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YouTube Premium INR 129/Month (~AU $2.63) via YouTube India (VPN Required)


Hello all,
Google has finally launched Youtube Premium in India for INR 129(AUD ~2.60) and Family Membership for INR 189 (AUD ~3.80).
Comes with Youtube Music, No Ads in Youtube as well as Google Play Music.

This cost cheaper that was posted earlier for using Russian subscription option posted here

I have signed up after cancelling Russian plan with my Macquarie Debit card so no conversion charges.

Everything included in post by @Dealbot applies here too.

Youtube Premium will give you access to -
• Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions
• Save offline: Save videos and songs on your mobile device to watch offline
• Background play: Keep videos or music playing when using other apps or when your screen’s off
• Audio mode: Listen to audio only on the YouTube Music app
• Google Play Music Subscription (when available in your country) is included at no additional cost

Current pricing is $14.99 per month in Australia. This workaround should work for new and existing customers.

Again, the trick to making this work is having access to a VPN service. If you're signed up to one then the rest of the process should be fairly simple.

Instructions -
1. Connect a VPN to the server India (I connected to Bangalore)
2. Click on Paid Memberships(, then click on Learn more.

  1. Enter Indian address and pay by credit card.

Termination takes place under this link(
Example of a India Address :

Name :
Address line : My Place
Town/City : Mumbai
Postcode : 400070
State : Maharashtra

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  • +96

    Downloaded ExpressVPN for Android.
    Only required an email address for the 30 day trial
    Set location to India
    Went to which re-directed me to the YouTube app
    Signed up for the trial and INR 129/month afterwards
    Entered Card details
    Googled India hotels
    Typed in "1 Janpath" and it gave me an autosuggestion and then auto-filled the details of wherever the hell it is

    • Sweet, thanks for the VPN recommendation.

      • -2

        I'd enjoy the music but the quality and the app is crap!

        • +2

          How does that relate to the VPN recommendation or the expression of gratitude from ronnknee?

    • +2

      Cheers worked perfectly!

    • Thanks for that, was using and the Indian server was giving me Russian prices

    • +2

      You’re da real MVP

    • Free trial seems to be unavailable to me

    • 30 day trial suddenly equals 7 days inside the app?

      • I signed up through the PC on an old YouTube account and was offered a 3 month free trail for YouTube Premium before the billing at the INR rate commences.

        • +1

          Thanks, I should have been clearer - I was referring to the VPN trial

    • +53

      Q: Where's the highest population density in India?
      A: "1 Janpath"
      Source: OzBargain

    • Did you have any issues with the payment method, it kept giving me an error across multiple cards.

      • No just used my normal Westpac debit card.

      • Having same issue

      • I couldn't pay it as well says invalid payment method

      • +3

        Try a different address - I tried the first address that came under Janpath and it didn't work but the second one did. I had the same error as you across different cards until I changed the address.

        • Thanks! Can confirm, I had to run with New Delhi before it would work.

        • You can try this fake address generator.
          click on the "random address" button and it worked fine.

      • Paid with CBA gift card MasterCard and no issues. Received 3 months trial as well. Great!

    • +1

      I made the payment and its taken the money but no confirmation?

      • Same, I can see its pending on my bank account.

        I rang google and they said they are waiting for clearance from the bank before the account converts to the premium version.

        Mind you this is the first time i connected my card to any google account.

        anyone else had a similar situation?

    • excellent. got that.

    • +1

      just looked at this with my iPhone says can’t get premium because of my iTunes account is located in oz? any ways around this?

      • +13

        sell your iPhone and get an Android ;)

        • hahhah

      • +1

        Use a PC.

      • I experienced the same thing:( i have tried 5 times and it’s saying the same thing

        • +3

          Trying the same thing over and over without changing anything will more than likely garner the same result.

          You could probably either create a new youtube account or look into changing the address associated with your itunes account but I am not sure what the implications would be.

          • +1

            @crazyperpman: Hi, Sorry I did not explain, so I have actually created a new gmail account too and it did not work. I tried to change my itunes account to India, but I'm worried that it will change my access to Australian apps

      • good stuff it’s working now… what I did was go to google and go to YouTube via google don’t use the app until you get the email to confirm premium services happy customer here

    • Payment declined help..

      • What kind of help did you feel payment needed?

    • Thanks. Done! Got the family package. Just wondering if i need to be connected to the vpn to use it on my phone?

