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Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Cellular $23/Month 24 Months (Total Cost: $552) @ Telstra in-Store - No Existing Plan Needed


Edit: This is for the Cellular/LTE/4G whatever you want to call it model - NOT bluetooth only. RRP is $649 from Samsung

Pretty simple, $23/month for 24 months,
No interest, no early payout fee's. The deal online states you need to be with Telstra, however this is not true if you head into a store.

I had previously had an account with Telstra, so was a little easier for me, but they will set you up with an account number and then add just the watch.

Once the firmware updated, managed to get it working with fine Optus.

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  • Does it include the $5 a month to have it linked to your phone number? or is $24p/m just for the watch?

    • Doesn't appear to. Kinda pointless without that.

    • $23/month is just for watch.

      Optus is doing a deal for 12months free numbershare if you activate prior to 31st March.

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        Link to that deal? I can't see it so I think you're imagining thjngs.

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        How does this work exactly with Optus? Do you sign up a new plan? What's the cost after 12 months?

        Also, with the firmware update on the watch, is this just a factory update or do you need to custom flash a specific ROM?

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          I had an existing eligible plan for numbershare


          $5/month after 12months

          The firmware update was a factory one, at first wasn't enabling the eSim, but then noticed there was an update, installed it, worked straight away

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      Grey import…

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      Looks like that's the Bluetooth model.

  • It has actually been this price at Telstra for a few months now…

  • in other terms - Discount on RRP, and on 'Interest Free' payment plan,
    it could just as easily have been not discounted or not by as much
    or perhaps some sort of charge for utilising pay by the month..

    so surely a discounted product and on 'nil charge' for pay by the month is some sort of deal?

  • do i need an iphone/ samsung device for this to work?

  • Would this qualify for the CR $90 cash back if purchased online?

  • Tried to talk to them online last night to see if they can throw in the SIM sharing for free with the deal. They confirmed they can't do this and I said "Don't worry".

    Would be a killer deal if they throw that in as well.

  • I went through into a store and they insisted that I had to have a post-paid account with them :-(

    • Try a different store… I had one say yes, but no stock, tried another they said no, but then another one that uad stock did it…

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    JBHiFi will price match at 552.
    Tried posting it to get more attention but i guess AutoMod took it down.

    My Reciept from JBHiFi

    • Thanks I got it price matched as well

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