
    Module brightness: 280 nits (typical)
    Viewing angle: 170°/170°
    Response rime: 6.5ms
    Preinstalled apps: Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
    Built-in Wi Fi
    Ports: 1 x LAN, 1 x AV in (mini), 3 x HDMI, 2 x USB, 1 x digital audio out and 1 x earphone out
    4K ultra resolution
    YouTube on remote
    Netflix on remote
    HDR – High Dynamic Range
    Easy remote included
    ARC – Audio Return Channel
    REC – Record Live TV

    • ?

    • Sale at aldi tomo

    • +3

      Shouldn't this be in deals. What's the price? Random

    • 799

  • https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-23-... anyone know the brand/model of this and whether it'll be total junk?

  • Anyone know if this smart TV can do mirroring natively or is there an app you can install??

  • Did anyone buy the Nokia 5.1 today for $199?

    If so, can you confirm if single or dual SIM, and if it has Band 28 (700)?


  • Merged from Nokia 5.1 $199 @ ALDI

    Has anyone bought the Aldi Nokia 5.1 which went on special yesterday (23 March).

    If so, can you please confirm (or not) if it is single or dual SIM, and whether it has B28 700?

    • According to a post on Whirlpool, single SIM, but has B28.

      And no NFC.

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