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1,000 Free New Yorker Pizza Giveaway (18-22 March) @ Domino's (Facebook Required)


Just saw this on Frugal Feeds.

Domino's Instagram page

From 18 to 22 March 2019, you can get one of 1,000 Free New Yorker Pizzas on Instagram!

To take advantage of this deal keep an eye out on their Instagram page here, and when the post is up, click the link to get your free pizza code!

There’ll be a new Instagram post every day with a link to get the code and there’s a limit of one free pizza per customer.

18 March Sold out
19 March Sold Out
20 March Sold Out
21 March Sold Out*
**22 March will be in person at Domino's Queen St Brisbane 12pm AEST

Note: Links are released on Domino's Instagram Stories, not the regular Instagram page. You'll need an Instagram login to see the claim link but only Facebook to claim it.

Link to Terms and Conditions

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  • 2:55 lock it in Eddie

    • +2

      which timezone ?

      Standard Time zone

      Australia has 5 standard time zones

      • UTC+8:00: Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)
      • UTC+8:45: Australian Central Western Standard Time (ACWST)
      • UTC+9:30: Australian Central Standard Time (ACST)
      • UTC+10:00: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
      • UTC+10:30: Lord Howe Standard Time (LHST)

      DST October to April

      • UTC+10:30: Australian Central Daylight Time (ACDT)
      • UTC+11:00: Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)
      • UTC+11:00: Lord Howe Daylight Time (LHDT)
  • +1

    Need to go to the bathroom but cant cos of this

    • Hold it. Only a few hours to go.

    • Don't worry the pizza will act as a laxative.

  • I keep hallucinating thinking that I'm seeing them upload a new story… what is happening to me.

    • +1

      Might be pizzatitties.

      • +1

        I was thinking more like pizzatalities….

  • +3

    It’s good knowing I’m not the only one continually refreshing

  • Not out yet?

  • "Got one. Thanks OP." is the sentence I'm on the lookout for.

    • Damn you

      • I think I should have been refreshing Instagram that second instead…I officially give up :)

  • +2


    Omg the stress, they make you enter your email address, then an FB login comes up, then they make you enter your email AGAIN!

    • +1

      Lucky bastard

      • I was determined like hell to get one today since I missed out yesterday haha.


  • Got it. Thanks OP!

  • Yay it's out!

  • Got one!

  • -3

    Got one more. Thanks
    2 in 2.

  • +1

    Missed it :( Couldn’t remember my Facebook password

  • Whoa, that was so quick!!! What just happened???

  • +1

    get stuffed

  • No more :(

  • +2

    Got it just in time, when it asked to sign into FB after I was super stressed trying to fat finger my details on the phone.

  • I grabbed one!!

    • Well done. I always miss out with Domino's. Always.

  • Phew, got one. 27s after posting from them.

  • +3
    • Hello, You can ignore this comment.

  • +2

    Typed in my email to redeem and it went to facebook login?

  • +3

    Yeah I got caught out with the Facebook login. Load of crap.

  • +1

    MAN, cmon - saw it go up immediately cos also was refresghing, swipe up, enter email, tick box (whatever that thing said), hit get my code, then it wants me to log into Facebook - so hadda type in that info, sign in, 'continue as me', then it goes to all codes taken page?

  • +1

    Damn Facebook wtf, was already signed in too ;(

  • +1

    Wtf it disappeared on me

  • +3

    I didn’t get one after 6 hours of refreshing:(

    • +3

      Someone pls give this guy a code.

  • just missed out @ 15:08 AEDT

  • +5

    Facebook? Seriously? Ok.. I'd been ready for hours, but not for that

  • +3

    Argh! i got to the facebook login page and then facebook started acted up. Missed it!

    Ok, off to woolies to get a couple of $3 frozen pizzas…

  • Wtf is up with facebook login :(

  • Till next time ….

  • +2

    facebook login caught me out, got my password wrong the first go and then they were all gone :(

  • +1

    This requires Facebook login, looks like it’s not completely “free”

    • How much do you pay to log in to Facebook?

      • +1

        Your Facebook data could be priceless to some

  • +1

    God they were gone quick! I thought I was going to be a winner when I saw it had only been up for 1 minute, but no luck.

    • Yeah that was actually crazy, but I guess you potentially have thousands of other people trying to get one, and they may not even be looking on this website. I don't know how much of a chance you'd have at getting one if you were just waiting for a notification from the app saying Domino's posted a new story instead of refreshing constantly, probably 0.