      • You do not, no.

        Just use as normal. Other users have reported being suggested Indian content through Google music though. I personally haven't.

    • +1

      Worked like a charm, thanks. Just a note that if you currently have a normal membership and you get the family plan, the remaining days in your current membership will be converted to family membership with pro rata charge.

    • got it, cheers

    • +3

      Thank you SnowDragon and Mitr, worked as a treat, the payment didn't work with 1 Janpath, but I've used The Oberoi, Mumbai Hotel, so if anyone needs an address, feel free to use my new residential address "Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021, India" :)

    • legend thank you

    • Perfect! Thanks a lot, so happy to be saving almost $20/month. 😁

    • +1

      TunnelBear is a great, free VPN service if you only want a VPN for random signups like this. It's completely free for up to 500MB of data, no expiring trial to worry about.

      • I liked express because all it required was an email (legit or not) and you're in.

        • I prefer Windscribe, it doesn't even require an email and you're in!

      • Thanks Linus.

    • I cannot see the option for the free trial, is anyone able to give me a hand with a link?

      • Have you used a trial in the past? I haven't so I was given one.

    • You're the legend mate, got mine. I can't add family member though. I created new google pay profile for them in india and tried to accept invitation but it doesnt work. Anyone know how? Thanks.

      • Are you sure you signed up for family plan and not individual? Individual is 129 a month, family is 189

        • Yes I'm sure, and I can send them invitations as well. It's just that they can't accept my invitation because 'You're in a different country from the account leader'. I created new payment profile to the same address as mine, and even used my phone VPN set to india and log in their account to accept invitation. But I still get 'You're in a different country'. Anyone know why? How did your family member accept?

          • @Nick K: My family members were already added on Australian account. Didn't remove them when I switched to Russia then India account, so didn't have any dramas

            • @zerocritical: oh I see, smart… if I try to change my address back to Australia first and add them and change back after. will I lose my youtube premium?

              • @Nick K: Not sure mate. I think it looks at the membership country rather than your address. But worth giving it a try.

                • @zerocritical: Turns out, I can just use my old AU payment profile with all members have the same AU payment profile and they can accept now. I check my youtube premium it's still showing 189 indian currency. Thanks mate.

      • I was able to add people to my family recently.

        I even upgraded from normal to family plan without using a VPN.

        Have you just signed up recently?

        • Yeah I just signed up. Does the bill keep charging at indian amount even though your payment profile is AU? and do they ever check you and your member locations?

          • @Nick K: Yeah I can see in my payments on YouTube it's 129 idr or something. Comes out of my bank as $4.70ish.

            I was worried they'd check member locations so I gave my family a free month before asking for money. So problems so far. We'll see if Google cracks down soon.

  • +1

    Did you use a secondary Google account to sign up or did you use your main one?

    • +9

      I used my primary account. As we can add multiple address in Profile ( under addresses.

      • Sweet thanks for that! Great deal!

  • Awesome thanks

  • Nice work, just cancelled my previous one to this one. Confirm it works. I used Google Chrome with Hola VPN via India !!!

    • +39

      Don't use Hola. It's takes over your PC in the background

      • -22

        Never had such an issue

        • +30

          Your computer (IP address) could be used as an exit node for illegal content.

        • +21

          Thats like having a virus infected computer and saying "I haven't had any issues" just because everything still works.

          Just because you haven't had a problem, it doesn't mean there isn't a risk or problem.

        • +9

          Never had such an issue

          You don't understand how malware works. There is usually going to be no signs at all that is is working in the background because that way you would know it is there and remove it.

        • +7

          Lol. Continue in ignorance then. All good.

      • +24

        Yes, Please ensure you remove Hola Extension after as it will use your PC as a seed for peer to peer transactions.

    • -1

      Chrome is a botnet.

      Hola is a botnet.

  • +1

    Can you do this with family plans as well?

    • +1

      Yes, Family Membership is also available

  • Google Play Music Subscription (when available in your country) is included at no additional cost

    Does this mean you cant use google music until india get it?

    • +1

      Play music has been available for last 2 years in India, its just that Youtube Premium and Music was launched yesterday. I am listening to Google Play Music now.. so its all available

    • +4

      note that your recommended music will have indian songs

      • Is this true? Recommended songs will be Indian?

        • +1

          Yes, your top charts and stations will be localised to your payment country if you use Google Play Music. It doesn't seem to be the case on YouTube Music though.