    • +1

      Damn, you must've just missed out. The story was posted 15:05:07 and I got one by 15:06:34.

      • That's actually a much larger window than I thought it'd be. How did you check the times to the second?

        • +3

          You need to use a desktop browser. Goto https://www.instagram.com/stories/dominos_au/ then right click on the time in grey at the top, then click inspect element (Differs slightly depending on what browser you use). It will open up the browser devtools and the highlighted datetime attribute will show when it was posted down to the second. It is in UTC time so you will have to convert it to local time to get the correct hour.

  • +3

    Facebook!! Ugh

    • Also don't use a phone, I was on their storyline in seconds, but the post kept on disappearing.

  • So how do you setup the Coupons app beforehand?

  • +1

    Yesterdays post: 12.53pm AEST
    Todays post: 2.05pm AEST

    • +5

      Yesterdays post: 1.53pm AEDT
      Todays post: 3.05pm AEDT

      (For the non-Queensland folk)

  • WTF why do you need facebook to claim it? Missed out..

    • Maybe it's to verify 1 per person, otherwise everyone would just send to 20 email accounts each.

  • so… I'm still stuck on loggin in to face book page to connect to Coupons :( :( :(

    I logged into instagram with my facebook login and now it won't let me log in… guess I missed out huh

  • Anyone knows how to check out? They keep asking me to add something else on top of my free voucher. If not it won’t proceed.

    • think for ordering online for delivery you need to independently meet the $22 delivery minimum, then add the free one on top. which sucks but you can apparently choose to order for pick up and it should work? I dunno, cos I didn't get one! ;P heh

      • I already selected picking up instore…

        • +1

          you need to add the pizza itself… just picked up mine now

  • +7

    Best way to get a free pizza: go to instagram page of Dominos au then press on "Turn on notifications for story". You'll get a notification the second they put the story rather than wasting your time refreshing all day.

    Got 2 pizzas using this method

    • How do you do that?

      • +2

        first follow them then click on the 3 dots on the top right corner, scroll down and press on "Turn on notifications for story"

        • +1

          Did you have to sign into Facebook afterwards? Facebook sign-in is what really got me..

    • Exactly that!

    • +2

      Does the notification appear immediately? I did that when they announced the promo the other day, but I didn't trust that it'd come through immediately. Even a 10 second delay would be detrimental.

      • +1

        my notif came 5 minutes after. needless to say I didn't get anything.
        I think it depends if you're on wifi, mobile data, etc. and I think the polling rate on iOS is slower too

        • Thanks for the info, that's a shame.

  • -1

    Is it out yet?
    I’m struggling to find how this works I click on OP link for Instagram and only takes me up to a short video am I doing something wrong?

  • I can't find a single store in south of river in Perth which seems to accept my code… wtf

    • -1

      Pls Pm me if you ever decide to give the code away. It would be greatly appreciated:)

      • Honestly it's really easy to get a code.. why is everyone having trouble lol

        • Can you get me one tmro then please? :) thanks ;)

      • -1

        Are the codes store location specific? I'm in NSW if someones unable to use their one:)

        • My code worked SOR, so probs contact Dominos to give you another code

          • +2

            @barozgain: Yes they got in touch w me. Ate the 2 loaded pepperonies for 8.45$ today, though haha

  • +2

    Seems to be a very complicated process in getting the free stuff, all marketing to lure people in..

  • +3

    I got 2 codes today and I think 1 pizza is enough so here's the other one: 003978990592

  • So you just go onto Domino’s main Instagram page where do you click? So you also need Facebook to it’s consfusing..

  • If you have a code you don't want, please sent it privately. I'm just too slow and my phone is sh#t. Never used instagram before, just can't do it, it's all too much. :(

    • +1

      Me too!

      • +2

        Mate, on the first day, I thought SWIPE was the codeword.

  • Time predictions for today? (AEDT)

    • +1

      Since the last posts were 7 minutes to the hour and 5 minutes past the hour, I would stay alert to updates from approximately 30 minutes before the hour to 30 minutes past the hour. I wouldn't start looking until about 10:18 am though (AEDT). Surgeons, bus drivers, parents and caregivers should probably take the day off or request the night-shift.

      (Sorry for the inane response but I hate guessing wrong).

    • "Yesterdays post: 12.53pm AEST
      Todays post: 2.05pm AEST"

      Surely it has to be 3pm ish

  • On now!!

  • Got one!

  • Now now!

  • Thanks OP got one

  • all gone wtf