          • @master131: Confirmed. Just signed up and my google music top charts, new releases and browse radio sections have all been rammed full of Indian music

          • @master131: Does anyone know if this only happens to the family manager account? or all 6 family members?

            • @szabby: It only happens on the family manager's account as far as I know.

            • +5

              @szabby: Can confirm, does affect all family members. Indian music playing all through our house now.

        • +1

          Not happening on mine, although I'm still under the AU part of the subscription until end of this month

          • @djprima: Can I make a change in Indian membership even while my current subscription has 4 days to expire?

            • +1

              @DisabledUser249845: Thats what I did. You will be charged the new rate after your current subscription finished

      • +1

        lol wooot…I'm paying the russian one right now but everything is English Russian Music at if this will be the issue, then I think I can live with paying $2/month for what I have now haha..

        • My charts etc are all Russian… its quite different, though no worse than the local rubbish.

        • @sauce2k, I'm trying to figure out how to get Australian recommendations.

          if you go to

          Do you see an Indian and Australian pay accounts? If so, which one is Youtube Premium set to and is the main "legal" address Australian?

          Or are you on a family plan?

          • @marka: Hmm it's aussie… I'm not on family plan.

            • @sauce2k: Weird, and you only pay 129 rupees?

              When I sign up it creates an Indian profile :(

              • @marka: I'm paying Ruble..used Russian VPN..which is 2 bucks more expensive than this deal…I'm happy with 2 extra bucks coz I'm getting Aussie contents

        • Just chiming in here, I've got the Russian YouTube Premium and on GPM there is no Russian Music/Language or anything. It's all Australian.

          I'm on a family plan (just a member not the leader) so I'm not sure, but it could be because I went on the GPM 3 month trial (Australia) and then straight afterwards I transferred to YouTube Premium?

          Of course, I can still choose to play international music if I please.

          • +2

            @pennypincher98: You're onto something! Thanks!

            I signed up to the Google Play Music trial (without VPN), then Youtube Premium via an VPN through India, then cancelled the Google Play Music.

            Google explicitly mentions that you MUST cancel one of the subscriptions otherwise you're billed twice.

            It appears that when you cancel the Google Play Music, the region settings still remain the same as what was originally sign up with.

            It looks a bit weird in my Appears like two Google Youtube Premium subscriptions but can't tell if it's because I've been playing around the billing system. Will know in 2 months :/

            Note that long term Google Play Music will be replaced by Youtube Music (

            • @marka: Interesting!! Thanks :)

            • @marka: Sigh. Flicked back to India

      • DJ Punjabi or its nothing

    • Music recommendations is based on the legal address found in

      I'm assuming people have signed up with a card that has no overseas transaction costs

      To get Australian music recommendations:
      * Go to
      * Add temporary card with Australian address
      * Make temporary card primary card to be charged
      * Remove card (that has no overseas transaction costs) with Indian address
      * Re-add card (that has no overseas transaction costs) with Australian address
      * Make card primary

      Have confirmed Play Music says it will still charge me the 179 Indian rupees in 3 months time.

      Didn't work :(

  • Thanks OP - so each month we have to VPN and pay? is there a yearly family account for india?

    • +2

      Its one time and will auto deduct every month. So one time signup.

      Family plan is also available for ~3.80 AUD

      • +1

        Thanks - can I use a VPN like Tunnelbear?

        • +1

          Not sure about VPN services, as i used Torguard

        • +4

          Yes, I've used Tunnelbear and it works.

          • @Krukked: +1 for tunnel bear

  • Is there anything missing and additional from the normal australian subscription

    Like do you miss out on australian music?

    • +1

      You should be able to pretty much same songs unless Google hasnt licensed it only for Australia region, if its Global license all songs should be available.

      • Even then I would strongly assume any geo-blocking is ip based. Just like Netflix and YouTube

  • +1

    Just changed over my family membership from Russian to Indian…. hopefully i dont get flooded with Bollywood videos :D :D :D

    • +1

      From my experience, Youtube algorithm is pretty much same and recommendations are based on your location(IP address) + viewing History + Search history.

    • +9

      You get spammed with T-Series videos

    • To do this, did you cancel your current membership and immediately subscrube via Indian VPN? Or do you have to wait?

      • +1

        I did it immediately just then

    • Can you describe the process for changing over? Do you have to cancel the existing sub first?

  • +12

    that's it..I'm converting to Indian!

    p/s: I'm a Turkish too…

    • not a indian turkish phillapino?

  • +6

    Spotify Launched in India last week or so, its around INR1299 a year or so, Which is equal to $26 for a year. I signed up an account last week using VPN and paid for a year.

    • How much for a family account?

      • +5

        I don't think they have family account in India

        • Cool thanks

          • @tarken: Yeah damn, was hoping for family :(

            • +1

              @crazycs: Its INR 1199 a year, which equates to $2 a month in AUD. How cheap you want to go

        • +12

          Spotify would go broke, given the size of the families there

          • +1

            @Sammyboy: family plans are usually classed as 5

            • @asa79: Not appropriate for Indian market then! Not very inclusive or thoughtful of Spotify.. hahaha

    • Do you need to use your VPN to log into the account once you're subscribed?

      • +3

        Nope, Once you have an account you can use anywhere, however, you want. I been using it on my phone, my wife uses it, then I sometimes use it on Wifi Speaker at work

        • Awesome. Thanks for the reply. That's one thing that sort of puts me off this Youtube deal. Always having to sign back into the VPN.

          • +1

            @Preet: yea, but for Spotify you only need to VPN on Initial sign up

          • @Preet: Do you need VPN Everytime you connect to YouTube?

            • @stockastics: I've never used it so I can't comment. However reading the comments on this page, it appears that's the case. Specifically to use YouTube Premium in another country

          • +7

            @Preet: You do not have to connect to VPN after signing up for subscription. Its one time effort

            • @Mitr: Are you sure about this? I used to have the premium subscription (Australia sign up). I remember that when I travelled to Singapore, I lost my premium features while I was there. I specifically remember not being able to download videos for later viewing on my phone.

              • +1


                I remember that when I travelled to Singapore, I lost my premium features while I was there.

                When was that? YouTube Premium/Red was only available in Singapore in June last year. I think if it isn't available in the country, you cannot get it even if you have a valid subscription.

                • @eug: I think you could be right. I was there a couple of times last year but I only had my premium subscription during the early part of 2018, so before they had the service available in Singapore.

    • +1

      Did you pay using credit card? I get an error about my payment method and country not matching.

      edit: Looks like you can only use Spotify in another country for 14 days and then it'll revert you to a free account. So probably would have to use VPN.

      • that's on paper, i've spotify philippines running over a year without vpn without any issue

      • +1

        I used my brother's Indian debit card.

      • I used my brother's Indian debit card. its been more than 14 days now. it works flawlessly

      • Filipino PayPal account

        • Or Indian I guess in this case

          • +3

            @Miss B: Yeah Spotify India doesn't accept PayPal unfortunately

            • @matt1395: Ahh okay, if Phillipines still does it works.

    • Do you have to access spotify via vpn every time or is it just to make payment?

      • Nope, You can access without any VPN

    • I tried Spotify Philliphine before, it required Philliphine (local) issued credit cards. Does Indian Spotify have the same restriction?

      • i'm using a Philippines PayPal linked to my 28 degrees card.

        It's been deducting ~$5 aud each month since my balance went to $0. It's cheaper to load money into PayPal in the long run given the $0.95 transaction fee 28 degrees charges these days

    • What payment method did you use?

      • I signed up an account, gave username/password to my brother in India to top it up for me, let me know if u want it done

    • How did you pay? When i tried paying, its validating the Card with the postcode. So unable to use Australian Cards. Any workarounds?

    • I tried to sign up with Spotify but wouldn't accept 28 degrees. What card did you use ? Thx

      Edit: never mind saw the post you used your brother's local card

    • The catalog for India is far smaller than the Australian/US version of Spotify. A lot of big name artists are missing. Not worth it unfortunately.

    • I tried using Express VPN to change my country to India but it won't let me. So i tried to sign up to Spotify using a new account and it will still show the Australian prices even though i've got VPN to India.

      Anyone else have this issue?

      Youtube worked fine for me using the proxy.

    • For Spotify… Does Indian Spotify beat Philippines one pricewise?

    • It should be known that for Spotify, you have access to songs that are available within the Indian territory. Not sure what it's like, but it could be a worse collection than Australia. (Or could be better!)

      just worth to be aware of.

      • once you log in with a premium account, you see the songs available in the country you logging in from just like Netflix